Chapter 157: The Final Curtain

Kant stood on the city wall with a calm face.

When Firentis led the cavalry to charge on the flanks, directly pouncing towards the Jackals formation, the curtain had already been drawn, announcing the end of the battle.

At the forefront were the Swadian knights.

Ten knights in double mail, mounted on their fiercest armored steeds, raised their heavy cone-head lances, which were as thick as their arms, and pierced the bodies of the Jackals with ease, stringing them into gourds.

They used the inertia of the warhorse to continue charging into the depths of the formation.

The Swadian knights were always at the forefront of the charge.

They were sharp, and on both sides of them stretched Mamluke, a top-tier heavy horse from Salander.

With the same galloping fury, the charge was second only to that of the Swaadian knight, and the brandishing of the hands, with the speed of the steed, caused any Jackal that came in contact to fall back with broken bones, spitting blood.

There were no visible cuts, but even the bones were broken and thoroughly dented.

Jackals fell one after another.

As for more Swadian heavy cavalry, they were still riding behind.

Even the Sarrandian horseman behind them was also riding their horses, charging into the enemy formation with a spear in his hand.

As light cavalry, the desert bandit elite, with a spear in the coordinated charge, although the melee effect was less effective, but armed with a machete they were still able to fight.

Moreover, the heavy cavalry in front had already completely torn apart the enemy formation.

All the cavalry were urging their horses forward.

The horses’ hooves trampled on the formations of the Jackals, ramming them against those who had no time to escape, and with the swinging of the knights’ sword, scimitar, and mace, the Jackals fell to the ground with groans of boredom and despair.

Breaking the surface with a point.

All the troops rushed in crazily, the center blossoming, completely crushing the resistance of the Jackalan.

In fact, the Jackals didn’t resist either.

When Firentis and his cavalry charged directly into the Jackal formation, the exhausted Jackals scattered, trampling under horses’ hoofs without an effective counterattack, or being turned into corpses by the handfuls of cavalry melee weapons against their heads

Even the formation was penetrated by the cavalry from the south to the north.

Firentis even turned his horse around. Although some of the cavalry were injured, none of them died in battle.

The resistance they received was abnormally weak.

Even though the Jackals had their spears pierced through their chests and their machetes slashed, they still did not raise the battle axes in their hands, only looked at their companions in a daze who were massacred, and did not know what to do, but just waited in a daze.

They had lost the ability to continue fighting.

Their morale had collapsed to the extreme.

Their physical strength had been completely exhausted.

No one gave an encouraging howl, because they did not want to continue to fight, with the madness in their eyes before completely disappeared, looking at the cruel battlefield of the mess, they finally bowed their heads in despair, completely give up resistance.

They did not even rearrange their formation to meet the enemy.

Kant narrowed his eyes slightly.

From the walls he could see clearly, breathing from the rapid strain to the now steady, waving his hand and saying: “Everyone, stop shooting, stop attacking.”

”Yes!” The messengers replied.

Then, they immediately turned around and left.

Stepping on the corpses on the ground, they passed through the blood-stained city wall and attic to convey the lord’s order.

The battlefield stopped.

The arrow rain that was originally dense also stopped shooting at this moment.

Even Firentis and his soldiers who were outside the walls had been told to stop attacking, to wait in the desert plains on the north side, with their lances and spears in their hands, and to look at the Jackals standing outside the walls as if they had lost their minds and were dead.

”The battle is over,” Kant said. ”There’s no need to continue attacking.”

The Jackals had lost the will to resist.

And to Kant, they were captives, beautiful denars!

Living Denar.

The leader of the trade caravan, Jocelyn, who was still waiting in the Drondheim fortress with his guards and sentries to defend the council hall, could buy these high-level Jackals at 50 denars per person.

Kant didn’t think that he was rich enough to ignore this huge sum of money.

So many high-level Jackals were ready-made captives.

And the dead Jackals…

Had no value at all. They were just a pile of corpses that were disgusting even when they were cleaned up!

… …

Kant’s order to capture them was also passed down.

This mission was undoubtedly the work of the cavalry outside, and the cavalry who had just entered the battlefield and completely destroyed the psychological defense line of these Jackals were very happy with it.

There was nothing better than defeating the enemy and then capturing them, so they could enjoy the beauty of victory.

”Drop your arms and surrender to save your life!”

”Drop your arms and surrender to save your life!”

”Drop your arms and surrender to save your life!”

Instead of giving orders to charge again, Firentis circled the field of battle unscathed and surrounded the jackals, slaughtering anyone who tried to escape..

The desert bandits, nimble light cavalry, flapped their wings around with cutlasses and shouted out their words of surrender, but the cold, flashing cutlasses seemed more threatening.

However, it was the same for the Jackals who had completely lost their will to fight and their hope.

The confused them might need an excuse.

”Bang, bang, bang, bang…”

The two-handed battle axe fell on the sand under their feet.

All these Jackals fell to their knees, and there was no madness in their confused eyes, only a loss of future and the deepest despair, so deep that these Jackals, once invincible on the coast of Mannheim, did not have the least inclination to resist.

They kneeled on the battlefield filled with the corpses of their companions. The blood had dyed the sand red.

It was so red that it was an eyesore.

The closer he got to the city wall, the thicker the blood became, and the more corpses there were.

The two still burning steps of the dead, emitting black, scorched smoke, showed the cruelty of the battle, and the astonishing madness of the wolves in their desperation.

They could even give up their own lives and not take it seriously.

No matter how they were trampled to death, smashed to death, or burned to death, they had to become the stepping stone of their companions behind them.

But now.

This kind of self-sacrifice casualties seemed a little ridiculous.

For all the remaining Jackals had chosen to surrender, in the most shameful manner of the army, to their enemies, without conditions, in order to survive rather than die on the battlefield.


Kant turned his head and said with a calm expression: ”You are in charge of handling the captives. You should be the best at it.”

After a pause, he reminded: ”Tell Firentis to clean up the battlefield. I will inform Jocelyn to come and help you later. After you finish your own matters, report to me in the hall.”

”Got it.” Manide nodded immediately.

”Alright.” Kant nodded as well and turned to leave.

The matter was handed down.

The two of them were able to handle it very well.

”Lord Kant!” After leaving the city wall, the Swadian infantry, who were covered in blood and wounds, hurriedly stood up and saluted Kant. At the same time, they quickly separated ten infantry soldiers to follow behind him and continue to act as guards.

”Yes.” Kant nodded.

Although his face was calm, his eyes were gloomy.

There were less than 20 of his original 50 Swadian infantry left, and each of them was injured.

Even the ten infantry who had been assigned to serve as guardsmen were not as well equipped as they once were, with scalloped shields, tattered iron plates on the outside, and broken chain mail on the inside.

Fresh blood seeped out and dyed the torn linen robe red.

When those crazy Jackals broke through the city gate, it was these 50 Swadian infantry who charged forward.

In a short while, 30 people were killed. If it were not for the hundreds of Swadian militia who risked their lives to defend, these infantrymen would probably be completely wiped out, and it was possible that the city gate would be broken through.

Those crazy Jackal warriors were definitely not something that low-level Jackals could compare to.

Even in Kant’s view.

These advanced Jackals from the coast of Mannheim, who had been taught combat skills and have fought on the battlefield, were worthy of the title of tier 5, and it needed to take a Swadian of the same class to stop them.

The increase in combat strength due to the racial advantage was too terrifying.

After all, the height, weight, and strength of humans could not be compared to these high-level jackalan!

”Pay attention to rest after cleaning up the battlefield.”

Kant instructed the infantrymen and militia at the city gate, then turned around and continued to walk toward the council hall.

The bodies of the dead had been gathered together and laid out in order at the gates, while militiamen worked together to bring down the more numerous bowmen from the walls, and peasant women gave them their last respect by wiping their bloodied faces with towels dipped in water.

Dying in battle to protect their homes was a glorious death.

”My Lord.”

Those strong peasant women walked over, wanting to help Kant.

However, Kant frowned and said: ”No need.”

These peasant women retreated in embarrassment, their fierce faces filled with shyness: ”My Lord, the way you led your troops to valiantly defend the fortress is just like the legendary hero.”

“Hehe.”Kant only chuckled and no reply.

Seeing that the peasant women were still holding pitchforks and kitchen knives, he calmly instructed: ”Go prepare lunch now. It’s almost noon, and our soldiers haven’t even had time to eat breakfast.”

”Yes, my Lord.” The peasant women nodded.

They were not good at fighting, but they were still able to handle life well.

Kant returned to the council hall.

It didn’t take long for the aroma of cooking food to appear, and lunch was prepared. It was a fast-paced meal that could quickly replenish the energy consumed during wartime.

There was plenty of supplies in the sentry oasis.

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