Chapter 156: The Eruption of Intimidation

”Bang bang bang —”

The thick mud arm heavily smashed the surrounding Jackals.

The earth elemental giants used their powerful strength to rampage around the Jackal troops.

”Crash crash —”

The water elemental giants’attacks were even more bizarre.

The body formed by the water current swept across the Jackals like acid, eroding their skins and muscles at once, causing the Jackalan to howl in pain as the battle axes in their hands hacked down, leaving only a brief gap in the bodies of the elements of the reddish-coloured water, which would soon heal.

As for the earth elemental giant, its body was full of holes, but also fearless of the Jackal’s axe!

For a moment there was chaos outside the walls.

Even the Jackals in the attic of the city wall were killed, those had broken through the city gate were pushed back, the follow-up support unexpectedly did not keep up, and all of them were held back by the 11 elemental giants!

The direction Kant had released the elemental giants was near the stairs and the city gate.

This was also the position he had carefully considered when summoning.

”Don’t be stunned. Pack up the corpses and continue firing!”

However, Kant waved his hand and quickly gave the order.

The Jackal corpses were directly thrown out of the city wall while the corpses of their own people were moved to the bottom of the city wall, but most of the archers still forcefully held their sore hands and continued to rain arrows down.

This was their way of fighting back.

And the attacks of the Jackals were not over yet.

”The time is near.”

Kant gritted his teeth, breathing fast from the strong smell of blood and the stench of burning.

Looking at the Jackalan outside that was in a mess due to the elemental giants, who were fighting back brazenly, Kant subconsciously looked towards the south, where his true main force was hiding. Once appeared, they would be able to turn the tide of the battle in an instant!

But now was not the time to appear.

They had to wait.

Kant understood, and so did Firentis.

”Keep quiet!”

Firentis roared angrily, signaling for the restless cavalry to calm down.

Knight sword in the hand tightly holding, his face is very ugly, but still holding their emotions, shout a way: “Only the gates compromised, the wall was breached, not all lost. If we rush out now, we can only temporarily alleviate the situation and can’t solve the real problem at all. All of you, wait quietly!”

These were his words to the restless cavalry, and indeed to himself.

They had been waiting for such a long time.

As long as they continued to wait, waiting for the enemy to be exhausted and unable to maintain the high intensity of their attacks, that would be the time for them to attack, to destroy the enemy’s exhausted front line and end this tragic siege once and for all!

Even if more and more archers on the city walls were killed in close combat.

The Swadian infantry at the city gates were in a difficult situation.

The cavalry, who were the main force, still chose to wait because they were waiting for the final victory.

For the bigger picture.

Those archers and infantrymen were expendable targets!

”All fall back and enter the city walls and city gates in batches to form a joint defense!”

Manide, who was in the attic, also gave the order loudly.

Looking at the slightly skinny Swadian militia who were still wearing iron-scale armor, he could not help but give the order loudly: ”For the sake of swadian, hold off the Jackals!”

”For the sake of Swadian!”

The militia shouted loudly with excitement and malevolence on their faces.

They had already understood Manide’s arrangements.

Because entering the city walls and the city gates to defend was actually using their own bodies to block those Jackals, and to the militia who were at a disadvantage in terms of equipment and combat skills, was equivalent to death!

But they did not care, striding down the stairs to the attic.

Raising their wooden shields and holding their combat shovel, they charged forward, forcefully withstanding the two-handed battle axes of the Jackal warriors. Even if the wooden shields were easily split open, and their companions in front of them were directly hacked to death, they would fearlessly charge forward!

Jackals risked their lives for survival.

Then these swadians, too, could risk their lives for their homes!

”Lord Kant, let’s leave the city walls.”

Manide walked down from the attic, seeing more and more Jackals appearing at the city walls and city gates, he said to Kant very urgently: ”We must go to the council hall and set up a defense!”

”No, there’s no need for that yet!”

Kant turned his head, with a hint of malevolence in his face.

The eleven elemental giants that he had summoned outside the window were shattered bit by bit by the Jackal two-handed battle axes. Their elemental bodies completely collapsed and turned into elemental substances that declared their deaths.

However, these elemental giants also took away at least a hundred Jackal corpses.

This had even affected a large number of soldiers.

The opportunity was getting closer and closer. Kant was no longer willing to retreat to the council hall to set up a defense. If he left, the soldiers who had lost his encouragement would be broken through, and the defense of Drondheim fortress would also be broken through.

At that time, the charge of the cavalry would not have much effect.

”Lord Kant!”

Manide tried to persuade him: ”You have to leave this place!”

”No Need!” Kant replied firmly.

The battle was in a dangerous situation, he definitely couldn’t leave and the current defensive line was still not in danger!

500 swadian militia filled the gap and used their lives to hold off the attacks of the Jackals, even blocking the two corpse steps and the gate, bringing the battle to a standstill again..

The Jackals attacked even more frantically.

However, the strength of their attacks had unknowingly become much lighter.

The two-handed battle axes were still powerful.

But they could not break the wooden shield in the left hand of the Swadian militia with a single strike, which often turn into two or three strikes, and even, because of its slow movement, was nailed to the skull by the militiamen’s mattock, causing casualties.

Even though the death rate of the Swadian militia was faster.

The death rate of the Jackals was also increasing!

Manide saw that Kant did not leave the city wall at all, and a determined look appeared on his face. With the light crossbow in his hand, he continued to shoot towards the outside of the city wall, slowing down the attack speed of the Jackals.

But he frowned slightly and suddenly realized that something was wrong with the Jackals.

”Their attack has slowed down,” Manide muttered to himself.

”That’s right.”

Kant took over his words, and a smile finally appeared on his grave and serious face: ”Our turn!”

”Whoosh Whoosh —”

The flag planted in the middle of the road behind him instantly fluttered, sounded as if it was being blown by a strong wind.

The golden lion with a red background moved against the wind, and its power instantly spread.

The invisible area was divided, and the Jackals enveloped in this area suddenly had heart palpitations for unknown reasons. Originally, they were still fighting forward with his two-handed axe and howling frantically, but now became afraid. Looking at the fierce battlefield in front of them and around, a chill appeared in theirs hearts.

They began to become afraid, and… cowardly…

They were already short of water and food, but now they felt even more thirsty and hungry.

The strength of their battle axes was declining.

Especially when they saw the death of their companions, not only did they lose the craziness of wanting to avenge their comrades, but they felt more and more terrified.

Their morale began to plummet in a short period of time.

Even the Swadian militia felt that the demoralized Jackals no longer had the terror they had before.

They became weak and powerless.

They also didn’t dare to risk their lives, and even began to retreat.

”Howl —”

Realising that their troops’ morale was rapidly plummeting, the commander’s shrill howling rang out.

Hearing this familiar howl, the surrounding Jackals seemed to have regained some of their courage.

However, on the city wall.

Kant, with his cold eyes, gritted his teeth and looked at a certain figure in the Jackal crowd, and raised his right hand to wave it forward fiercely, shouting angrily: ”Do you know that my order is to take its life!”

”Got it!”

The remaining seven Ravenston rangers still had blood stains on their faces.

However, the heavy bows in their hands were directly drawn to their full, and the cone-headed arrows were mounted on them, and they directly loosened the fingers that hooked the bowstring to the Jackal referred by Kant, so that the cone-headed arrows turned into a deadly black shadow and instantly appeared on the seemingly ordinary Jackal more than 20 meters away.

A cone arrow hit the center of the brows.

A cone arrow hit the throat.

Two cone arrows hit the eye socket.

Three cone arrows hit the chest.

Then, the seemingly ordinary Jackal fell down, instantly dead, with no chance of survival.

[ To deter the enemy ]

The red-bottomed golden lion suddenly expanded, and the hunting sounds were violent and rapid.

However, in the eyes of the stunned Jackals, that figure’s fall was as if the sky had collapsed. Theirs hearts were beating violently, and confusion filled theirs minds. Even the attack had completely subsided.

Because the chief commander of the thousand-man army had died.

From the Mannheim coast, the strongest captain of the thousand-man army of the Graynane Kingdom, the highest commander of the expedition army, had died.

Their general had died!

The confusion soon cleared, but instead of indignation, there was panic.

The remaining 1,500 or so Jackals were exhausted.

They looked blankly at the sturdy fortress in front of them. Those figures with blood on their faces were still stubbornly guarding the city walls and city gates. Even if they were stepping on the corpses of their human compatriots, they would use their lives to block their human soldiers, these Jackals suddenly felt a chill. Fear and unease filled their hearts.

They couldn’t even hold the battle axes in their hands firmly.


The sound of rushing tides and breaking through the dam came from the south.

These bewildered Jackals stared at the men, mounted on the backs of a creature not found on the shores of Mannheim, all armored, horses and men, with their lances and spears raised, and thundered fearfully, as they slammed down upon the stolid Jackals of the south.

The neighing of horses, the screams of the Jackals, and the power to tear a square formation into two halves!

Firentis and his cavalry finally charged forward!

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