Chocolate Party

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I returned to my room after receiving lots of delicious food from Ar-niisama and Amanda-san, and then I shared some with Noir and Purun.

Obviously, Purun could only eat candies, so I gave it a fruit-flavoured candy. It was shaking even more than usual, so it seemed to like it.

I stored the rest of the sweets inside the item box. As long as I put it there, I could eat it anytime I’d like to.


Recently, I came to know that there was an item similar to item boxes in this world.

What the…? In that case, I guess there wouldn’t be any need for me to keep my item box a secret, right?

I feel like the capacity of the item box that I have depends on the number of items stored in it, but the pouches called as storage bags distributed in this world have a capacity that changes depending on the weight of an item.


The storage bags can store lots of items by expanding or compressing the space inside it.

That’s why, heavy armour and weapons can’t be put inside the bags, but clothes and food can. We can also put water in, but since it’s heavy, the space inside the storage bag can be filled up with just water alone, and as time passes by, it can spoil, so it seems like we can’t put it there.


I see. So putting it inside storage bags can spoil…

I think the item boxes in the game won’t make anything stored in it spoil, but I wonder about that? I don’t want to see anything being spoilt when I take it out.


But anyway, I don’t think I put anything like raw food inside.

“Hmm. The things put inside an item box won’t spoil, so I wonder if I can store something like the skewers bought from the stall?”

“Eh, it won’t spoil?!”


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Amanda-san just finished applying the Clean magic to me when she was surprised by my words and opened her red eyes wide.


“Uhm, I won’t know until I try it out, but perhaps it won’t spoil, I think.”

“Is that one of Japan’s technologies? Japan is amazing.1”

“That’s right~”

It isn’t particularly Japan’s technology, but it’s just the system in the game. However, I can’t explain it well, so I faked a smile and agreed with what she said!






Speaking of which, the [Mellow Chocolate] and [Surprise Candy] that I obtained during some events in the game… I wonder if they are still edible?

They were the items dropped by the monsters defeated during Valentine Day and then White Day, and certain amount of them could be exchanged into equipment in NPC.


Obviously they weren’t just stylish equipment without any defense power, but the Valentine Day’s equipment for women would be black gothic lolita, and black tuxedo for men. Meanwhile, the White Day’s equipment for women are pink pastel colored- lolita clothes called as Sweet Lolita, while for men, it was a white tuxedo. They were the equipment line-ups one absolutely wanted their characters to wear, so everyone desperately gathered the event items.


After all, it’s rumored that they would implement a mechanic from another game where we could overwrite our equipment’s appearance with another cute equipment’s appearance.

Even if one wanted to collect the equipment after the mechanic’s implemented, there were many cases where the equipment one obtained from the event could only be worn by ourselves, and they could only be obtained during that time, so everyone wanted to complete the equipment.


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Of course, I gathered them together with my guild mates. That’s why, there should be both gothic lolita and sweet lolita clothes stored inside my item box.

It’s just that wearing them here will be too flashy and the skirts are short, so I’d be too embarrassed to wear them.


Among the items I gathered and exchanged during those times were [Mellow Chocolate] and [Surprise Candy]. They have effects such as increasing your agility or defense for five minutes after consumption, but I wonder if they’re safe to eat?

In the first place, do they really taste like chocolate and candy?


…Let’s try taking them out first.

I picked up the cat pochette that was put on top of the bed.

“Open Item Box.”


The storage bag is just a pouch that can contain items a lot more than it looks like, so it can be freely used by anyone, even if they’re not the owner of the bag.

However, my item box can only be used by me, so I need to say a spell to take it out… That’s how I explained it.

That way, I wouldn’t have to hide first in order to take an item out.


I am such a genius!


“Anyway, let’s try taking out the Mellow Chocolate. Uhmm. I found it, this is it!”

I took out a heart-shaped chocolate.


Whoa. I feel like it’s been a long time since I last saw a chocolate.

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I wonder if it’s still edible? It would be good if I can eat it.


“Yuuri-chan, what is that black thing?”

“This is called ‘chocolate’, a snack full of nutrition.”

“Snack?! That is?”


Amanda-san widened her eyes in disbelief.

Hmm… Certainly, people who don’t know chocolate won’t know that it is a snack.


“Anyway, let’s try to see if it’s still alright to eat.”

“If you were to eat it, won’t you upset your stomach?!”

“It’s alright.”

‘Probably,’ so I added in my heart.


Then, I tried to eat the chocolate that I held.

Hm, delicious!


“Amanda-san, do you want to try it out, too?”

As I recommended it, Amanda-san timidly received the chocolate and put it in her mouth.


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“…Oh my. It’s delicious.”


“Although it’s black, it’s sweet. How mysterious.”

“I still have a lot~”


I said as I took out more chocolate, and Noir approached.

I wonder if Noir also wants to eat it? We must never let cats eat chocolate, but Noir isn’t a cat, but a magical beast, so I wonder if it’s okay?



“Is it alright for you to eat it?”



As if saying ‘it’s alright’, Noir licked my hand.

If it went that far to say that it was alright, I wonder if it’s really fine?

I wonder if it’s alright for me to just use ‘Cure’ when push comes to shove?


“Then, just one piece for now, alright?”



After eating the chocolate, Noir made some sounds that were akin to a cat’s purr, as if saying that it was delicious.

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