Chapter 153: Get Caught Up in a Mad Offensive

”Roar —”

The Jackals were howl of despair, but the original bloodthirsty and murderous nature, aroused at this moment, was far more savage and tyrannical than their indigenous brethren, the lower Jackals.

And the wisdom brought by a civilized race!

The front row of Jackals knelt down and used their backs as stairs, while the back row of Jackals mercilessly stepped on the backs of their companions. Using this human flesh stairs, they frantically climbed towards the attic window at the top of the city wall like ants attached to ants, even on the left and right sides, the archer towers and the archers at the city gates had formed a crossbow rain of arrows, causing casualties to many of the Jackals who wanted to climb up, but, the Jackals who followed behind continued to climb up with bloodshot eyes.

In the current situation, with heavy losses, they also wanted to capture the outpost oasis, even if more than half of the casualties, but also to take this vital fortress!

”Howl —”

The Centurion was hidden among the numerous Jackal warriors, all of whom had reached the base of the wall, and two of the jackal body steps of human flesh appeared!

All the Jackals were trying their best to climb up.

They had no way out!

As for Kant, he was undeterred by their frantic attacks.

Because he, who was exiled, also had no way out!

”Go and Tell Manide to throw all the stones down. Don’t let the Jackals climb up!”

Kant was issuing orders loudly.

The Swadian crossbowman behind him, who was the messenger, put away the crossbow in his hand, turned and quickly climbed the ladder to the top of the wooden attic, where they shouted back to Manid about Kant’s orders.

”Got it!”

Manide replied. The noisy battlefield was filled with angry howls and soldiers’abuse.

A cold sweat ran down his face as the battle raged, but the crossbow in his hand refused to stop, and he shouted to the Swadian militiamen: “Change rocks and don’t let the Jackals come up, hurry up! The others don’t hesitate. Keep shooting!”

Only a few people were needed to throw the rocks.

The other swadian militia still needed to fire fast with their crossbows.

Although the power was relatively small.

But within a distance of less than 10 meters, the power of the hunting crossbow in their hands was also enough to pierce through the mail armor of the Jackals and even hit a vital point, it could directly hit the target!

Looking at the layer of Jackal corpses under the city wall, they had some credit!


20 Swadian militia carried a stone the size of half a human head.

Arrived at the edge of the city wall, looking at the noisy battlefield below, one by one the teeth of the mouth, eyes with bloodshot heads of ferocious beasts, the heart slightly trembling, but the hands of the stones were held high in the heart, heavy hit down.

In order to protect their homes, this group of peasant militia was willing to die!

Sentry oasis, ”Drondheim” fortress was their homeland!

”Whoosh —”

The stone was heavily smashed down.

That speed brought with it the faint sound of wind, crashed into the tide of the Jackals in an instant, smashing into the head of the Jackals who were still kneeling on the ground, building a human ladder, clenching his teeth as he endured the stomps of his companions.

Blood splattered, and brain matter burst out, red and white splattering everywhere.

As for the Jackal whose head had been smashed, was directly lying among the pile of corpses beneath him, staring eyes full of despair and disbelief, but the recessed skull made their staring eyes quickly open.

The stone was thrown down with more force than the cone-headed arrows of the Ranger of Livingston!

”Bang Bang Bang Bang —”

A dozen stones fell, and even the stair of human flesh that had been piled up so hard that the jackals were scattered, laying a layer of corpses on the ground. Even the other jackals, for a moment, howled with rage, but the Swadian militiamen at the top of the walls’ attic could not be shaken.

Instead, the militiamen took advantage of the opportunity to come to the edge and pull the trigger to bombard the Jackals below with a shower of arrows.

Dozens more Jackals fell.

More and more bodies piled up at the bottom, and the Jackals grew more and more frantic as the death toll rose.

Howls of despair and anger filled the air.

But the Jackals had not give up.

A new front row knelt on the pile of bodies again, becoming a human ladder for the back row to climb on their own, not caring at all about the rocks falling from above, and blowing their brains out in a matter of minutes.

They had fallen into a kind of madness that was fearless in a desperate situation.

”Crazy, crazy, crazy!”

Manide was cursing the Jackals at the bottom of the pile of corpses.

He pulled the light crossbow in his hand, and the arrow pierced the chest of a Jackal at the bottom. It pierced through the mail armor and seemed to have hurt his lungs, but the Jackal did not care at all. Instead, he looked up at him with a ferocious smile on his face, unexpectly forcefully pulled out the arrow from his chest. The blood that splashed out had dyed the linen robe on his body red.

This was a demonstration of his fearlessness towards Manide, but also a fearlessness about death.

The price, of course, was that when the arrow was pulled out, the Jackal fell to his knees, limped on his legs, and became a staircase for the Jackals behind him, a new staircase filled with dozens of corpses!

It was because of this that Manide cursed the Jackals for being mad.

Because in this deadly charge, the bodies had piled up a slope, and even though the militiamen had hurled down the stones, and the arrows from the bowmen on either side of the arrow towers and at the gates, the Jackals could barely reach the garret windows by means of the slope of their companions’ corpses!

”Wu —— Bang!”

The two-handed battle axe fiercely struck the windowsill, splashing the sawdust on the face of the crossbowmen inside.

The battle situation became more and more dangerous.

”Throw all our grease down!”

Kant’s face was calm as he stretched out his hand and shouted a command in reply.

In the corner of the attic, there were four clay pots immediately carried by the Swadian crossbowmen and they fiercely smashed them out of the window, smashing down on a Jackal who had poked his head over.

The pots immediately shattered, and the amber-colored liquid inside instantly filled the entire staircase made of corpses.


Kant’s order continued to ring out.

It was clear and loud in this noisy battlefield.

The torches that had long been prepared were immediately brought over and were still burning as they were thrown out of the window. When they came into contact with the amber-colored liquid, a raging fire immediately rose up, and billowing black smoke with a fishy smell quickly began to spread!

The amber-colored liquid in the earthen jar was the oil purchased from the leader of the trade caravan, Jocelyn.

The oil was brewed from the fattest pigs.

The best inflammable substance!

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