Chapter 151: The Beginning of the All-out Attack

”Hum Hum Hum—”

The bowstrings trembled violently and the arrows darted through the air.

Under the city wall, the arrow all over the ground bloomed like white flowers, mixed with the rich smell of blood, more and more demonic.

The strong and burly Jackal warriors were howling and striding forward.

The arrows all over their bodies made them like hedgehogs. Even if they tried their best to move forward, it was only the momentary recovery of consciousness just before death, finally in the continuous rain of arrows no longer hold on, heavy fell to the ground.

”Stop shooting!”

The voice of Firentis rang out the city wall..

In the arrow tower and the city wall, all the long-ranged troop class soldiers stopped pulling.

And that originally dense as a rainstorm of arrows also came to an abrupt end.

Orders were forbidden.

Just outside the city wall, the Centurion of Jackals, which had been lined up in orderly formation, was covered in arrows, and the fresh blood that seeped out had dyed the sand behind them red.

The scene was extremely tragic, but the soldiers on the city wall still looked indifferent.

This was a life-and-death battle.

Pity? It didn’t exist.

They all understood that pity for the enemy was cruelty to themselves!

In just a short 50 meters, the 650 archers on the city wall with long-range bows and crossbows had already let the Jackal soldiers know what it meant to arrows shower. Looking at the silent Jackal army on the dune in the distance, these archers quickly checked the crossbows in their hands and made sure their weapons without any damage. They continued to take out their arrows and crossbows in the quivers behind them, prepared to shoot again.

Standing on the city wall, Kant clenched his fists, and his face was also extremely solemn.

He was somewhat mouth-drying.

It was the calm before the storm, and the Jackals from the coast of Mannheim were not deterred by such a dense shower of arrows, nor were they deterred from attacking by the stubborn resistance of the fortress of ”Drondheim”.

Both sides were in the same situation.

Kant and ”Drondheim” had no way out.

The Jackals from the Kingdom of Greymane also had no way out!

”Howl —”

The howl, almost mounful, was long, full of anger and despair.

More of the Centurals began to howl.

It was like walking in the night when you were confronted by hungry wolves. The howl was so gnawing at the heart that ordinary people’s legs go weak and could barely stand.

This was a sorrowful song in despair.

Kant was breathing a little fast as he looked at the Jackals standing a thousand meters away, their heads raised and howling.

Even his compatriots in the desert of Nahrin , those low-level Jackals, were unable to cry out, because this was the grief of a civilized race, for the despair of the road ahead, and even if they were shattered to pieces, all wanted to be completely desperate determination!

These Jackals were indeed going all out!

They had no choice but to go all out.

In the southern part of the Nahrin desert, the Greymane kingdom had spent a huge amount of resources and resources to prepare the strategic layout, but it had already been completely destroyed by Kant.

For example, Asaiqi of the salt mine.

Wells of the lower Jackal tribe.

The lower Jackals scattered in the southern desert.

There was also a crucial sentry oasis that could be used as an outpost base and could be called an enclave!

Exiled by the dukedom of Leo to the Nahrin Desert, Kant , instead, appeared to released a real lion, occupying the sentry oasis, establishing the ”Drondheim” fortress, destroying the Jackal tribe, and killing Asaiqi.

Intentionally or unintentionally, he had easily solved the layout of the kingdom of Graymane.

It was less than three months since Kant had arrived at the Nahrin desert.

However, due to the difficulty of information transmission, the information could not be timely received by the Graymane kingdom, so the higher Jackals had no idea at all. The strategic plan they had struggle to make was easily erased by half, and it was vital to the southern part of the desert without the possibility of regrets.

Because of this ignorance, step by step they entered the current desperate situation.

They could not retreat at all.

Without food and water for the return journey, they retreated only to be dried up in the desert.

In fact, they had been planning this strategy from start to finish for nearly a decade, even as soon as the lower Jackals emerged within their sphere of influence and became aware of the human states to the south.

The reason why they could hide in Mannheim coast for so long, and give up most of the stars in the interests of the sea, was to across the desert, and come to this piece of human nations bordering the south desert edge, making the successful development of Greymane kingdom colonies and their retreat, off the coast of mannheim’s, as well as vital home front.

The arrow would have to be shoot.

These expeditionary army Jackals had no choice but to attack and risk their lives.

This was the only way to survive!

”Roar —”

The Centurion let out a furious roar, and the five square formations began to advance in an orderly manner.

The 2,900 Jackals, all of them battle-ready soldiers, now made a general assault, exhausted as they were, but the heavy infantry, once invincible on the coast of Mannheim and capable of crushing everything, still brought with it a soaring momentum.

Stepping step by step in the sand, the dull sound was like the slow gallop of heavy horsemen.

The faint sound of ”Crash” could be heard endlessly.

It was the clear sound of mail armor colliding with each other when they walked, but it was not sweet. It was more like Death, shaking its little bells like a toy, waiting for the final harvest of life.

The probing attack had ended, and now it was a brazen all-out Attack!


From the top of the wall attic, Manide looked at the silver-colored troops slowly pressing over in front of him, with a quite grave face.

He was holding Kant’s light crossbow in his hand, commanding the 500 Swadian militia standing at the top of the attic to fight. But now, he could not help stepping back, gritting his teeth, he shouted at the militia beside him: ”Fire, get ready!”

The 500 swadian recruit raised the loaded crossbows in their hands and aimed them at the slowly approaching troops.

That strength of unity brought great oppression to their hearts.

Not to mention these militia.

Even the experienced archers of Vikia and Swadian in the attic of the city wall had a slightly changed face, they immediately gritted their teeth and wore a determined expression of readiness to fight.

”Coming.” Firentis’breathing was also slightly hurried.

But at this critical moment Kant stood directly in front of him and took over his command of the wall.

At the same turning to him: “Firentis, go and command all of our cavalry troops to gather at the south gate. If you find an opportunity, or when the city wall is in danger, you will lead the Charge!”

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