Chapter 150: The Long Prepared Fortress

When the Jackalan troops appeared within the range of the arrow tower, the Oasis Lookout was already prepared.

“Drondheim” had been waiting for a long time.

The troops were quickly mobilized. The archers all entered their preset positions, holding their longbows and crossbows, coldly looking at the expedition army of the Kingdom of Grey Mane that appeared at the top of the dune.

100 Vaegirs archers were in charge of the arrow towers and the city gates.

50 Swadian archers were in charge of the shooting window in the attic.

The 500 Swadian militiamen, who were also holding hunting crossbow, all climbed up to the top floor of the attic.

Although the hunting crossbow that equipped by the militia with was less powerful, there were stones prepared beforehand at the top of the attic, which were almost half the size of a human head. If they were lifted up and heavily smashed down the city wall, the Jackalan’s skull would not be able to withstand it, it was expected that their skulls would be cracked in an instant. If they were lucky, blood would flow all over their faces. If they were unlucky, they would instantly become a corpse whose head had been smashed.

“Get ready for battle. Get ready for battle.”

Firentis walked quickly in the attic with a solemn look on his face.

He stared past the attic, the expedition army of the Kingdom of Grey Mane on the sand dune in the distance, he subconsciously tightened his grip on the hilt of his swords. Firentis warned the crossbowmen who passed by, “Aim before you shoot. Try to cause the greatest damage!”

These words were actually things that they were well aware of.

But Firentis still reminded them before the battle.

As long as he could won this battle, won this crucial city defense battle, Firentis was willing to repeat his words hundreds of time.

He was a noble of Swadia. This was the most difficult battle after he followed Lord Kant.

If he had won the battle.

Firentis and his family would received the glory that would honored them for the rest of their lives.

If he lost the battle.

Even Lord Kant’s life would be threatened. Other than dying on the battlefield to prove his family’s honor, there was nothing else he could do. This was also the best way for a noble to preserve his honor.

Firentis was still arranging the archers’ battle plans.

There was some noise coming from the city wall behind him.

“Keep quiet!”

Firentis reprimanded, only to find Kant’s figure appeared on the city wall.

At the same time, the 20 Ravenstern rangers who were originally stationed at the top of the council hall also arrived.

“Lord Kant, it’s very dangerous here.”

Firentis walked over and bowed, but there was worry in his tone. He advised, “The city wall is the line of defense of the soldiers, not the place where the noble should appear.”

Kant smiled indifferently. “Noble?”


Firentis still tried to dissuade him. “Please return to the council hall.”

The surrounding archers also looked worried. After all, this was an extremely dangerous front line city wall. If the enemy rushed up, the attic was only three meters wide and would definitely block the way out.

As a lord, he definitely couldn’t risk his life.

“It’s alright.”

Kant looked outside through the attic window. “These Jackalans won’t be able to rush up the city wall in a short time.”

He noticed that the enemy didn’t carry siege weapons.

Kant frowned, he turned to the 20 Ravenstern rangers and ordered, “You guys go to the east gate. I’ll leave it to you to guard there. You’ll be assigned to the archers and listen to Firentis’s orders.”


The 20 Ravenstern Rangers replied at the same time, they turned around and walked quickly towards the city gate.

“These archers’ support was very timely.”

Firentis nodded in thanks, while analyzing, “Those Jackalan expedtion army didn’t bring any siege weapons. According to my deduction, their main direction of attack is our city gate.”

“That’s right.”, Kant nodded. This was what he had thought.

Crossing the Nahrin Desert, these expeditionary forces didn’t bring much supplies, let alone heavy and complicated siege weapons.

There were only two ways to attack a city.

Using two-handed battle axes to cut down trees, building simple siege weapons like wooden ladders and siege cones, or directly crashing into the city gate, using the strong bodies of these Jackalan and heavy two-handed battle axes to smash the city gate into pieces.

Of course, it was not impossible to stack the corpses up to the height of the city walls.

However, judging from the current thoughts of these high-level Jackalan, their plan was to use the battle axes to smash through the city gates!

“Howl –”

Wolf howls came from outside, urgent and decisive.

Kant and Fateh looked towards the dune. The Jackalans had already formed five square formations and were moving towards the east. It was as expected and clear, their target was the eastern city gates.

At the same time, a hundred-men team of Jackalan broke away from the main group and charged out, carrying their battle axes.

“There’s no diplomacy?”

Kant’s tone was slightly mocking, but his eyes were cold. “I still want to persuade them to surrender.”

Firentis laughed lightly and did not continue the topic.

Pulling out the knight sword in his hand, Firentis turned his head and ordered in a low voice, “All archers and crossbowmen, pay attention. Do not shoot freely. Stay alert and wait for the order to shoot!”

The low voice replied in one sentence, “Understood!”

“My idea is to wait for the enemy to get close before shooting.”

Firentis reported to Kant in a low voice, “The sudden burst of arrow rain killed and wounded all the enemy’s hundred-men team. This will affect the enemy’s morale.”

“You are the commander, you make the arrangements.”

Kant nodded.

All the archers gathered on the eastern wall.

There were only a few militia on guard on the other walls.

There were not many enemies, and Drondheim fortress did not have many soldiers. Therefore, in a siege, they usually gathered their troops to attack a city gate. Moreover, these Jackalans who lacked resources could not sustain the attack for long.

According to Kant’s estimation, it would take at most three days!


Firentis’s order appeared on the city wall.

The loud voice made all the archers react in an instant. They released the bowstring in their hands and pulled the trigger in their hands. They shot out the long prepared arrows and crossbow arrows!

“Hum Hum –”

The vibration of the bowstring instantly appeared in the attic.

The whistling sound outside was the shrill cry of the arrowhead tearing through the air.

A black shadow whizzed past.

From top to bottom.

Then, it heavily smashed into the hundred-man Jackalan team within a fifty-meter radius of the city wall.

The arrowhead easily pierced through the mail armor and deeply pierced into the muscles. On the sandy ground within the entire area, clusters of flowers bloomed with the tail feathers of the arrowheads. The three rows of Jackalan team who were originally running with large strides while carrying a two-handed battle axe, there were more than ten arrows or crossbows stuck on their bodies.

With a shooting range of 50 meters, even the militia with hunting crossbow rarely missed!

Not to mention the level 4 long-range troop class whose archery skills were even better.

And the strongest were still the 20 Ravenstern rangers. As A Level 5 troop class, they coldly pulled their bows and shot arrows, aiming at the glabella, eye sockets, and chest of the target with the arrowheads that could easily pierce through armor, and stabbed their arrows into the enemies!

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