Chapter 56

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“Do you know that Krumm, my father’s aide, has an artifact with the same effect as the Appraisal Eye?”

“Yeah. It’s famous.”

Hearing that from Lansley-san, Amanda-san turned to look at me with concern on her face. Ar-niisama and the others also showed a similar worried face.


Uhm, Krumm-san is a dwarf who’s Gazad-san’s friend, right?

C-could it be that he managed to appraise my status and was surprised by it?


If so, then that is bad! After all, aside from my HP and MP, I have the title [Stray from Another World]. And if he were to see that, the fact that I came from another world would be found out!


…Ah, but it’s not like it has to stay as a secret. It’s not like people will believe it even if I were to mention it, and I have disclosed it to Amanda-san.

Then, is it a problem with my status that he saw?

No, wait a minute. As expected, there’s a problem!


With the title of [Panther King’s Friend], he would find out that Noir was the Monster King.

But the Monster Flood ended…

Eh? Then, won’t there be a problem?


“Could it be that he appraised Yuuri-chan and discovered something absurd?”

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“…No, it’s the reverse.”

“What do you mean?”

“It seems that he couldn’t appraise anything.”


“Nah. That is certainly the problem. It isn’t a public knowledge, but Krumm’s appraisal is quite excellent. It seems that his ability was increased from his studies about artifacts. That’s why, since Krumm couldn’t appraise Yuuri-chan, Father seemed to take an interest in her. That… Father likes gathering superior talented people.”


Lansley-san said as he furrowed his brows. He looked completely unlike that black-hearted father of his, Count Rainier.

Certainly, their raccoon-like features are the same, but he looks like a really good person.


“Currently, Yuuri is under the protection of the leader, but do you know how Count Rainier plans on taking in Yuuri, Lansley?”

Ar-niisama put his hand on his chin as he asked. Lansley-san thought for a little while before answering.


“That’s right… I think that he wouldn’t be able to forcibly take in a girl who received the Izel fort leader’s protection as expected. As for the back-handed way… Perhaps, an engagement to my younger brother whose age is apart from me?”

“—Even though Yuuri isn’t a noble?”

“Father doesn’t really care about such things.”


Lansley-san glanced at Amanda-san.

Aah, well, certainly Count Rainier had said that he wanted to take Amanda-san, who wasn’t a noble, to become his second wife.


“I understand Lansley’s concern, but Yuuri is already my younger sister, so I think even Count Rainier won’t be able to interfere in her matters.”

“Owen family’s…?!”

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Ar-niisama nodded as he took my left hand and showed it to Lansley-san.

On my left hand was a ring with a blue magical jewel embedded in it.


“The blue encircling feather… It’s Owen family’s crest, huh?”

“The formal adoption procedure will happen once we arrive at the royal capital, though.”


Me, too!

I also think of Ar-niisama like a real big brother!


“Then, I will give my father a warning about that. Most likely he wouldn’t want to make an enemy of the Owen family.”

“I’ll entrust that matter to you.”



Ar-niisama tapped on Lansley-san’s shoulder.

Thank goodness. With this, Count Rainier won’t become a problem anymore.


“Thank you for purposely telling us this, Lansley.”

“Nah. …You seem to cherish Yuuri-chan, Amanda, so it made me worried. But, it seems that it’s only a needless concern from me.”

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As Amanda-san gave her thanks, Lansley-san’s face looked delightful again.

…No matter how I look at it, he really likes Amanda-san, doesn’t he?


As for Amanda-san… Hmm… For some reason, she doesn’t seem to notice it.

Well, Amanda-san is devoted to Georg-san, so perhaps other people couldn’t enter her eyes.

Then, what about Georg-san?


I thought as I turned to look at Georg-san, but his expression didn’t seem to change at all.

Hmm… I think Georg-san also likes Amanda-san, but could it only be my misunderstanding?


“Then, I’ll excuse myself. …What will you do during the holidays, Amanda?”

“I plan on accompanying Yuuri-chan to go to the royal capital.”

“Yeah. There’s the matter of the adoption to Owen family…”


We plan on going to the Earth Labyrinth before going to the royal capital, but I wonder if we shouldn’t mention about that matter to Lansley-san?

To Amanda-san, Lansley-san is different from Georg-san, and he might not be the person with whom she can talk to about anything.


“Yeah. Even if they’re going to become siblings, we can’t leave Yuuri-chan to Argo alone. She’s like my own younger sister as well.”

“…Georg is also coming along?”

“Nah. I plan on coming home for a little while.”

“Is that… so.”

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The relieved Lansley-san left the room together with Georg-san who said he had something to do.

Me and Ar-niisama who remained then looked at Amanda-san reflexively.


As expected, no matter how you look at it, it’s a love triangle, right…?

But, Amanda-san doesn’t seem like she noticed it.


“What’s the matter, why are you two looking at me?”

“…No. I just think that you don’t really understand the male’s heart as usual.”

“What are you saying? If Georg were to respond to my feelings, I’d be able to tell in a heartbeat.”

“That’s not it…”


I agreed with my whole heart to Ar-niisama who was shrugging his shoulders.

Could it be, could it be that this gorgeous and beautiful Amanda-san would be quite ignorant with romance, how unthinkable…!


“Yuuri-chan too, what’s the matter?”

“Ah, no… I just think that you’re on good terms with Lansley-san.”

“Well, he was my partner in t he academy. But when we were students, I often lamented how he didn’t really have the tender feelings to protect a woman as strong as the one he has right now.”


Eeh, but isn’t it more like he was hiding his embarrassment or that at that time, he hasn’t grown to like you as much as he does right now?

Hmm… adults’ romance situation is perhaps complicated.

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