Chapter 57

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What Will Happen to My Adventure?!


Finally, it’s time to depart from the Izel fort towards the Earth Labyrinth.


Using their one-year-holiday after the Monster Flood ended, Ar-niisama and Amanda-san would be accompanying me in my travel.

I have to work hard so I can reach the Sage Tower within that one year.


Then, Frank-san decided to tag along because he thought it seemed interesting. Of course, Luan who was usually on top of his head also came along.

Recently, I became used to seeing the little pink rabbit sitting on top of Frank-san’s head. Rather, I would think that it was lonely if the rabbit were to go missing from his head.


It was the same with Noir, but unless one was told about them, people wouldn’t think that they were monsters. They would consider them as new pets.

“Nyaa. Nyan, nyaa.”


Uh huh. It might only be seen as a pet kitten and little rabbit having a conversation.



Eh? Noir was certainly [The Panther King], wasn’t it?


Could it be that its cuteness was also at a king’s class?!

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Yup. That ought to be right.


And then the beastman Virna-san was planning on returning home by going to the Fire Labyrinth that was in the Beast Kingdom that lies after the Earth Labyrinth, so she decided to go together with us.

Then, when everyone was heading towards the gate—


“Young lass! Let’s go and capture the slimes’ new variety!”


Karin-san was also coming along?!

I hadn’t heard about it—!


When I turned around, there was Karin-san with her usual thick g lasses and slime hat.

Moreover, she put her hand on her waist, having an ‘ahem’ pose!


“No matter what, I hadn’t heard anything about Karin coming along…”

“It won’t matter even if there is just one or two people who are ignorant of the ways of the world.”

In contrast to Amanda-san who said her words with a concerned tone, Frank-san didn’t mind it one bit and just proceeded.


Eeh—. But I think Karin-san and I aren’t people who are ignorant of the ways of the world.

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That’s awful!


When I unconsciously pouted, my head was patted by someone.

As I looked up, my eyes were met with Ar-niisama’s gentle water-like eyes.


“Well, I think the more, the merrier.”

Ar-niisama smiled sweetly.

When he put it that way… that’s true, I guess.


“By the way, what kind of slime is the new slime variety?”

“Hm. What a good question. …That’s right. The slimes around here are either green or earth-colored, but among them there are some that only eat a particular leaf or soil. We should just find them.”

“Uhmm… How can we tell if they only eat those particular food?”

“Of course it can be decided from their scent. An ordinary green slime who eats various grasses will have a mixed scent, but a slime who only eats a particular leaf will only have that particular leaf’s scent.”



We can determine that through the slime’s scent?

But I can’t tell a slime’s scent.


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As a test, I tried smelling Purun who was sitting on top Noir’s head, but…

Hmmm~mm. Slimes don’t really have a scent, huh?

For some reason, Noir had a smell similar to the sun. It’s such a lovely scent, so I like it.


“…The one who’s capable of doing that extraordinary feat is obviously only Karin, don’t you think?”

Amanda-san said as she was aastonished, and Karin-san was so shocked she froze up.


“W-w-w-what?! Are you telling me that you can’t tell if this slime has a sweet smell?!”

“It’s just normal.”

“Then that’s just wasting most of your lives!”

“No. I think only you will think of it that way, Karin.”

“Humans are such a poor race…”

“—Virna, can you tell?”


Amanda-san asked Virna-san, whose ears moved for a moment. Then, she looked at Purun and shook her head.

“It seems like Virna who has a sharp sense of smell can’t tell. With this, we can assume that even a fellow elf, Naruruth won’t be able to tell, either.”

“What did you saaaaaay?!”


Karin-san hugged her head, feeling stricken. Meanwhile, Amanda-san lifted her gaze to look at the giant gate of the Izel fort.

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There was a figure of a person on top of the gate’s watchtower. That person is… Leon-san?

Did he purposely come here to see us off?


I felt somehow happy, and I waved my hand as hard as I could.

Ar-niisama and the others who also noticed then turned to look up.

After Leon-san lightly raised his hand, he turned his back on us.


Fufuu. He’s just as usual, huh?

Eeeeeh, how do you say it? He’s cool, but he has a dere1 side too, so he’s a kuudere2, I guess.  He went through the troubles to make sure he could see us off, after all. He was showing his affectionate side. Yup.


“Now, shall we go?”

Yosh! Let’s head towards the Earth Labyrinth, departing now—!


“Uh huh! Let’s begin this journey to find the new slime variety! My heart is beating so fast!”

Karin-san pointed towards the distance as she stuck out her flat chest.

Or rather, only Karin-san has something off with her determination!


What will happen to my adventureeeeee?!

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