Why Don’t We Try Accepting The Quest?

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Errrr, this world isn’t a game, but it’s reality, right?

But, just why would a quest window pop out of nowhere?!


If everything that has happened until now was just the continuation of the Sage job change quest in the Elysia Online… there’s no way that can be true, right?

C-could it be, no way…


Hmmm. Even if I think about it, I still don’t get it.

If that’s the case, for the time being, let’s just try accepting this quest!




The color of the [Yes] alphabet turned blue.


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Whoaaaa. What is this?

So we should just deliver it to the person called Carl in Graham village?


But how should I explain it to everyone? If I were to suddenly say, “This ring belongs to Carl-san from Graham village, so let’s send it to him!”, there’s no way they will believe my words, right?


Just when I was looking at the semi-transparent window that showed the quest with worries, Ar-niisama called me out from behind with a worried tone of voice.

“Yuuri, what’s the matter?”


Since the Giant Rat we defeated was a mutant, currently, we’re checking whether or not it has a magic stone. In other words… Since its corpse was being dissected in the middle of the road where we finished it off, the kind Ar-niisaama moved his horse so that I wouldn’t be able to see the spectacle.

But since I was staring into the air where there was nothing, he was apparently worried.


“It’s such a mystery why the Giant Rat would possess the golden ring…”

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“It might have bitten the owner of the ring. For example, it might have bitten off and torn up only a finger.”



I feel hurt just by imagining it…


“The nearest place where people live from here would be the Izel fort and then if we were to go straight here—”

“Graham village, isn’t it?”


The Dusk village that we went to during the Monster Flood was located between the Izel fort and Julei fort, so the direction was totally different. Besides, it was destroyed by the werewolves, so there isn’t anyone there right now.


“Then, perhaps the owner of that golden ring is in the Graham village?”

But the reward for completing the quest is [A stay in the inn], so the person might be related with the inn.

Since the quest is telling me to deliver this to that person, so there’s no way that person is already dead.


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“Hmm… But the items dropped after defeating monsters belong to the ones who defeated them, so there’s no need to purposely deliver it. Since it’s a golden ring, it can be sold at a high price. Then, let’s buy holy water using the money we gain from its sale! My Maximillian Jr. will soon go hungry, so the timing is just right!”

Come to think of it, Karin-san’s slime only feeds on holy water.

Even so, selling the ring we found is no good! Even without a quest, it’s a no-no!


“Aah? Don’t say such a petty thing, Karin. Besides, no matter how you look at it, this ring looks like something precious, don’t you think? We’re going to Graham village anyway, so why don’t we just deliver it while we’re at it? God is always watching what you’re doing, the holy writings even said that.”

Frank-san finished dissecting the corpse and casted the clean magic to wipe out any dirt and he was coming while bringing stuff such as the monster’s fangs or claws.

Ah. Could those be the items dropped?!


Even though this world isn’t a game, for some reason the development has turned to be game-like.

But whyyy?


“…What?! Didn’t Frank just speak like a priest?!”

“What do you mean by ‘like a priest’? No matter where you look at me, I’m a splendid priest, ain’t I?!”

“Snow is going to fall in Niflheim!”

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“Isn’t it a land of everlasting summer where the elves live? There’s no way snow will fall there.”

“That’s just how unbelievable your words were!”

Ho—. I wonder if it is like an idiom in Elysia? It looks like the phrase ‘It’s going to hail tomorrow.’


“Oi oi, Even if I’m like this, I’m still a priest. Don’t you forget it, okay?”

Frank-san grumbled, to which Ar-niisama shrugged his shoulders and replied, “It’s the consequences of your actions.”

Uh-huh. I think so, too.


Even if Frank-san is actually a kind person, he normally looks like a vulgar delinquent.

Although he is wearing a priest’s clothes, he still doesn’t look like one.


“Anyway, let’s go to Graham village and try asking around about this ring, shall we?”


Let’s quickly deliver the ring to Carl-san and complete the quest—!


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