Chapter 145: The Eye of The Magic Ball

The camel farm solved the problem of Kant’s trade caravan.

With these one-humped camels, known as the ships of the desert, Kant could opened up a complete trade route in the Nahrin Desert, from the natural salt mines to the Oasis Lookout, then to the posthouse, and finally to the Stone Pass.

The vast desert sea was no longer a natural chasm.

“This lottery solved my big problem.”

Kant smiled.

But his eyes looked at the final reward of the lottery. Even though he was mentally prepared, he was still a little surprised.

“Spring’s eye.”

Kant slowly read out this word.

It was very simple.

Very clear.

Even the most complicated grammar could found an adjective for it in the shortest amount of time.

The source of a pool of spring water.

That was it.

However, this made Kant’s heart beat faster, and his breathing became a little faster. This was because this special gift pack brought a value that far exceeded the sum of the previous four gift packs.

That’s right, the sum.

In Kant’s opinion, this gift pack was almost priceless!

[ Spring’s eye: This spring’s eye connects to the mysterious water elemental plane, and it can continuously flow out the clearest spring water. Place it on the ground with no water vein, it will automatically generate a water source. ]

The system’s introduction to the spring’s eye.

This made Kant thought of the lake created by the magic ball outside the city wall.

It was able to change the terrain.

Or rather, it could directly affected the changes in the rules.

[ Ding… system prompt ]

[ Spring’s eye has been detected in the host’s area. It is recommended that you combine the “Spring’s eye” into one. It can increase the amount of water that comes out of the spring and also replenish the groundwater. It can form a wide-range water supply effect and create a natural water network. ]

The system immediately gave a hint.

Kant was slightly stunned.

Normally, the system would not gave such an obvious hint directly.

But now, the system directly told him that it was the wisest choice to combine the “Spring’s eye” with the original spring of the Oasis Lookout. It could produced the most optimal result.

“Place the spring’s eye!”

Kant connected with mind communication system and directly chose to use it.

The golden card in his mind disappeared and turned into fine powder.

His mind reappeared in the sky above the fortress, forming a god’s view that could overlook the entire oasis.

Data chain spread.

On the north side of the council hall, inside the wall on the north side, there was the water source of Oasis Lookout. The spring was more than 20 meters long and more than 4 meters wide, it was filled with scattered data streams now.

The rules of the system began to merge with the rules of this world.

In just a few short seconds.

The turbulent spring water began to gush out instantly, shooting out more than 30 centimeters on the surface of the water. It was like a short and thick fountain, more like an spring city ancient country, the most famous Baotu Spring.

However, this protruding spring was even thicker and had more water.

Soon, the spring water within the entire city wall began to overflow. Even the three drainage holes on the city wall could not discharged the sudden surge of spring water to the lake outside the city wall in time.

The spring water had seeped into the sandy land outside, it instantly sank down.

Even from the sky, it could be seen clearly.

Kant was slightly stunned.

The data stream in his eyes began to spread in an instant.

The entire land seemed to have changed a little as the spring water seeped in.

The data stream flowed within it.


Kant even saw that the spring water that was filled with the data stream not only gushed upwards, but also filled the sandy land near the Oasis Lookout with water. Even the ancient water channels under the sand layer began to spread the spring water filled with the data stream. In a very short period of time, it invaded the dried water network and continued to spread deeper into the desert.

“Is that… an ancient river channel?”

Kant swallowed his saliva and looked into the distance.

The spring water that was filled with data stream was spreading extremely quickly.

And in the distance, that seemed to be an area of tribal ruins, as well as the location of natural salt mines.

Spring water also appeared there.

However, it was not a narrow underground water system. From Kant’s God’s view and the faint sensing of the data flow, the surging spring water directly rushed up the sand layer. Following the dried-up ancient river that had once existed, it continued to spread into the depths of the desert. As if it was going all the way to the deepest part of the desert, the Devil’s land that the Jackalan talked about!

“It can’t be that it’s going to support the enemy, right?”

Kant subconsciously swallowed his saliva. He was a little worried about the spring water that appeared in the ancient river.

If there really was a water source, that wouldn’t be a good thing.

Once the water source was controlled by the expedition army of the high-level Jackalan that was about to arrive, they were able to obtain fresh water supplies. Kant’s idea of filled up the water well, leaving only the lake outside the city wall to disrupt the enemy’s morale would be a complete failure.

As for his strategic plan, he would also declare it a failure.

It was as it had sensed Kant’s worry, the spring water that had spread to the far distance began to recede.

No, it should be the data flow inside had started to recede, causing the surging spring water to completely stop. It disappeared into the yellow sands of the ancient riverway. Not long after, the water that left on the sand was evaporated by the scorching sun, and the traces of the surging water were gone.

Kant calmed down.

As long as the spring water he created didn’t had the effect of supporting the enemy, it would be fine.

“Build the Vaegirs shooting range!”

Kant recommunicated with the system and planned to continue building.

The wooden targets in his mind, and the building cards that looked like a training ground, were directly shattered.

But they began to appear in the real world.

On the south-east side of the “Drondheim” fortress, there was still an empty sand land, but now a large amount of data began to spread from the bottom up. Out of nowhere, a row of small wooden houses with the typical rugged style of the Kingdom of Vaegirs appeared. At the end of about 30 meters of land, there were shooting targets made of wood, straw, and boards appeared. There were also a few arrows stuck in them.

The construction of the Virginia shooting range was completed.

“Very good.”

Kant nodded in satisfaction.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t recruited the archers he was short of denar. Otherwise, he wouldn’t had let go of these level-4 long-range archers right before the great war.

Kant shook his head, he continued to communicate with the system, “Build a camel farm.”

The construction card then shattered.

But this time, it appeared in the livestock area on the west side.

On the south side of the lake which near to the west side of the city wall, a row of straw shacks made of straw, wood, and linen appeared on the side of the city wall. There were also sinks and food troughs made from date palm tree trunks.

The camel farm was completed.

However, there were no camels in it yet. Kant also did not had the money to buy one for 1,000 denars each.

His savings balance was now in double digits.

If he wanted to have some denars, he needed to wait for the next week, the first week of the new month. Joslin would brought his trade caravan from the faraway Kingdom of Vaegirs to come here.

“Show the troops. Let’s finish this.”

Kant’s expression was not discouraged.

Denar could be earned at any time. Moreover, in this lottery, he obtained 50 Vaegirs archers and 50 desert bandits as a reward. It was a ready-made reinforcement!

His mind retreated from the god’s view.

Looking at the slightly dim interior of the council hall again, Kant’s lips curled into a smile.

“Everything is ready.”

The current him only needed the east wind from the Mannheim Coast to make him take off again!

The Kingdom of Grey Mane used all of their strength to gather a expedition army was a mistake of their strategic plan.

Kant would told them.

How badly they would lose from this strategic plan!

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