Is Anyone There~?

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“Kyuuuu, kyukkyu!”

“Huh? It’s true that you’re an emergency food. Don’t complain.”


“Ouch, it hurts! Look, you can’t stomp over there.”


The villagers we met—each of them—made a startled face when they saw Luan who was on Frank-san’s head, but seeing Frank-san’s arguing that seemed like a comedy act, they quickly changed their expression to one that seemed to be looking pleasantly.


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Hmhm. Certainly, the sight of the tough-looking Frank-san playing around with the small pink rabbit created a gap moe1 that it was heartwarming.


“Excuse me—”

As we arrived at the inn, Amanda-san called out from the entrance. It wouldn’t be good if we were to proceed before restraining the horses first.

However, there was no reply from inside.


“…I wonder if there’s no one here?”

“There is a barn here. It’s open, so for now, let’s tie the horses.”

Frank-san’s voice could be heard from the back of the inn.


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“That’s right, let’s do that.”

After tying the horses, we went through the inn’s door. The door was closed but it seemed like it wasn’t locked, as the door was opened right as soon as my hand touched the key section of the door.


This chapter is brought to you by Convallaria’s Library (convallariaslibrary(dot)com). If you’re reading this elsewhere, then you’re reading from a site who’s stolen our translation. Please do not support theft and read at Convallaria’s Library! It’s free, and you can also drop by to comment and motivate the translator to continue translating more chapters 

“Good afternoon— Is anyone there~?”

The interior of the inn looked a lot like the inn that was in the initial village in Elysia Online.

Right in the front there was the receptionist and a plate decoration with the mark of a bed symbolizing inn engraved there. On the left side, there was a small dining room with around three tables. Meanwhile, there was a staircase leading to the second floor on the right side.


Whoaa. How nostalgic. In the beginning, I didn’t have my own housing, so I was quite dependent on the inn~.

There was an area called as Residential Area in Elysia Online, and if we were to buy a plot there, we would be able to construct our own house as we liked.

The Residential Area is connected to the town located in the center of each country. In Ares kingdom, there is an entrance leading to the residential area in its royal capital.


And the players that wanted to have a house of their own would need to go towards the residential area of the town they wanted to live in, and then apply for having a housing over there.

However, if there were multiple applicants to the same house, the owner would be decided through a lottery. There was a time when the guild chat was filled with agonizing cries…

Luckily, I was able to buy a plot in the location I wanted.




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The residential area was really spacious, so moving from one end to another was very troublesome, but when you wanted to move towards the residential area, you would be asked to which block you wanted to move, so there was no need to worry about moving around the area in general.

Moreover, if it was just going to your own house from the field, we would be able to quickly return home as long as we clicked on the home button.


And by operating the panel located at the entrance of our own home, we would be able to conveniently move to the houses of our registered friends or to the guild house.

A guild house is a big house that can be used by guild members as they like, and it was fun to gather there to chat with everyone. It felt like a shared housing.

The people who are making weapons and armors could put the slightly failed equipment that couldn’t be sold at high prices in the [Guild Storehouse] where they could be shared among a guild.


…Yes. I was also indebted to it in my earlier time.

Of course I also put the potions I made inside the storehouse and also used them freely.


There was a website filled with the showcase of wonderful housings that were made public by people. If we wanted to go there, we could just point at that house through our panel. On the contrary, we could also set our own housing as [Private] if we didn’t want people we didn’t know to be able to access our housing.

Unfortunately, it seemed that the house I built didn’t exist here in Elysia. Since I couldn’t find the home button anywhere.

If I were able to use it, there would be lots of items in my house, ranging from the low-leveled equipment to legendary items.

Fortunately, I was able to use item boxes, so I was really saved by that.


“What the heck? Is nobody here?”

As I looked around, the back door was opened.

Ah, is it the inn’s staff?


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“…Hm? What’s the matter? No one is in the reception.”

“I was wondering who it was, but it’s just Karin, huh? Have you had enough with slimes?”

“I looked around and smelled things all over, but it seemed like there was no new slime variety. So I decided to rest early.”


Amanda-san looked towards the dining hall and noticed Karin-san as she spoke to her.

The scent of slimes… She smelled it all around, huh?

If she were seen by the villagers doing that, wouldn’t they think that she was acting weird? Would that be fine?


“Good grief. What’s wrong with them, not greeting customers who arrived? …What? It’s noisy over there.”

Karin-san knitted her brows as she looked up at the ceiling.

As soon as she did that, I heard some voices arguing.


“I have had enough! You have too many excuses! If you have given it to that woman, you should’ve just said so!”

“Like I said, that’s not the case! Why won’t you believe me?!”

“What? Just because she’s slightly beautiful, you became infatuated to her? Besides, she’s an adventurer, so don’t you think she’s not going to stay forever in this small village? ‘I’ll come again later’, such words are obviously just lip service!”


T-this is…

Could it be the so-called scene of carnage?!

As I was confused, Karin-san heaved a long sigh.

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“What’s up with them, not noticing that there are customers and fighting on the second floor? No matter how small of a village this is, it’s such a failure as an inn.”

“That’s right. But since this village is so small, I wonder if there isn’t any other inn? …Eh, Frank, what are you doing?!”


As Amanda-san was agreeing with Karin-san, she took notice of Frank-san who sat down on a counter in the dining hall before we even knew it.


“Ooh. I had no expectation since this village is so small, but they have gathered some fine alcohol here. Don’t you think so too, Virna?”

“Certainly, this is amazing.”


Looking at the earthenware pots of alcohol lined up deep in the counter, Virna-san’s tail was swaying around.

So Virna-san really likes alcohol too, huh?


“Like I said, you’ve got it wrong. Tania liked this village so she said that she would come again. That’s only it.”

…The quarrel on the second floor still continued.


“How well said! Even though you already gave your ring away to her!”




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