Carl-san’s Circumstances

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“Incidentally, when my father’s health declined and he retired one year ago, my older brother suddenly became a minstrel and said that he wouldn’t be succeeding the inn…”


A minstrel, huh?

It wasn’t an occupation that was available in Elysia Online, but it existed here. I wonder if they sung the song of heroes?


Speaking of heroes, it would be Leon-san, so… in other words, they were singing songs about Leon-san?

Whoa. I’d like to listen to it.


“…Was your elder brother talented?”

Carl-san pondered over Frank-san’s question for a while.


“Who knows, what about it? I never really heard others’ singing after all. …But, I loved Nii-san1’s singing. That’s why I’d like to support him in chasing after his dreams. If that doesn’t work out, then he could just return.”

“In addition,” Carl-san continued.


“But when it comes to succeeding an inn, managing the inn alone is difficult, so I have to take a wife. My brother was so popular that he once had three lovers, but when it comes to me, I wasn’t popular at all…”

Hmmm. Carl-san’s elder brother who had three lovers and only sang without succeeding an inn, how do I put it, I feel like he isn’t that good of a man.

He didn’t want to become a minstrel because he wanted to be more popular, did he?


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“I worked hard alone for a while, but as expected, it was awful. So when I was thinking of asking a matchmaker to be introduced to someone, my retired father recommended Mary, my childhood friend. And then, I got married to her and officially succeeding the inn, but since it was just right when the Monster Flood began, we hadn’t had our marriage ceremony. In exchange, we gave each other a present, and it was that golden ring.”


I see~ And that was the golden ring we picked up.

When they were just getting married before the Monster Flood, they were a lovey dovey newlyweds.

And since work was so difficult, he became thinner, and the ring dropped.


Which means… with this, we’ve cleared up the quest, right?

But how do I make sure of it?

Hmm… If I could see my status through the [Status Open] command, then I should be able to display the quest through the [Quest Open] command, huh?

Shall I try with a small voice?


“Quest Open.”

Pretending to be talking to Noir that was in my embrace, I uttered those words stealthily.

With this, a window would—


…Nope. Nothing is popping out.


When I received the quest, a semi-transparent window suddenly popped out, so there’s a high possibility that a window would pop open when I clear the quest.

In other words, I haven’t cleared the quest?

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But, the quest was to hand over the ring to Carl-san, right?

If that’s the case, then it should’ve been cleared, though?


“When the Monster Flood finally ended, the adventurers who returned from the Izel fort began to visit this place. Among them was Tania who previously brought Thor’s axes. At first, she seemed to have forgotten about me, but since she remembered it, she told me stories about Thor. She was a good person.”

“I see. Since you were on good terms with that child called Tania, your wife became jealous. Moreover, you lost your ring at that timing… Nii-chan, what a luck you have.”

“…That’s right.”

Frank-san tapped the shoulder of the crestfallen Carl-san, trying to comfort him.



“Well, now that you got the ring back, you should show it to her and solve the misunderstanding properly.”

“Ah, no. I should guide you all—my guests—to the room—”

“It’s going to be more difficult if you let a woman angry. You should apologize as quickly as possible.”


“Hey, Just go.”


Frank-san opened the door and urged him. Carl-san grasped his hands tightly and bowed his head.

As expected of Frank-san. He said such a good stuff.


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“Thank you very much!”

After saying that, Carl-san rushed out, but he ended up bumping into the people who were entering the building.


“Carl, this is bad!”

“What’s the matter, Jack?”

“An Armored Insect appeared! Moreover, it is the biggest one I’ve ever seen!”


If I’m not mistaken, an Armored Insect is a monster that is immune to physical attacks and thus has to be defeated by magical attacks.

In the game, it was quite big, so I wonder how big it is in this world.


“What?! Where did it appear?”

“At the west field. Can I entrust this matter to you?”

“Yeah. Leave it to me.”

Carl-san turned to look at us before he lowered his head.


“Dear guests, I apologize. There is something I have to attend to. The two rooms in the back of the second floor are vacant, so would you like to take a rest there first?”

When he asked that, Frank-san turned to look at Ar-niisama with an inquiring look, to which Ar-niisama nodded.


“Can you use magic?”

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“No. But I learned an axe technique, [Shell Smash], from Thor-san.”

Aah, certainly the axe skill [Shell Smash] would be able to give damage even to an Armored Insect, I guess.


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“I see… Then, you are indeed Thor’s apprentice.”

Ar-niisama was looking at the axes decorating the dining hall’s wall as if he was looking at something nostalgic; as if saying that he knew Thor-san.


“Do you know Thor-san—”

“Hurry, Carl!”

“Ah, yes. Sorry, Jack. …I’m going now.”

Being urged by Jack-san, Carl-san took the new axes that was displayed on the wall.


▽A serial quest has appeared.

▽Would you like to accept the quest?

▽    ▽

Yes   No


Whoa! Another semi-transparent window popped out!

Moreover, a serial quest?!

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