Attack is the Best Defense

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The Armored Insect that was slowly moving suddenly turned up.

Should I cast another Wind Arrow…? Ah, but I wonder if another magic is better here?


Fire Ball is out of question because it’d burn the surrounding trees, Water Ball will wash away the cabbages that haven’t been eaten yet, Rock Fall will leave some rocks behind in the field which will be a hindrance… If that’s the case, then will Thunder Arrow be able to damage the Armored Insect?

I was about to cast the magic when—

The Armored Insect suddenly fell over on its back. Then, its legs were twitching.



Could it be that the effect of the Wind Arrow earlier just manifested?!


As I was rejoicing, Ar-niisama who was next to me said in admiration.

“As expected of Frank.”


Hmm? Frank-san?

Weren’t Frank-san’s attacks not effective at all?


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I looked up at Ar-niisama curiously, he said, “How absurd,” as he explained.

“Frank’s skill is [Surging Fist]. Since it’s an attack that transmits waves to one’s body, the harder its exterior, the more damage it can deal. That’s why the inside of its shell should have been destroyed. The drawback is that it will take a while for the effect to be visible, but it’s quite a powerful skill.”



Here I thought it was the effect of my Wind Arrow, but I was mistaken.

Ha… How embarrassing~.


As I was tapping my hands around my cheeks in embarrassment, Frank-san returned after checking that the Armored Insect had been defeated.




“As expected, the shell is really hard. That’s why the skill was effective.”

“Good grief, it’s baffling why Frank became a priest. Rather than becoming a priest, wouldn’t becoming an adventurer suit him better?”

Amanda-san said in admiration before she looked at Frank-san in astonishment.

Hmhm. I think so, too.


“Although Frank-san is a priest, why are you so strong?”

My question unconsciously slipped through my mouth, and Frank-san patted my head.

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“Jou-chan, what do you think is a priest’s job?”

“Healing, isn’t it?”

If anything, I think that Frank-san—who could do other things than just healing—was an unusual priest.

With his thick muscles, he looks like a pro wrestler.


“To heal someone, we need to touch the target’s body, right? However, there are some people who get so badly injured amidst of a battle that they can’t retreat. In such a time, the priest has to go to where the injured person is. It is a priest’s duty to heal the injured, after all. And the monsters aren’t going to go easy on us just because we’re a priest.”

It’s true that one has to touch the target in order to heal them in this world.


In addition, since they didn’t know anything about the party system, they also wouldn’t know about the skill [Guardian Shield] that a shield-wielding person could do in order to take over the damage of other party members.

Although it was the very first skill that one could learn from the shield skills, it was awfully useful. I was also protected by a swordsman who wielded shield during boss battles.

Especially when I was a priest, since a party that had their priest defeated couldn’t make a comeback…


Ahh. I see.

Certainly, it was the same case even in this world.

If the priest is defeated, there won’t be anyone who can heal. Also, since a priest has to go to the same place as the vanguard in order to heal them, a priest has to train their own body, too.


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In other words, the priests of this world have to be able to heal and defend themselves.

When I asked about it, Frank-san showed a broad and cheerful smile.


“It’s exactly like that, Jou-chan. But defense alone isn’t enough. In addition, don’t they say that attack is the best defense? Isn’t it a man’s dream to be able to defeat the monsters quickly so that they can heal their allies slowly? Don’t you think so too, Argo?”

As he was suddenly dragged into the conversation, Ar-niisama bitterly smiled as he answered.


“It’s true that a priest should also be good at protecting themselves, but only you trained his body to such an extent, don’t you think, Frank?”

“That’s right, Yuuri-chan. Not all priests battle absurdly like him.”

Virna-san also silently nodded in agreement in response to Amanda-san’s words.


“Is that so? Simon is also strong, though?”

“It’s because he is your disciple.”

“There’s also that, huh? Wahaha.”

Frank-san heartily laughed, and Luan who was on top of his head also cried out ‘kyuu kyuu’ in high spirits.


“Oh my~. You saved me. My esteemed guests are strong, huh?”

Carl-san who was shouldering his axe also turned up.

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“I was wondering what I should do when my [Shell Smash] isn’t effective at all… You have my heartfelt gratitude.”

Carl-san bowed his head. Frank-san then waved his hand as he said, “Don’t mention it.”

At that moment, a woman’s voice called out to Carl-san.



Ah, Mary-san who ran off from the inn earlier was now running to our direction.


“Carl! I heard that an Armored Insect appeared. It’s been exterminated? Are… Are you hurt??”

Mary-san stopped in front of Carl-san before she touched Carl-san’s body to check whether or not he was hurt somewhere.


“I’m alright, sorry for making you worried. The travellers were the ones who defeated it.”

“Thank goodness… You’re the only one who can fight against an Armored Insect, and when I thought about how you’d get hurt, I…”



Carl-san then hugged Mary-san.

At that moment, Ar-niisama used his palms to cover my eyes.

W-wait a moment! It’s such a heartfelt moment, so why couldn’t you let me see it?!

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