Chapter 142: Cruel Interrogation

Naturally, Kant did not need to worry about interrogating.

He passed down his order.

Very soon.

Ten Swadian footmen escorted five high-level Jackalans to the council hall’s entrance.

They ruthlessly kicked the high-level Jackalan’s legs with their chain-armored boots. The strong kicks caused these captives who had their heads lowered to fall and kneel in front of Kant.

“Roar…”, the Jackalans growled because of the humiliation.

However, the 10 Swadian footmen who were in charge of guarding the captives did not show any mercy on their faces.

Instead, they curled their lips into a insulting smile. They pulled out the bastard swords from their waists and stabbed them heavily into the side of the captives. The tip of the gleaming swords pierced straight into the ground. There was no need to conceal their threatening menace.

The captives immediately lowered their heads and wisely chose to submit.

Only then the leading footman nodded in satisfaction and reported in a low voice, “Lord, we brought them here.”

“Mm, well done.”, Kant looked at this scene and spoke.

At the same time, he lowered his head to look at the five Jackalans who were surprisely dressed in linen robe. With a calm expression, he asked, “Jackalan from the Mannheim coast, the Kingdom of Grey Mane, why did you invade my fief’s estate?”

As Kant’s voice fell, no one answered.

The five Jackalans kneeling on the ground raised their beast-like heads, revealed their fangs on their jaws.

Their eyes revealed their anger and unyielding will.

They seemed to want to devour people.

Their eyes were ice cold!

They obviously accused Kant for all the torture and humiliation they had suffered after being captured.

If they were healthy and well-fed, they probably wouldn’t even care about their own lives. They would carried their battle axes and perished together with Kant, who was sitting on the chair at the front steps of the council hall.

“Ha, unyielding eyes.”, Kant chuckled.

Kneeling in front of others and threatening them with their eyes were always so weak.

At least Kant did not care.

He spoke to the captives in a cold tone, “You must know that your gazes can not kill others. But I controls your lives, I can easily…”, he paused for a moment and said indifferently, “Kill all of you.”

“Bang –”

Behind the Jackalan captives, the footmen lifted up their well-made chain armor boots were and heavily kicked on their backs.

A dull sound.

These captives were all lying on the ground. Their hands were tied up so that they could not propped themselves up. However, there was no need for them to stand up. The Swadian footmen that kicked them down reached out and pulled the gray hair on their heads to make them kneel on the ground again. The gleaming bastard sword was placed next to their throats at this moment.

The Swadian footmen did not want to see their lord being threatened by these inferior races. Even if it was merely the glares from their eyes, that was still not acceptable!

Kant nodded at them. He looked at the captives and asked calmly, “We can have a good conversation.”

“Is… is that so?”

Finally, a Jackalan spoke in human language.

It was the leader of the pirates. There was still anger and humiliation hidden in its eyes, but it restrained itself and said, “Lord of the humans, what… What do you want to know…”

Kant nodded in satisfaction, “Cooperation is a wise choice.”

“What do you want to know?”, the pirate leader repeated.

“No, if you cooperate, I think you able to calm down. Cooperating in our friendly conversation is a good thing for both of us, a good thing that can be praised.”

Kant smiled at the pirate leader. “What do you think?”

The pirate leader’s expression was slightly ferocious.

It had roamed the Sea of Stars for so many years, but it had never knelt down to answer a question in such a humiliating manner.

Moreover, it had to kneel in front of human, a race that it always looked down. Its heart was thumping, and its eyes filled with bloodshot. This was really unacceptable.

Its anger was raging!

However, Kant only chuckled at its anger. “Help it calm down.”

“Yes,”, the footmen replied in a deep voice.

However, immediately after this reply, the sound of the wind whistling could be faintly heard.

Before the pirate leader could react, the scabbard that was embedded with iron skin directly struck its cheek. The force of the strike instantly knocked off the fangs in its jaws. Even its lips were torn and blood oozed out.

“Roar –”

This strike instantly pissed off the tyrannical pirate leader.

It stood up with its legs and its two arms struggled frantically to break free from the linen rope. Its green eyes turned red and it whispered with a mouthful of blood, wanting to rush towards Kant who was on the steps.

It pounced fiercely without any fear of death. Even the four Jackalan pirates on beside it were also aroused.

Although they had wisdom and civilized, but when they went crazy, their ferocity was far more terrifying than the uncivilized low-level Jackalan!

“Stupid.”, Kant looked at the Jackalan pouncing at him without fear.

On the side, a footman with a thick fan-shaped shield came forward to block Kant. He used the shield forcefully withstood the pounce. Due to the force, he took half a step back, but he instantly withdrew his shield like a spring. He quickly gave a vicious right hook with his right hand tied with a chain-mail glove, the punch heavily landed on the left cheek of the pirate leader.


The pirate leader’s teeth flew out, and his entire body blew away along with the heavy punch. He heavily fell down the stairs and laid in front of the four shocked Jackalan pirate subordinates.

The Swadian footman was silent. He shook his wrist and stood by Kant’s side again.

“Can we have a good chat now?”

Kant said faintly.

The Swadian footmen at the side cooperated and raised their bastard swords. The sharp blades reflected the light of noon, bringing not warmth but the awe of slicing lives.

“Yes…”, the pirate leader coughed and struggled on the ground.

It spat out two broken teeth, mixed with the smell of blood in its mouth. Its eyes were filled with despair. It stood up again and knelt in front of Kant. It lowered its head as if it had given up everything. “Human noble, what do you want to know…”

“This is very good.”

Kant nodded, satisfied with his tactfulness.

Standing up and walking down the three-story stone stairs, Kant came before the pirate leader. He slightly squatted down and looked at its hopeless, murky and despairing eyes, he slowly asked, “Tell me, when will your large fleet arrive in this desert? Tell me, and I will let you go. I swear on my honor that I will never kill you.”

His words were very tempting. Moreover, there was not a trace of malevolence on his tender face. Even his eyes were quite sincere.

The four Jackalans immediately swallowed their saliva.

To Kant’s words, it was like they had grabbed onto a life-saving straw. They subconsciously looked at their leader whose cheek had been slapped until it was swollen. Their eyes were filled with the desire to live.

No one would really want to die.

No matter how strong their willpower was, after experiencing thirst and hunger, they had lost their faith.

“What I said is true.”

Glancing at their eyes, Kant’s lips curled up slightly. “I swear on the reputation of a noble.”

“There are seven days left!”, the pirate leader finally opened his mouth and lowered its bleeding swollen face, it said, “We are the advance team. We set off half a month earlier than the expedition team. If we are not out of our expectations, they will arrive at the southern part of the Nahrin Desert in seven days, which is the beginning of next month.”

“Very good.”, Kant stood up with a smile and sat back in his seat.

Kant looked at Firentis and Manid who had just finished patrolling the captive area, he nodded and said, “This information is very important. I like this friend. What do you think?”

“Of course, he is a very good gentleman.”, Manid followed Kant’s words and complimented him.

Firentis also nodded.

As a knight, he looked down on people who were captured in the war and still revealed the secrets of their forces. If they could endured the torture and death, he could still praised them.

Although death was still their final ending.

But Firentis could guaranteed that he would not chopped them up and used them as food or fertilizer.

“Send them back.”

Kant waved his hand and motioned the footmen to pull the five high-level Jackalans away.

As if he had thought of something, he even reminded the footmen, “Give them some water and bread. Well, if they don’t eat bread, they can also eat some dried meat as a reward for answering their questions.”

“Yes.”, the Swadian footmen answered.

“Lord… We, we eat bread!”, a Jackalan pirate answered eagerly.

Kant heard this and chuckled, “Oh, that’s even better. give them bread, dried meat, and clean water.”. He paused and looked at the Jackalan pirate who answered, pointing at it, he ordered, “I like this guy very much. give him another dried sausage. If he can answer the questions we want to know in the future, let him eat his fill every meal.”

“I, I am willing to surrender and join your side!”, the Jackalan pirate immediately knelt on the ground, ignoring the complicated and angry eyes of his companions beside him. He shouted, “I know a lot of information about the Mannheim Coast and the Kingdom of Grey Mane!”

“Very good.”, Kant nodded with a smile, still waving his hand to signal for them to go away.

Soon, the footmen took them away again.

Kant turned around and entered the council hall.

Firentis and Manid also followed.

Sitting back in his seat, Kant’s smile disappeared and he said faintly, “In seven days, the expedition army will arrive at the Nahrin Desert. It means that at the beginning of next month, we will welcome our real enemy.”

“That’s right.”, Firentis and Manid looked at each other.

Kant frowned and tapped his fingers on the table.

Looking at his two trusted subordinates, he said, “Arrange people to interrogate these high-level Jackalans. Let them tell us everything they know. Try to improve our understanding of the Mannheim Coast as well as the Kingdom of Grey Mane. Don’t relax. We will officially face them next month.”

“You will know more comprehensive information.”, Manid had some research on interrogation.

“Okay.”, Kant nodded and looked at Firentis at the same time. “Since Manid is in charge of the interrogation, you will be in charge of the army. When the Jackalan arrive at the Oasis Lookout, I hope you can give the best response.”

Firentis also nodded heavily. “I will do my best.”

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