Chapter 141: Elite Troops After the Battle

They easily won the battle, slaughtered the enemy, gained experience points.

Epic victory.

Towards this perfect ending, the knot in Kant’s heart was slightly lifted.

At least 5 honor points were the most practical reward.

It was worth being in a good mood.

“Open the troop class-level up interface.”

Kant’s thoughts tingled.

On the retina in front of him, the dialog box immediately refreshed.

The interface of troop class appeared.


[ Upgradable troop class: Swadian peasant × 500 people ]

[ Cost 10 denars per person, level up: Swadian recruit ]

[ Extra experience points allow level up consecutively ]


[ Upgradable troop class: Swadian footman × 37 people ]

[ Cost 20 denars per person, level Up: Swadian footman/Swadian heavy cavalry ]


[ Upgradable troop class: Swadian heavy cavalry x 10 people ]

[ Cost 120 denar per person, Level up: Swadian knight ]


[ Upgradable troop class: Desert Bandits X 40 people ]

[ Cost 25 denars per person, evel up: Elite desert bandit ]

[ Ding… you have surplus experience points. Your forces could be upgraded consecutively ]


[ Upgradable troop class: Elite desert bandit × 25 people ]

[ Cost 30 denars per person, level up: Sarrandian horseman ]


Most of the close combat troop class could be leveled up.

Kant frowned slightly.

However, he also found out that there were only a few level 4 troop class could leveled up.

Other than the 10 Swadian heavy cavalries who could leveled up to the top-tier Swadian knights, the other level 4 troops class showed no signs of leveling up at all. This was obviously something wrong.

As a level 4 footman, the Swadian footman did not directly involved in the battle, so it was only natural that they would receive little experience points.

However, one had to know that.

In this battle, the archers had played a huge role.

The rain of arrows formed by 50 Vaegirs archers and 50 Swadian crossbowmen had killed many Jackalans.

Now, there was actually no one who could leveled up to ;evel 5 troop class.

This was clearly out of Kant’s expectations.

He asked the mind communication system, “System, in this epic battle, the experience points obtained are unable to allow more level 4 troop classes to reach full experience and level up to level 5 troop class?”

Ask if you don’t understand.

The system would always gave an explanation.

Very soon.

A dialog box popped up on his retina, “Insufficient experience points, unable to provide more level 4 troop class to level up.”

“This is the explanation?”, Kant frowned slightly.

“Yes.”, The system answered straightforwardly.

At the same time, it explained to Kant in detail: “Although the scale of this battle is large, the enemy is mostly low-level footmen. Their morale is low and their status is extremely poor, so the experience points gained is relatively small. They can only level up for middle troop class, and cannot afford a large number of high-level troops to level up. Thus, only 10 Swadian heavy cavalries can level up to 10 Swadian Knight.”

After explaining, the dialog box disappeared.

Kant nodded.

It was indeed the style of the system. It was straightforward and did not said much nonsense.

In this battle, Kant indeed used a smaller troop to defeat the larger enemy fleet and won the battle. However, the slaughter of the lower-level troops by the elite troops was not a rare scene in the history. Many epic victories were such a case as well.

To a certain extent, the size of the troops was indeed better than the quality of the troops.

But there was a bottom line.

A number of troops with a certain quality was the best choice.

Otherwise, it would be like the end of the Han dynasty of an ancient country on Earth. The Yellow Turban Army had huge advantage of large troops, but it was still massacred by the elite soldiers of the imperial court, which led to its defeat in the end. At the same time, this war raised a group of more elite local warlords.

Just like some ancient Greek writer once said, a group of beggars could not be called an army.

And now.

Kant’s army was very elite.

Through the mind communication system, Kant directly chose, “Level up.”

[ Ding… system prompt ]

[ Level up requires a total of 8,690 denars ]

[ Yes/no level up? ]

“Yes.”, Kant did not hesitated, “Level up!”

Kant’s current savings were 22,000 denars. Even if he spent this amount level up, he did not have to worry about the lack of denar for the maintenance of the army next week.

Because next month, the trade caravan of Reyvadin would arrive.

The leader of the trade caravan, Joslin, would buy all the prisoners he had obtained from this battle.

Although the statistics were not yet available.

But the number would definitely not be too small.

Outside the council hall, in the empty space on the east side of the fortress, the Jackalans were squatting there. In general, it was estimated that there were more than 2,000 of them. If converted into denar, it would be a huge amount of money!

Kant’s savings would also increase to a huge amount.

With his affirmation.

8,690 denars instantly disappeared.

The flow of data flowed out quickly. In the entire Oasis Lookout, the troop class that could level up were all wrapped inside. Especially the 500 peasant who were still cleaning up the battlefield, their bodies were covered in a data chain.

This was the symbol of the transformation from a laborer who worked in agriculture to a military soldier.

It seemed like a very short period of time.

However, in the eyes of these soldiers who had leveled up, it was like several years had passed.

A complete set of combat knowledge was installed into their minds, and their bodies were also modified. It was like they had obtained a strong physique after years of hard training and been through several battles on the battlefield.

During the process of leveling up, the system then popped out the dialog box.

[ Ding… system prompt ]

[ Because experience points surplus, Swadian recruit can continue to level up ]

[ Spend 5,000 denars to level up to Swadian militia ]

[ Yes/no level up? ]

“Level up.”

Kant still did not hesitated and made his choice.

5,000 denars then disappeared.

Then, the recruits who were only wearing leather armor and holding spears and wooden shields had become stronger. The spears in their hands had also become military grade heavy spear. The leather armor had also become a piece of iron-plated armor with better defense. Beside the combat shovel at their waist, there was an additional quiver with 20 crossbow bolts inserted into it. With the light crossbow on their backs, they had the means to attack from afar.

Compared to the appearance of the peasant recruits, these recruits were more like soldiers in the army.

Level up was complete.

10 Swadian knights.

37 Swadian heavy cavalries.

25 Sarrandian horsemen.

40 elite desert bandits.

500 Swadian militia.

These elite soldiers had a completely different spirit.

Their appearance increased the quality of the troops in Drondheim.

Furthermore, the originally useless 500 peasant soldiers could only play a supporting role. When all of them were upgraded to the Swadian militia, it increased the number of troops in Oasis Lookout, causing the combat strength of the troops to soar!

All of the troops were already close to a thousand people.

If they encountered these low-level Jackalan again, they would already be qualified to engage in a head to head battle.

Furthermore, from Kant’s point of view.

Even before these 500 militiamen joined, the “Drondheim” fortress with more than 500 soldiers would still capable to engage in a head on head battle with those low-level Jackalan. They might even be able to easily win the battle.

The 500 troops were all armored combat soldiers.

They could be said to be the elites of the elites.

How could these low-level Jackalan, who lacked water and food, fought against Kant’s troops?

That was simply a joke!

Just like the current scale of the troops, Kant was already confident that even if the real expeditionary army of the Kingdom of Grey Mane trekked over the Mannheim Coast and tiredly crossed the Nahrin desert, even if they had good quality and quantity of troops, when they encountered Kant’s troops in the wilderness, it was really uncertain who would live and who would die.

Kant’s lips curled into a smile.

This battle could be considered the turning point of the “Drondheim” fortress.

Close to a thousand elite soldiers would bring absolute safety.

Even if the expedition army of the Kingdom of Grey Mane arrived, if they wanted to take down this heavily guarded and well-equipped fortress, it was absolutely impossible to succeed unless they paid a heavy price.

Moreover, there was a possibility of being counterattacked.

10 Swadian knights, 87 Swadian heavy cavalries, 5 Mamlukes, 40 Sarrandian horsemen, and 40 elite desert bandits. These were all extremely mobile cavalry troops that could tear apart the footman defense line.

142 heavy cavalry troops that could directly charge into the enemy’s formation.

40 assault cavalry troops that could charge together.

Their fearsome charge attack was strong enough tobreak through the hundreds footmen formation!

In coordination with the heavy footman and footman’s attack, they could forcefully break through the enemy’s troops in the field. In this era where the heavy cavalry were the elite aces, it was too simple.

Level up was complete.

Kant put away the dialog box on his retina.

In the council hall, Firentis and Manid had already left.

The battle outside had just ended. After a brief report, they continued to get busy with all sorts of things.

Especially with regards to the placement of the soldiers, it was also a problem.

Almost all the civilians had disappeared.

Only 50 peasant women had not leveled up.

The 50 empty houses could completely be temporarily converted into military camps.

It was good enough to let the soldiers rest now. There was no need to consider the quality of their sleep. As soldiers who had fought in the battlefield, being able to live was their greatest request.

The current fortress could not let everyone rest beautifully.

There was still a long way to go.

Kant shook his head slightly, stood up and walked out of the council hall.

A large number of captives had been brought to the empty space in the military zone on the east side.

Jackalans were everywhere.

All of them were crouching in fear, not daring to speak loudly. Their eyes were filled with fear and anger.

They were also exhausted caused by the lack of water and food.

The militiamen walked out of the city. Each of them was carrying the spoils of war in their arms.

They were the mail armor and two-handed battle axes of the high-level Jackalans.

Only these valuable things would be collected by the militiamen. As for the tattered animal skins and linen, the militiamen did not attracted by them at all. Although they were collectible, their functions were the same as those spiked club, all of them would be used as cheap fuel, becoming combustible materials for the sugar workshop to boil salt.

However, with the end of this battle, Kant’s heart was calm.

According to Firentis’s report, he had captured many high-level Jackalans. Now, he used these captives to determine where the expedition army of the Kingdom of Grey Mane had arrived and their movements.

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