Chapter 140: An Epic Victory

The battle ended before noon.

The Sun was scorching hot.

The thick smell of blood spread along with the high temperature.

Outside the western city wall, Jackalans corpses filled with arrows were everywhere. They were trampled by the hooves of the horses, like torn sacks, lying on the edge of the lake.

Layer upon layer, it was like a Jackalan slaughterhouse.

These were nearly thousand of corpses.

Fresh blood formed into a stream, flowing through the soil into the lake. This small lake, which should be called a pond, was dyed red. The water channels let the polluted water flowed into the agricultural area, dyeing the cultivated wheat fields with layers of blood color.

There was a bright and seductive red colors everywhere, the blood flowed out from the countless Jackalan corpses.

It was a cruel battlefield.

At this moment, there was no killing force at the scene.

Only the peasants from Swadia were holding their long scythe tightly and stabbing at the Jackalan corpses on the ground. The scythe was shining with a cold light and had already been sharpened. They pressed hard on the throat of the corpses, the weak throat along with the muscles were completely cut open, exposed the white cervical vertebrae. It was extremely terrifying.

Since they had already fallen, they would die quietly. There was no need for them to stand up.

Because Lord Kant had already issued an order.

“Drondheim” fortress didn’t need any badly injured Jackalans with not value. Sending them away and giving them a quick death was the only thing that these kind-hearted and simple-minded peasant could do.

Oh, that’s right.

They also had to fish up all the corpses floating in the lake.

It was no good to let these bloody Jackalan corpses became the source of plague. They would be chopped up with long scythe and buried in the fertile fields of chee grass. The microbes in the soil would quickly decompose these fragmented corpses.

As long as there was sufficient water to irrigate them, after a month, there would be plenty of chee grasses flourished on the five-acre fields.

The young leaves and stems of chee grass were the favorite green fodder for livestock.

Unfortunately, the five-acre date palm jungle that used to be the spinning forest in the northern part of the agricultural area had been completely cut down. Only some wooden stakes stood on this barren sandy land, and there was no greenery at all.

It was difficult to cultivate a similar-sized date palm jungle.

It would take at least five to ten years for the saplings to grow into mature trees that produced fruits.

It was indeed a pity.

Not far away from there, all the footmen who were responsible for escorting the captives looked at the bare date pal jungle angrily. They felt annoyed, some of them even took out their scabbards and heavily slapped the faces of the Jackalan captives.

The scabbards made a muffled “Peng Peng” sound when they slapped the cheeks. They used strong force with their arms, and the lips of the captives were torn apart after a few slaps.

There were even some of the them pulled out the fangs of the Jackalan captives.

37 Swadian light footmen and 50 Swadian footmen. Although there were only 87 of them, intimidation of their refined armors scared the Jackalan to the point that they did not dare to speak. They obediently lowered their heads and walked forward.

These Jackalan captives had already been bound by linen ropes.

In reality, they didn’t have the ability to resist anym,ore.

The surrendered captives had no enough water or food for almost a month.

They were exhausted and had reached the limit of their strength.

If not because of the Jackalan’s talent for endurance, they had already starved to death or died of thirst.

When Kant had occupied the Oasis Lookout, annihilated the tribes, and filled up the water well, these low-level Jackalans had completely lost their supply.

Although they could get water from other places.

They could live by eating the corpses of their own kind.

But they definitely reached their limit considering thousand of them survived until now.

The choice of surrender was an option in their stupid heads.

So they really surrendered.

Lying in the desert, exposing their soft bellies and weak throats. Just like their own kind, when they fought for a water source, the defeated tribe would show their submission.

If they were lucky, they would merge into the winner’s tribe.

If they were unlucky, they would become food.

Jackalan’s diet had a wide range, including their own kind.

This was their survival rule.

However, just outside the escort of these Swadian footmen, there were also heavy cavalries riding warhorses and wearing full armor. They stared at them coldly, warning this group of Jackalan who chose to be captives, not to do anything funny.

Just half an hour ago.

These heavy cavalries swept through these Jackalan like plows on the battlefield.

If not for the severely inadequate of heavy cavalries and the Jackalans able to surrender in time, the Jackalan corpses under the hooves of the horses would probably cover the entire desert!

These heavy cavalries definitely would not hold themselves back to against enemies who dared to invade the Oasis Lookout. They used the two-handed iron staffs and spiked warhammer in their hands directly struck the heads of the enemies.

Although it was a blunt blow, it was a fatal blow that could cracked the skull.

There were also captives behind the heavy cavalry.

It was the desert bandits. They were escorting about 300 captives. However, compared to the dirty-haired Jackalans, these well-groomed Jackalans were obviously different.

Even the linen robe they wore was clean and tidy.

These were the high-level Jackalan captives, the pirate advance team from the Kingdom of Grey Mane that arrived here first.

But now they were no different from their lowly low-level Jackalan comrades.

If any Jackalan pirates walked too slow, the desert bandits who were riding on their horses would swung their scimitars and used the back of their scimitars to chop the heads or shoulders of these guys, fiercely letting them continue to walk forward.

There were also some rebellious and disobedient Jackalan pirates, glaring angrily at the desert bandits who were beating them up.

However, their angry glare did not earned praises for their boldness.

Instead, they were hit by the scabbard over again!

The light cavalries came closer and found the Jackalans who dared to glare at them angrily. They raised their scabbard and fiercely slapped them on the cheeks. After a few slaps, they did not let them go until their lips cracked, their mouths and nasal cavities were bleeding, and even half of their teeth had been knocked off.

These desert bandits were not good people.

Some of Jackalan pirates dared to resist and wanted to break free from the ropes that bound their hands. In response to these brave pirates, the desert bandits turned their scimitars around. It was no longer the scabbards and the back of the scimitars, but the sharp blades.

From top to bottom, the scimitars cut them in half.

Their heads fell to the ground and rolled a few times before their bodies fell to the ground. Their bodies convulsed and spat out blood from their necks. Their eyes were still open.

Then, it was stomped by the desert horse’s powerful hooves and exploded like a watermelon.

For the Jackalans who had surrendered, such a cruel method did not provoked any resistance. Instead, it made the frightened captives even more careful and completely abandoned their courage, they became a walking corpse without a soul and only knew how to obey. They basically became qualified captives.

In the council hall.

Kant was sitting in his seat with an annoyed expression on his face.

His fingers were tapping rapidly on the table. His mood was even worse. Even though Kant had completed the mission, Kant was still in a depressed mood. He did not have any happy thoughts.

[ Ding… After your bloody battle, you have finally completed the mission. ]

[ Side quest: The undercurrent ]

[ Reward: 10,000 denars ]

[ Introduction: First of all, Congratulations on winning this battle. You are like a solid reef that has blocked the surging undercurrent. But do you think this is the end? No, please pay attention, this is the beginning! Respected Lord, this is only the first wave. There are even more terrifying waves behind it! Don’t be proud of this victory. Please be careful! ]

The system dialog box floated on his retina.

Kant frowned slightly.

10,000 denars was no longer a huge amount to the him now.

It could be considered a small amount.

However, even these denars were unable to make up for the anger in his heart.

When he thought of how he had cleared out the entire Oasis Lookout in order to deal with the expedition army of the Kingdom of Grey Mane. He even cutting down the important date palm jungle. The anxiety in his heart turned into the burning anger in his eyes.

This was the worst decision he had ever made, and it could be said to be a stain on his life.

“Lord Kant.”

The guard at the door entered and reported, “Knight Firentis, Mr. Manid requests to meet.”

“Let them in,”, Kant replied.

The guard nodded and walked out.

The wooden door was pushed open again. Firentis, who was wearing cavalry’s mail armor, and Manid, who was wearing chain mail armor, walked in at the same time and bowed respectfully to Kant. “Lord, we won this battle.”

“I already knew.”

Kant’s eyes were slightly gloomy. He said faintly, “How was the result of the battle?”

“Still evaluating.”, Firentis replied.

Manid shrugged and said calmly, “The captives have all been sent to the fortress, and the corpses of the enemies that were killed are being handled by the peasants. It will take a while for them to collect and evaluatebefore they can report back.”

“That’s right.”, Kant nodded.

At this moment, the dialog box on his retina suddenly refreshed.

A new dialog box appeared on his retina.

[ Ding… because of this battle, you have won more than you have won. You have achieved an impressive result. ]

[ Evaluation acquired: Epic Victory. ]

[ Reputation obtained × 500 points. ]

[ Reputation obtained × 5 points. ]

Kant narrowed his eyes, this slightly eased his mood.

Epic victory.

This evaluation was indeed worthy of its name.

Before he could take a closer look, the dialog box from the system reappeared on his retina.

[ Ding…Your forces have upgradable units ]

After experiencing a fierce battle, the soldiers had already obtained the experience points they desperately needed.

Perhaps there was some difference in saying this.

It was not a fierce battle.

It was a massacre!

Oasis Lookout’s troops had only slaughtered a group of beggars who lacked water and food, and they had already obtained enough experience points to level up. They did not have any casualties , so how could they called this a gruesome battle?

This battle was really very easy.

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