What A Good Inn

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‘Hng,’ as I clenched both of my fists, the sound of someone coming down the stairs could be heard.

When I turned around, there was Karin-san who had been resting in a room.


“Good grief, what happened here? The inn’s staff can’t be seen even until now, what’s going on? When I thought how noisy it was on the second floor, the inn owner ignored the customers and jumped outside… On top of it, ignoring the guests just like that, no matter how remote the location of this inn is, I can’t stay at such a place. It might be even better to camp.”

Karin-san seemed to be very angry.

Certainly, it was understandable to be angry, but there was a profound reason behind it. The lovey dovey married couple had an understanding that threatened their marriage!


“Calm down, Karin. It took some time before he returned because a giant Armored Insect appeared in the village’s field. We’re going to the dungeon called as [The Cavern of Ordeal] near this place. Let’s prepare the necessary stuff.”

“Hohoo. That kind of thing exists? Could there be new variety of slimes over there—”

“It is possible.”

Amanda-san smiled sweetly and affirmed, but… I wonder if there is?

I feel like there isn’t.


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But if we were to go together, I’d be able to see how Karin-san would be fighting in a battle.

Within all the members, I only haven’t seen Karin-san fighting, and I’d like to see the elf’s magic words1 at work~!

I’m looking forward to it!


Then, I noticed that Carl-san’s wife, Mary-san, was looking at Karin-san intently.

But at the end of her vision wasn’t Karin-san’s face, but the one slightly above it—all her stares were fixed to her hat.




It’s such an odd hat, after all. Since it’s unusual, she’s been staring at it, huh?

I assumed that, but my assumption was mistaken.


“Oh my, what an adorable hat!”

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Eeh~? It is cuteee?


“Hm… You, do you understand this hat’s excellence?”

“Yeah. It’s a hat with the motif of a slime, right? Their jellylike figure is extremely wonderful. Let me tell you. I also love slimes very much. I want to have a hat like that too.”


Mary-san put her hands in front of her chest, and it looked like she was genuinely interested in Karin-san’s hat.

Eeeeeehh? There’s someone else with a preference like Karin-san?!


“That is so, that is so. The part where this hat bends looks very much like a slime, don’t you think?”

“The curve is magnificent. It is surely the work of a renowned hatmaker, isn’t it?”

“You’re exaggerating. This is the hat that I created myself.”

Having her hat praised, Karin-san’s mood immediately improved as she stuck out her flat chest even further.

If she were to be praised more, she’d fall backward soon.


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“Oh my, how amazing!”

“Hohoo. To think that you’d understand this hat’s excellence. …Hm. When I look closely, even this old stairway is quite refined. The cleaning seems to be thorough too, and it’s quite a tasteful inn even for one that’s in a remote region like this. This is indeed very interesting.”

Karin-saaan. After having the slime being praised, you said a completely opposite thing from what you just said earlier—!


“Well, thank you very much. I’m also proud of my cooking. It’d be nice if my cooking will suit my guests’ taste.”

“I’ll be looking forward to it.”

“Then, how about drinking until the food’s ready?”

“I’ll accept your offer.”

Karin-san, who was in a good mood, was escorted to the table by Mary-san before she watched Mary-san’s figure going away. Then, we unconsciously met with Carl-san’s face.


“T-then, dear guests, please come here. Today’s accommodation will be in our service as a gratitude, please receive it. First, please slowly enjoy the welcome drink.”

“Ou. Then, I’ll have a sake. Will it be alright if I were to choose from the sake that are lined up over there?”

“Yeah, go ahead. The high-grade sake for the victory celebration is placed deep inside, so you can choose from that line without any reservation.”

“Hahhaa. It’s not just Karin who’s thinking about it, this is indeed a good inn!”

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Frank-san whacked Carl-san’s back, and Carl-san choked in response.


“Will Rico Juice be fine for Yuuri-chan?”

Yaa—y! I love Rico Juice, since Rico is similar to a peach!


“I’ll give Noir some of it.”


Noir who was inside my white cat robe then slightly showed its face.

Purun was still inside the special pouch and was taken by Karin-san before, so I have to let it out of the pouch later when I am in the room.


Tomorrow, I’m going to [The Cavern of Ordeal] together with everyone, huh?

I wonder what kind of place it is.


I’m looking forward to it!

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