Departing Towards the Cavern of Ordeal

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The next day.

Blessed with a fine weather, we were headed towards [The Cavern of Ordeal] located at a slightly distant place from the Graham village.


“Everyone, please be careful during your journey.”

As I waved my hand to Carl-san and Mary-san who went to see us off, the two of them looked at me with eyes that seemed to say, ‘Eh, this small child is also coming along?’


Even if I’m small, I’m a sage.

You can entrust me with healing and offensive magic!


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“Then, we’ll be going for a moment to defeat the enemies and we’ll be right back.”

Carl-san and Mary-san looked at Frank-san and Ar-niisama and the others who waved one of their hands too, and talked something like, “With these many protectors around, it will be fine. That place is a beginner-level dungeon, too.”


…Kuuuuh. I couldn’t deny the fact that Frank-san and Ar-niisama and the others were coming along as my protectors.


“Mary, was it? In case of a new variety of slime being discovered, I’ll capture one and show it to you.”

“Oh my, thank you very much. I’m looking forward to it.”

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Mary-san clapped both of her hands in delight. She was someone who loved slimes so much that she fed the slimes and caused them to increase on Slime’s Day.


According to the slime farmers, during the Slime’s Day that happened during the summer solstice, they would feed the slimes that they were raising, and it caused them to rapidly multiply.

Naturally, the slimes in Mary-san’s house became too overpopulated that her parents told her to throw the slimes away, and as a result, Mary-san tearfully threw them away outside the village. Such was the story I was told.

Certainly, that kind of person would seem to get along well with Karin-san…




Even so, she became curious of the condition of the slimes that she threw away after that, so she went to look for them. When she was about to get attacked by the slimes which were her ex-pets, Carl-san rescued her, and that was the beginning of her falling for Carl-san.


“We will take care of your houses properly until you return, so please be rest assured.”

“Ou. I’ll entrust them to you.”


If it is a big dungeon, there should be inns or weapons/armors/tools merchants inside the dungeon intended for the adventurers who want to conquer the dungeon, but since [The Cavern of Ordeal] is a beginner-level dungeon with only two floors, such a convenient facility is not present there.

Obviously, since there won’t be an inn where we could entrust our horses to, we entrusted our horses to this inn and had to walk until we reach [The Cavern of Ordeal].

If we were to just leave the horses outside the dungeon, there was a possibility that they would be stolen by someone, or that they would be attacked by monsters.


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Besides, I was told that it would only take around one hour to go by foot there, so it would be easy, just a cakewalk.

If I were to get tired in the middle of the way and couldn’t walk by myself no matter what, Frank-san said that he would carry me, too.


But if I were to walk while playing with Noir and Purun, one hour would just pass in a blink of an eye.



“So, this is [The Cavern of Ordeal], huh?”

After we walked from Graham village, [The Cavern of the Trial] was just on the other side of the hill. Its entrance was open along the hill’s slope, and it was located at a place where people who’d normally travel around here wouldn’t take notice of it.


Aah, it exists, indeed. This kind of hard-to-discover dungeon.

We can see and find it on the map, but it’d be difficult to actually reach the place. Moreover, since its entrance is located at the hill’s slope, it’s natural why people won’t notice it and will just end up going past it.

I was often lost in the game.


“Hmhm… There’s a water-like smell.”

Karin-san’s nose was twitching, and she said that as she looked at the cavern’s entrance.

Come to think of it, Carl-san said that there was an underground lake in [The Cavern of Ordeal], didn’t he?

Whoa. Karin-san could tell it well, huh?


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“I wonder if it’s a dungeon with strong water-type monsters inside… It’s got a bad compatibility with me.”

“Amanda’s magic type is fire-attributed, right?”

“Argo’s element is water, so his power will rise, but… If we’re fighting against water-attributed monsters, his attacks might not be able to deal that much of a damage.”

“If it’s thunder-attributed magic, it’d deal quite a considerable amount of effect, but…”

Amanda-san and Ar-niisama were talking when they turned around to look at me.


“Yuuri-chan, you can’t use your magic.”

“Yuuri, don’t use your magic.”

Eeeh? Why are they saying the same thing?


“But I can also use thunder-attributed magic, you know?”

“Of course we know.”

Ar-niisama patted my head as he gently smiled.


“Besides, I have trained my magic too, so my magic won’t go out of control, you know?”

“Yeah. We all know that Yuuri has worked really hard. But—”


Thunder-attributed magic would be effective against water-type monsters, so wouldn’t it be fine for me to defeat the monsters should they come?

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“Since there is an underground lake in the cavern, we can consider that the cavern in general will have water around. Then, if Yuuri’s magic slightly misses and the thunder arrow were to hit the walls, what do you think it will become?”

Water will transmit electricity, so if the wall is hit with thunder arrow, its effects will be transmitted throughout the cavern’s walls… I guess?


After I voiced it, Ar-niisama patted my head once more.

“That’s right. It’d be the same as attacking the cavern’s walls. If things don’t go well, the whole cavern will fall through instead. If that happens, wouldn’t it be dangerous to us who are inside the cavern?”



And as for my confidence to make sure that my magic will surely not miss is…

Uuuu. Unfortunately, I am not so confident in it. sobs sobs.


“Ah, if that’s the case, if I were to use an earth-attributed Rock Fall—”

“We might get buried alive.”

Frank-san answered without a moment’s delay.


I see. If I were to use Rock Fall inside the cavern, the cavern might end up being filled with rocks.

Uwaaa—aan! If that’s the case, what kind of magic can I use—?!

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