Chapter 137: Self-destructing Formation

On the dune, 300 Jackalan pirates carried their two-handed battle axes as they walked forward.

However, their expressions were getting woeful.

This was because when they saw the city walls and arrow towers on the Oasis Lookout. Their mind had became irascible after the long journey, right now their anger had turned into flames that rose in the severely dehydrated chests.

Their eyes turned red when they looked at the stone buildings. Their emotions were almost out of control.

“This isn’t right.”

The pirate leader gripped his two-handed battle axe tightly.

The rage stirred within its head, it swung its battle axe and wanted to kill all the cowardly, stinky low-level races around him. Only then he could ease the anger and hatred in his heart.

These low-level Jackalans lied to them.

These low-level Jackalans that they found and gathered said that there was nothing in the Oasis Lookout. There was no arrow tower, no city wall, and no fortress.

“Howl –”

The angry howl came from the throat of the pirate leader, with a mournful and despairing hatred.

The surrounding Jackalan pirates also howled and raised their battle axes high. Even though their throats were dry and cracked due to the lack of water, they still let out this mournful howl, as if they were in a desperate situation.

This was a way for them to release the emotions in their hearts.

Once on the Sea of Stars, they would howl until they were done. With the resolution to die, they destroyed one powerful enemy after another.

Although the Jackalans were not good at fighting in the water, they still dared to risk their lives!

But now, no matter how much they howled and how mournful they were, the despair in their hearts completely engulfed the willingness to win the battle. Even if they risked their lives, they still had no chance of winning.

Oasis Lookout had long become the territory of the humans.

It was built of stone, with arrow towers and city walls. It was a fortress that could only be conquered with siege weapons.

This was not a merchant ship or warship.

It was not a ship deck that could be jumped onto using ropes and fought.

The towering arrow towers and upright city walls had already formed an absolute barrier. It made the exhausted Jackalan pirates, who had come a long way, felt extremely despair.

The expedition army of the Kingdom of Gray Mane had obviously prepared siege weapons.

After all, they had made up their minds to conquer the cities and fortresses of the human kingdom and establish a Jackalan-led colony.

However, these 300 Jackalan pirates didn’t.

They were only the outpost of the expedition army and belonged to the advance party. They were here to scout the way.

Their mission was to contact the Jackalan tribe and prepare the food and water for the expedition army to reach the southern part of the Nahrin Desert. They would replenished the food and water in time to ensure that their combat strength would recovered in a short period of time.

It was that simple.

Although they still had a secret mission.

It was only to kill the Jackalan shaman and the chieftain to take control of the low-level Jackalan tribe that was not under their command.

It was definitely not like this because the Jackalan tribe had been burnt down by the humans and turned into ruins. Even the water wells had been buried. They needed to dig a huge pit that was seven meters deep and more than 20 meters wide to find water the size of a basin.

Not to mention the 3,000-man expeditionary force, even if there were 300 of them, each of them would dried up after a few sips.

This was a serious lack of water, and they did not have any supplies.

That was why the pirate leader decided to gather all the Jackalan who were still on the verge of death in the desert, or to recruit the small Jackalan tribe. They would use the advantage of large fleet to occupy the Oasis Lookout. After obtaining fresh water supplies, they would took the lead in setting up the outpost base and wait for the expedition army to arrive.

Otherwise, when the expedition army and arrived at the south side of the Nahrin Desert ran out of supplies, they would still be exhausted.

They could endured the lack of water, but they still need to drink water.

Originally, the Oasis Lookout was the motivation for them to come here, but now, they were in a deeper despair.

“We have failed.”

The pirate leader said in a weak voice, his voice filled with sorrow.

Even if it had spent a lot of effort to gather all these inferior races and form a cannon fodder army of more than 3,000 Jackalans, facing such giant city wall, they could not did anything without siege weapons.

The pirates behind it were all silent, no one said a word.

But their eyes were filled with hatred, anger, and reluctance.

They were already prepared to die in battle, but they did not want to die in such a humiliating way.

“Fight with your life! We still have a chance. The followers of the storm monarch will not give up!”

Some of the Jackalan pirates raised their two-handed battle axes in anger and pointed their sharp axes at the fortress in front, they roared, “We’re going to die anyway. If we can break through the gate of the human fortress, we can win. That’s what we did when we broke into the fortress defended by the lizardmen. No one is a match for us in close combat!”

Their words made all the Jackalan pirates shook off their depression.

The pirate leader was the same.

It gripped the battle axe tightly, its eyes looking at the fortress a thousand meters away, as he growled, “Let these cannon fodders die, we must charge in too, this is the only way we can survive!”

“Roar! Kill, Kill, Kill!”, the savage nature of these Jackalan pirates surged out from their souls.

The surrounding low-level Jackalan looked at them in fear.

The natives Jackalans of the Nahrin Desert didn’t have the slightest will to resist these high-level Jackalans.

Their intelligence was very low.

And the Jackalan from the Kingdom of Grey Mane were very strong.

,hese low-level Jackalan who were already on the verge of death and had no way to survive. Under the threat and enticement, they finally made up their minds to follow these obviously higher-level intelligent Jackalan shaman. They set off towards the Oasis Lookout, wanted to take back the water source that had been occupied by humans.

Slowly moving forward, the group of Jackalan moved forward in a mess. They climbed over the dune and arrived a kilometer away from the city wall.

Drondheim only had two city gates, on the east and south sides.

These Jackalan did not discovered the city gates.

However, when many Jackalans scattered towards the two sides, they discovered a small lake on the west side of the city wall. These low-level Jackalans had not drunk enough water for many days, they were overly excited like they were gone mad.

If it weren’t for the high-level Jackalan pirates scolded and suppressed them, they would have already rushed over to drink the water.

“There are archers, don’t take risks.”

These intelligent high-level Jackalan clearly saw the archers in the arrow towers and attics.

They were experienced in this.

The lizardmen were good at using crossbows, while the elves were good at using bows. Without sufficient siege weapons, they definitely couldn’t attacked the heavily guarded fortress, because the continuous crossbow and arrow attacks would still capable to kill the strongest Jackalan.

But thinking of this, they became more and more desperate.

Their current weakness was that they did not have siege weapons.

If they had large shields covered with leathers to block the rain of arrows, they could go to the lakeside to drink water one by one.

But not to mention large shields, there were not even trees in the desert. It was impossible to make them. This was not the Mannheim Coast with vast greenery, where there were enough trees to be cut down by their two-handed battle axes and then cut into wooden boards.

“Lord, we can only attack the city gate of this fortress first.”

Some pirates suggested, suppressing the thirst for water from their drying throats. “This lake is a trap. I can see the human archers and crossbowmen, waiting for us to approach.”

“Then move.”, the pirate leader gritted his teeth and gave the order.

However, the low-level Jackalans who were extremely thirsty became impatience to the order.

Many of them even wanted to leave the team and run towards the lake.

Ever since the well was destroyed, these low-level Jackalan were already unable to endure their hunger and thirst. Although they continued to use their instincts to dig out the well and eat the corpses of their dead companions, they could no longer endured it.

They were a low-level race after all and did not have the intelligence of a high-level Jackalan.

Now that they saw the water, they became crazy.


The roars could not be stopped. The low-level Jackalans could not hold it in any longer and ran towards the lake on the west side of the Oasis Lookout. Their eyes were filled with the desire for water and they did not notice that in the attic of the city wall. The Swadian crossbowmen already tightened their crossbows and the Vaegirs archers on the arrow tower had drawn their longbows as well.

“Huff Huff Huff Huff Huff…”

About 300 low-level Jackalans directly ran into the lake. The splashes of water wetted their gray fur. These brave Jackalan enjoyed the first bit of water.

They drank large mouthfuls of the clear lake water, enjoying the hard-earned moisture.

Behind them, even more low-level Jackalan were restless.

Even if the 300 Jackalan pirates held the line and used their two-handed battle axes to chop off a few Jackalan’s heads, it would messed up the formation. The low-level Jackalans wanted to disperse on their own, and couldn’t wait to go to the lake to drink water.

The physiological thirst for water had almost blinded the hearts of these low-level Jackalans.

“Damn it! All of you low-level races, stand where you are! Stand where you are!”

The pirate leader and his subordinates raised their bloody battle axes and threatened the low-level Jackalans who were about to collapse before they even made contact with the enemy. Their eyes were filled with bloodshot.

Of course, they knew that this was a human trap.

However, their hearts were filled with desperation. This was an obvious trap. The small lake was meant to lure the troops that were about to collapse due to the dehydration!

However, their endurance had became weaker, even if they had the blood of a low-level Jackalan.

When more Jackalan saw that their comrades were drinking water without restraint, they almost could not bear it.

The formation became more and more chaotic.

Even the low-level Jackalan at the back were staring at the front with red eyes.

No one noticed that at the top of the dune where they came from, dozens of human cavalries had gathered. They were silently watching the formation of these low-level Jackalans. It became more and more scattered and more and more chaotic, they were even about to completely collapse.

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