Hidden Entrance

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But there were only walls surrounding the underground lake that were covered with luminous moss, there wasn’t any sign of the entrance to the hidden room anywhere at all.

We received a key from Carl-san, so there should have been a keyhole somewhere, but where could it be, I wonder?


“Oi, Karin. Can’t you tell where the entrance might be located in, using that good nose of yours?”


“Humph. There shouldn’t be any slime inside the hidden room, so how could I tell?”


“It’s an uncommon special power, so go and sniff out something other than slimes!”


“Why should I do such a meaningless thing? Don’t even talk about it.”

Frank-san grabbed Karin-san’s scruff as usual so that she won’t run off to a place with slime, and the two talked while still in that position, but…

Luan cried out in the middle of their conversation, so for some reason it was chaotic.


Ar-niisama and Amanda-san were knocking the walls, trying to find a hole.

Ah, I see. Since the opposite side of the wall is hollow, there is a high possibility that the room is located there. How smart!


As for Virna-san…

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“What are you doing?”

In a fluster, I tried to stop Virna-san who was somehow removing her equipment. There aren’t just the two of us here, there are also Frank-san and Ar-niisama! She can’t undress here!


“Nah. I think that the keyhole might be located at the bottom of the lake. I was thinking that I should go underwater and check it out.”

“Even so, you shouldn’t abruptly undress!”

“Is that so?”

“Let’s save it as our last resort. For now, let’s try to look around the walls.”

I pulled Virna-san in a rush, taking her towards the front of the faintly glowing wall.

But there didn’t seem to be any kind of door anywhere.



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“Hmm… Can’t find it~”

Everyone was looking for the entrance to the hidden room, but it couldn’t be found anywhere. I wonder if an item was necessary in order to find something. But that…


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Ah… Wait a bit. …There is!

That’s right. Isn’t there the key?!


“Frank-san! You got the key with you, right?”

“Ou. What’s with it?”

“I think that maybe, we need to use the key to find the hidden room.”

“There is no keyhole, how are we supposed to use it?”

“Uhmmm, something like saying ‘Open Sesame!’, while holding the key in your hand?”

“What the heck is that?”

Frank-san said with an astonished expression, and I could only drop my shoulders.

Jeez. It was only an example!


“Or what about… trying to pour magic inside the key?”

“How do we pour magic in it? Can you do it, Jou-chan?”

“…I can’t.”

My shoulders dropped even further, and Frank-san said in a slight hurry.


“No, but well, we don’t know how we should use the key. If there’s an area somewhere that’s slightly caved in, we can try to insert the key there—oops.”

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When Frank-san did the gesture of trying to insert the key to the wall, Noir nimbly jumped off from my arms towards Frank-san’s feet.




Luan who was at its usual place that was on top of Frank-san’s head then went down from his head to his shoulder, then it moved just like that through his thick arm to his wrist.

Frank-san who boasted on his muscles then shook the hand that was holding the key and whose wrist had Luan on top of it, and…


The antique key’s tip hit the wall.

Then, light simultaneously appeared from that area.

The light spread on the wall, as if it was an ivy that was rapidly growing.


Yeah, it wasn’t just the wall. Even the ceiling, too.

There was only a single line of light initially, then it split into two, three, and eventually linked up again.



The spreading light intertwined in a complex manner, forming one giant magic circle that covered the whole cavern.

Not only me, but all of us were also speechless at the spectacle that was like a game’s CG.


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“This is amazing…”

“The magic circle was hidden under the luminous moss, huh?”

“I see. This is very interesting.”

As Frank-san let out his voice in a wonder, Amanda-san and Karin-san nodded. Virna-san seemed to be surprised as well, as the fur at her ears and tails were standing on its ends.

Among all of them, Ar-niisama alone was calmly observing the cavern’s interior.


“Found it. The keyhole is over here.”

At the end of his pointed finger was exactly the center of the light.


“Frank, the key.”

Urged by Ar-niisama, Frank-san put the key into the keyhole. This time, blue light spread from the keyhole, forming the shape that was similar to a big door.


The next moment.


The blue light that was forming a door shone very brightly… before it disappeared.

Then, what emerged was a real door.


This is…

T-the door… to the hidden room!

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