Small Sage Level 1 – Chapter 73

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Chapter 73

Special Chapter: Fluffy is Justice!




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This is a special chapter that the original author wrote in commemoration of the light novel publication. The author would like to say thanks to all of the readers’ support with this special chapter.


Dark Panther’s fur is generally stiff, making beginner adventurers’ attacks not effective.

And Noir is Dark Panther’s child, and it can grow bigger. Naturally, its fur will turn stiff and hard soon, that’s what I thought, but…


Surprisingly, its fur is so soft and fluffy, just like a kitten’s!

Moreover, the softness doesn’t change even if it grows bigger.


I can’t tell if it’s because Noir is a peculiar kind, or if it’s because it received Cure when it was just born and thus becoming my subjugated monster, but in any case, it’s a good thing that Noir is fluffy, so there is no problem at all.

Hmm. Actually, there was one problem.


“Noir, you’re so fluffy~”

“…I am conflicted on what to think about having Noir grow bigger so that you can stroke its fluffy fur…”


Amanda-san bitterly smiled, but her hand was brushing Noir’s back gently.

Yup. I get it, I get it. Once you stroke this coat of fur, you wouldn’t be able to keep your hands away from it anymore.

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“But if it grows bigger, there will be more fluffy area to stroke, don’t you think?”

“Well, that is certainly true, but…”


This is the true animal theerapy, isn’t this?

Haa. I’m being healed~.


“Young girl, what are you doing over there?”

As I was rubbing the fluffy Noir who turned into its bigger form together with Amanda-san in the courtyard, Karin-san turned up while wearing her usual slime hat.


“I’m stroking Noir’s fluffy fur.”




As Noir cried, Purun who was on top of head also shook its body.

Perhaps… they were communicating, I guess?

“No matter how tame it is, to think that you’d be stroking a Dark Panther…”

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Karin-san avoided Noir, so she was looking at us from a slightly distant place.

Perhaps she slightly backed away.


“I can’t help it, Noir’s fur is this lovely, isn’t it? Very lovely to the extent that I’d like to stroke it foreeeever. Right, Amanda-san?”

“That’s right. I wonder how it could be this fluffy? How incredible.”

“…I heard that a Dark Panther’s fur is so stiff that it can even repel the attack of people who are still training…”

“That’s true. But Noir’s fur is this soft. I wonder why?”

“Hmhm. Speaking of which, that Horned Rabbit that’s with Frank also has soft fur. Is there something that makes them different from the normal magical beasts?”


Karin-san was mumbling as she approached, seemingly forgetting the fact that she was usually afraid of Noir, then she touched its body repeatedly.

Noir was normally scared of the intimidating Karin-san, but it was also calm today, for some reason.


“Could it be that the juvenile form has fur as soft as this? If that is the case, does that mean it’s actually still a juvenile even if it gets bigger like this? Hm. Each and every fur is finely fluffy. …W-what, this feel is…?!”

Karin-san put her finger on Noir’s fur and raised her voice at the sensation.

Hmhm. I understand. I understand. It’s a supreme fluffiness that’s unparalleled in this world.


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“Haa. I got it! The reason behind it having this kind of fur coat…”

“Oh my, aren’t you amazing, Karin? You understood why?”

As Amanda-san said in admiration, Karin-san boastfully puffed her flat chest up.


“Uh-huh. It has undergone a peculiar evolution in order to mislead us with this fur coat. There are slimes who also underwent peculiar evolution under special conditions—”

“Yes, yes. We got it.”


Amanda-san perfunctorily interjected as Karin-san explained her theory even further.

But… I think slimes and Noir are completely different.

As I locked eyes with Noir, it did a big yawn as it lied face down, assuming the posture of basking in the sun.


“However, if its fur really evolved to be this fluffy in order to be doted on like this, then it’s amazing.”

As I murmured unconsciously, Noir cried, “Migya.”

Eh… Really?


…But, whichever is fine. As long as Noir can be this fluffy.

Right, Noir?

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