Chapter 74

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“First, let’s apply a body strengthening magic before entering.”

At last, we arrived in front of the hidden room, and as per Ar-niisama’s proposition, we applied a body strengthening magic to each and every one of us.

Ar-niisama, Frank-san, and Amanda-san applied a protective magic to themselves. This world’s magic dictated that ‘Protect’ could only be applied to yourself.


Just as I was wondering what to do with Virna-san who couldn’t use the protective magic, she used a special skill belonging to the beastmen tribe that could enhance her body. How to say it? The image was like when you were getting fired up, thus strengthening your body.


I applied Protect Shield and Magic Shield to everyone. Since Protect and Protect Shield’s effects could be stacked, the three of them should have their physical defense increased quite considerably.

It would be great if there were magic that could be applied in one go to party members during times like this. It was quite a chore applying enhancement magic one by one.

On the other hand, the area magic’s effects’ scope was too vast, and it also consumed too much of MP.


It would be nice if I could learn magic that was like Party Protect Shield, but that kind of magic didn’t exist even in Elysia Online, so I wonder about that.

As I looked at the semi-transparent red and blue shields that were circling around our bodies, I remembered something. Speaking of which, what kind of magic would a sage learn after levelling up?

I felt like the magic would just be something like enhancing recovery magic or enhancing offensive magic power.


“Is everyone ready?”

In response to Ar-niisama’s question, everyone nodded.


This time, Noir had also turned big as it’d be participating in the battle, but Purun and Maximillian Jr. were on standby inside Karin-san’s waist bag.

Actually, we wanted them to wait outside the door, but…

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If, by some chance, they were to wander around in the wild, putting aside Purun who was transparent with a faint hint of prismatic colors, the blue-colored Maximillian Jr. might get mixed with the water slimes that inhabited the surrounding of the lake, and we might not be able to find it.

For the time being, let’s just return them to be with Karin-san. They didn’t seem to be good at fighting, too.



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Frank-san still grabbed the key as he slowly pushed the door.

At the other side of the door that opened without a sound, another lake which was a splitting image of the underground lake that was over here could be seen.


Uhm, didn’t Carl-san say that the guardian of the [Cavern of Ordeal] was like a boss that changed form every time? But well, I heard that it wasn’t that strong, so surely it’d be easy peasy, right?


Yosh, let’s go-!

I passed through the door while walking behind Ar-niisama and the rest, and suddenly, a gust of wind blew from who-knows-where.

We were inside a cavern, and yet, a gust of wind…?


I thought that there’d be a place where it was connected with the outside world, but as I turned around to look for it, there was no such place.

Then, what was that just now?

When I tilted my head in confusion and returned my line of sight—

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“Ah. The buff is gone!”

The semi-transparent shields that were circling everyone—all of them disappeared! W-why?


When I turned to look behind me, the last person, Karin-san had just passed through the door.

Then, the door closed without any sound.

Wait a bit. First, I should reapply the physical and magical shields…


“Oh my? The physical shield Yuuri-chan applied has gone.”

Amanda-san noticed that the semi-transparent shields that were flying around her disappeared, everyone also noticed that their shields had disappeared as well and all of us stopped on the spot.


“I think that the protective magic that Amanda-san and the others had applied on yourselves was also gone, so please reapply them.”


I hurriedly reapplied the defensive magic to everyone.



Thank goodness it wasn’t the type of a dungeon where the boss would immediately appear upon entering. It seemed like the type where the boss would start to move once we got closer to it.

Or… it’d appear once we try to open that treasure chest. Whichever of the two, the possibilities seemed to be high.


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On the opposite side of the lake, there was a red treasure chest that was covered in the black haze.

I wonder what would be inside that treasure chest.


“Yosh, shall we go?”

At Frank-san’s words, we were about to take another step forward when Karin-san said, “Wait,” and stopped us.

When I turned around wondering what the matter was, before I even knew, she had already taken off her thick glasses and Karin-san had turned into a peerless beauty.


“I feel the presence of something wicked. Just in case, let me present the blue dragon’s dance that’d increase our defense against the water element attacks.”

Karin-san clapped her two hands.

For some reason, though she only did that simple action, I felt like the atmosphere had changed.


“Kashikomi kashikomi mo, mousu.1”

What I heard next was something akin to an incantation that I had heard at the shrine.

Although the sound that I heard in my ears was completely different, I could tell that they were ancient words that contained some kind of power.


Karin-san made a full turn before she grabbed something with her extended hands.


The bell’s sound reverberated.


It was a short sword with lots of small bells on its tip. Each time Karin-san swung it, the refreshing sound of the bells echoed.

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I had seen this kind of thing somewhere… Where was it?

Right. It was the Kagura bell that the shrine maiden held in the shrine.


“You see, Karin is a member of the special tribe among the elves, the Carinthia Schlein.

Amanda-san told me while she was still gazing at Karin-san.

But, the Carinthia Schlein, huh…?


When I heard those words, my mind automatically understood the meaning as a [Shinto priest] or [shrine maiden]. Then, mysteriously, although I heard the sound of ‘Carinthia Schlein’, I could only hear it as ‘shrine maiden’.


“They are able to enhance the defense of various elements through the mysterious power of words2 while dancing. Normally, that’s how it should feel like, but… Looking at this kind of dance, I feel like she’s the god’s envoy.”

Certainly, Karin-san’s figure as she danced while wearing an outfit that was similar to a shrine maiden’s while resounding the bells was very mystical yet beautiful.


“O god who rules over all things in nature, I send this prayer to the heavens. Bestow upon us the divine protection of the blue dragon.”

‘Ring’, as the bells’ sound could be heard clearly, in a moment, a whirling water wrapped all of us up before it disappeared.

However, mysteriously, none of us got wet at all.


“Yosh. The preparation’s complete. …Let’s go!”


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