Chapter 134: Enemies on the Horizon

Kant was naturally no stranger to the Kingdom of Sarion.

It was not the first time that the Lion Knight Medal that represented the Kingdom of Sarion was related to the influence of the MOD from”Pande’s Prophecy”.

In fact, sentry oasis currently had the only tier 5 troop class and the archers, the rangers from the Kingdom of Ravenstern were related to the kingdom of Sarion because they were once part of the Kingdom of ancient Pande.

Only later, due to the change in Misty Mountain, the Kingdom of Raventern became independent.

But it always came from the same origin.

In terms of military strength, as the successor of the Kingdom of ancient Pande, the Kingdom of Sarion still had to suppress the Kingdom of Raventern, relying on the powerful heavy cavalry troops and the strongest national knights, the Lion Knights.

It was the troop represented by this [ Lion Knight Order ] medal.

Kant held the medal in his hand.

The entire medal looked like a fan shield, with a lion that represented fearlessness and strength on the front.

A golden lion with a red background.

The overall paint was similar to Kant’s [ intimidation ] .

The difference was only between flags and medals.

But this medal represented the Lion Knight Regiment of the Kingdom of Sarion.

One of the best in the group battle of the heavy cavalry troops and perhaps even the Swadian Knight was at a disadvantage. Only the legendary Swadian Knight could contend against the powerful heavy cavalry troops!

”A timely assistance.”

Kant could not help muttering to himself.

This medal, on behalf of the Lion Knights, fits well with the kingdom of Swadia.

Both countries are dominated by cavalry, with heavy cavalry at the top.

Both man and horse wearing heavy armor, armed with thick long lances his horse, with continuous speed between horses running, reached the state of the full charge with running speed brings its own start and inertia weight, and 3-meter lances sharp spear head, such as avalanche blunt past, sweeped away all obstacles in front of the enemy, rounded off!

Not to mention, this [ Lion Knight Legion Medal ] also had a special features.

[ Features: When worn by a cavalry commander, this medal shorten the charge distance of his cavalry unit by 30%, speeding up the charge phase. Note: This medal seems to hide other secrets, but it has yet to meet the requirements. ]

Kant scanned this column of introductions.

It was precisely the characteristics of this medal that made its value soar.

Especially in the hands of a Commander who was good at leading the cavalry into battle, it could play the role of a divine weapon!

Shorten the charging distance by 30%.

Speed up to enter the charging status.

These two key sentences represent that the cavalry commander could, in a shorter distance, drive his horses to launch a massive charge, so that all the heavy cavalry into a state of charge that could destroy everything!

On the battlefield, the overwhelming heavy cavalry was the greatest source of fear.

No Army dared to stand in their way.

This was because the heavy cavalry who had entered the status of charge could not stop this attack freely.

Only to crushing everything.

Before it stops.

The troops in front of them would be as inescapable as sheep from a flood of broken banks, pierced by lance after lance, knocked over by their armored steeds, trampled over with their horseshoes, and turned into a pool of unrecognizable flesh.

Kant already had the perfect man for this cavalry invincible weapon.

The knight who once wandered and was forgiven by his father, Firentis.

This knight who came from the military noble of the Kingdom of Swadia and had received all kinds of elite education since childhood and had been training on the continent for several years was actually the best person to wear this [ Lion Knight Order Medal ].

Kant believed he could make the most of it.

It came from trust and affirmation.

And also came from Kant’s self-knowledge.

For a battlefield with a complicated environment, Kant was basically a novice, unable to command the large troops to fight correctly.

He was good at strategy, not tactics.

Most important.

Kant would not personally lead the heavy cavalry troops to charge.

Because he was a noble, a Lord with a deployment.

All he had to do was sit back to coordinate and wait for the outcome, just made the most reasonable decision, let the subordinate generals deal with it by themselves, and then gave him the best result and victory.

”Inform the Firentis Knights to come.”

Kant came to the first floor, sat on his chair and gave an order to the guard.

”Got it.” The guard turned and went away.

It was not long before phatis hurried in and saluted respectfully: “Lord Kant, just after accommodating the refugees, the guard said you were looking for me.”

”Yes, come closer.”

Kant nodded and placed the medal in his hand on the table beside him: ”Come and take a look at this medal.”

Firentis walked over and respectfully picked up the [ Lion Knight Order Medal ] on the table, with a hint of surprise in his eyes and gulped: ”I seem to feel a sense of power… in this medal.”

As a knight, he could feel the power displayed by the characteristics of the medal.

”You should be able to use this power wisely.”

Kant stood up and nodded to Firentis: ”This medal is in your custody for the time being.”

”Thank you for your trust.” Firentis immediately bowed respectfully.

This came from the Lord’s Trust.

He did not hesitate and stuck the medal on his chest.

The red gold lion on the medal was imprinted directly on the linen robe under his chain-mail, but when the robe was lifted it revealed that the medal was also on the chain mail.

Kant mused.

This medal wasn’t pinned to the clothes, it was something between a soul binding.

”Go on with your work, and be on your guard.”

Kant waved to Firentis, indicating that he could leave.

But before he left, Kant suddenly thought of something, and frowned: “How long do you think it will take them, at Jackal’s walking speed, to go from the ruins of the tribe to the sentry oasis?”

”Around three days,” Firentis thought and replied.

”well.” Kant bowed his head slightly.

This was the same as his speculation. After all, it took them nearly four days to lead the infantrymen to the first battle of the tribe.

Considering the Jackal’s endurance talent and pace, 3 days was about the right amount of time.

The brows were furred, and Kant’s fingers drumped on the table. ”If I’m not wrong, the time when they arrive at the sentry oasis is probably tomorrow?” he said solemnly.

”That’s right.” Firentis nodded.

”Okay.” Kant drummed his fingers slightly sharply on the table.

He had received a warning from the system yesterday.

A Day and a half had passed since then. If he counted it as three days, the Jackals would arrive tomorrow.

The last day of the week.

“Get ready.” Kant put a little more emphasis on it: “Double the sentry at night.”

”Sure.” Firentis nodded solemnly.

Nothing more, he saluted and hurried out of the hall. The whole fort was so well defended that Kant felt sure that Firentis was the right one to do all this work.

No one knew the military arrangements of their country better than the military noble of Swadia.

Sentry oasis was ready for war.

Except for the city wall made of stone, the oasis had been completely cleaned up by the civilians.

The lush date palm forest had been completely cut down.

The luxurous beach of Achnstria splendens had been also harvested clean by the scythe.

The agricultural and pastoral areas were left bare, and even the walls, half a meter high, were torn down by careful peasant women, who picked up the stones and carried them back to the fortress, to the attic tops of the walls, where they were carefully piled up.

At regular distance there were piles of rocks.

If necessary, these stones would be smashed down in an emergency to deter the enemy’s attack.

It was getting dark.

Torches would be lit inside the fortress.

The night sentry was very spirited, watching the dunes from the city wall and the arrow tower.

The light from the stars and the moon was soft, but it was still visible.

Even in the darkest hour before the dawn.

Firentis also arranged for sentries to be on guard. There was also a patrol team formed by the Swadian infantry. They walked in the attic in their chain-mail boots, making ear-piercing noises that would sometimes wake up the archers sleeping on the city walls.

This was the patrol that Kant had specifically entrusted to Firentis.

Kant, who was good at attacking before dawn, was also very vigilant at this time.

Fortunately, everything was fine.

The Jackal troops did not arrive.

Dawn pierced through the darkness in the east and appeared in the sky.

The sun rose.

Sunday came.

The last day of the week was also the time when the Jackalan was likely to appear.


The bronze bell of the bell tower was routinely rung by the Swadian light infantry in charge..

Along with the rising sun, a clear sound covered the entire oasis.

15 Sarrandian Horseman, 25 Elite Desert Bandits, and 40 desert bandits, a quick-reaction light cavalry, had all waked up, washed up, and gathered quickly in the clearing on the east side.

The horses had been fed with forage and water as early as midnight.

Now, they just happened to be full of energy.

The light cavalry checked their weapons, quickly mounted their horses, and roared out with the open gates.

An early morning patrol.

Groups of people, spread out in a cone, heading north.

However, just as everyone entered deep into the desert and reached the limit of their vision, which even the arrow tower could not detect, they climbed over layers of dune, the desert bandit at the front tightened his reins abruptly, his eyes shrinking slightly.

”Hu –”

He reined in hurriedly, halting the desert horse under its legs.

The companions behind him did the same.

Far away on the horizon, black dots were moving, like ants in the sand, not quickly, but either not slowly, toward their southern position.

And this represented the troops on the march

The enemy was coming!

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