Chapter 133: Medal from the Mission

That’s right.

Just to the east, behind the dunes, the cowering crowd, Kant determined, was the refugee.

Standard swadian attire.

It was exactly the same as the refugees who had come to the sentry oasis.

Although the civilians of this world were dressed similar to the civilians of the Caradian land, they are in fact very different from each other in detail, with their own national style, if you look closely at them.

This made him frown a little: ”What a fuss?”

The 40 desert bandits had gone out.

Many of them had drawn their machetes at their waists, as if in close combat status.

Even Kant, standing here on the top floor of the ruling chamber, could have detected the glint of the drawn scabbard on the Salander’s customary scimitar.

But at that very moment, a dialog box poped up on his retina.

[ Ding… Temporary quest issued ]

[ Temporary quest: Pre-war refugees ]

[ Reward: 1,000 reputation points, 1 honor point ]

[ Introduction: In war, any refugees who seek refuge will be a burden. You have encountered such a situation. This group of innocent and pitiful refugees want to seek refuge with you. Do you choose to accept them? ]

The dialog box was a temporary quest.

Kant frowned slightly.

He guessed why there were refugees. After all, most of the 50 houses were still empty.

Given the passive nature of the house, so many empty houses would definitely attract many homeless refugees, adding to the civilian population of the ”Drondheim” fortress.

Just like now, 300 or so refugees were squatting on the ground pitifully.

Without Kant’s order, they wouldn’t be able to become civilians here.

Or rather…

They would need Kant’s confirmation to complete this temporary quest.

The system was right.

During war, these refugees were all burdens because they had no chores to do and no daily tasks to arrange. Even if there was a tower that could recruit these peasant into the front of the battlefield, they would probably be slaughtered by enemy and die as cannon fodder.

Even if these refugees became civilians, they would only waste food.

Kant narrowed his eyes slightly.

Just when he made up his mind and was about to communicate with the system, he heard footsteps coming from the stairs behind him.

Firentis walked up quickly and solemnly reported: ”Lord Kant, there is a group of Svaldiya refugees outside the fortress, 310 in number, have heared of your benevolent reputation and want to become your subjects, together with you to resist the enemy’s attack and to contribute their own meager strength.”

”Well.” Kant nodded slightly, ”I see it.”

His thoughts of communicating with the system paused.

The mind turns slightly.

Kant looked over his shoulder at Firentis who was behind him, clenched his fingers slightly and asked calmly: ”Firentis, do you think it is necessary to accept these refugees? After all, we are facing an unknown and powerful enemy.”

”I think so,” Firentis replied solemnly.

”Tell me what you think,” Kant said.

Although Firentis was compassionate, he was not pedantic.

If Drondheim really could not take in these refugees, definitely he would not have agreed to accept them.

Slightly pondering.

Firentis organized his words and reported: ”Lord Kant, these refugees will become our back-up personnel, in the continuous war, can act as fresh blood to replenish the blood of the war-damaged troops. They can very well avoid the passive situation where our troops can not even replenish their strength after a long period of war.”

”Reserve forces and war potential.” Kant squints slightly, ”That’s a good point.”

”This is my thought, Lord Kant.”

Firentis nodded and the same time he looked out at the cowering refugees in the sand dunes, terrified by the cutlasses of the desert bandits, said gently: ”And we have enough food at the moment.”

Kant did not answer. He thought quietly.

After a long while, he asked Firentis: ”How long can our food last?”

”Three months,” Firentis replied.

”Three months?” Kant frowned slightly, ”This time is still a little short.”

Although in the game, the war would only last four to five days.

But in the real world, the war could go on for years.

The ”Drondheim” fortress, not even an enclave, which was in the territory of the dukedom of Leo, but was a lonely city without reinforcements. Once the enemy surrounded it, it would probably take months.

Even if Kant occupied the only water source.

But he wondered if there might be something special in this world of transcendent power.

Just like the [ Page of clear spring ] , he could obtain clear drinking water.

Kant clearly understood.

The world he was currently in was not the world of science of the previous earth.

Instead, it was a fantasy world with swords and magic!

Once they were besieged for too long, Kant’s troops might run short of food. This was the most terrible thing in war. History had shown that lack of food could not only bring the morale of the troops to the extreme, but also lead to flight and rebellion.

Kant, of course, did not take such risks

He sometimes would gamble, but he didn’t like to turn himself into a chip.

Standing on the top floor, Kant looked over his shoulder at the refugees behind the eastern dune.

At the same time, he looked down at himself, which was only half a hectare inside the city wall. “I understand what you mean,” he said softly, “We are actually more short of people than food.”

”Yes.” Firentis nodded.

”That’s it.” Kant made a decision in his mind and said to him: ”Let these refugees go to the lake to bathe, change into clean clothes, and prepare food for them. I will accept them.”

”You are wise.” Firentis stroked his chest respectfully and immediately went to arrangements.

At the same time, a dialog box popped up.

[ Ding… temporary quest completed ]

[ Temporary quest: Pre-war refugees ]

[ Reward: 1,000 reputation points, 1 honor point ]

[ Introduction: These homeless refugees thank you for your kindness. As your subjects, they are willing to give their lives for this place. Even if the enemy has already raised their butcher’s knife and charged into the fortress, tthey will do everything in their power to resist. When you choose to accept them as your subjects, then this is their home. ]

Instantly received 1000 reputation points and 1 honor point.

Kant’s face was calm.

At the dune below, Firentis was arranging for these refugees to head to the lake on the west side.

Hearing the news of their acceptance, they cheered with gratitude from below, thrilled that they had met the kind Lord, and that it was their good fortune.

However, the acceptance was not due to Kant’s kindness.

Accepting them did not mean that they were lucky.

Confronted with the expeditionary forces of the Greymane Kingdom, Kant’s ”Drondheim” fortress stood in the sentry oasis, destined to be the main battlefield of the bloody battle. Since these refugees chose to turn to Kant as civilians, they could not escape either.

The same to go up the city wall to form a defensive line at the critical moment with the sound of the emergency bell.

War was always cruel.

It was not known how many of the seemingly numerous civilians who would survive.

Blood and fire would give birth to elite soldiers.

But in the process, they would first become corpses, paving the way for blood and fire.

The 40 desert bandits had all dispersed, and only 10 people were left to supervise. Under the arrangements of Firentis, they led the refugees to wash up at the small lake in the west pastoral area, making their dirty appearance clean.

At the same time in the refugee package they found the cleanest clothes to wear on the body.

These refugees once again became the peasant of Swadia.

With a happy smile on their faces.

There were not many lords to collect the refugees in the war-ravaged Caladian land. In the long war, the first consideration of these lords was the safety of their castles and towns, which was enough, because these two things were the basis for them to dominate the mainland and maintain their authority.

As for the villages and the peasants, they were at most dispensable. As long as they had the upper hand in the war and obtained the peace that they had not seen for a long time, there would always be a front row of desperate peasant who would seek refuge.

That was why Kant’s kindness was so precious.

Like most of the previous arrivals, these 310 refugees were all men, without any women, children or old people, and made up of a sturdy labor force.

However, according to the system’s nature, it didn’t matter if there were women.

Same like the 50 peasant women he currently had.

With their thick arms, powerful thighs, and bucketlike waists, these women could carry logs for hundreds of meters without effort. Carrying a bag of salt in each hand is a carload, and their strength was no less than that of men.

The women who rode and hacked were no different from men.

“Watch out.”

Kant instructed these rangers of Ravenstern and walked down to the top floor of the ruling hall.

After obtaining 1 honor point, the system mall opened for him once again.

“Start the draw.”

Kant’s thought was communicating with the system.

On his retina, a treasure chest that contained colorful lights was opened with a coin toss of 1 honor point.

[ Ding… you have acquired the item pack ]

[ You have opened the item pack and found the ”Lion Knight Order Medal” ]

[ Lion Knight Order Medal: This is the honor symbol of the Lion Knight Order of the Kingdom of Sarion. Attribute: When a cavalry general wears this medal, it will shorten the charging distance of the cavalry by 30% and accelerate the charging stage. Remark: This medal seems to hide other secrets, but it has yet to meet the requirements. ]

This was a free reward, so Kant did not take it to heart.

But when he opened the treasure chest at any time.

The appearance of the prop left Kant slightly stunned: ”The Kingdom of Sarion…”

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