Chapter 1617: The Car Tires Were Punctured

“Let’s avoid it today and talk about tomorrow’s things tomorrow.” Yang Ming was optimistic, “Maybe we will go back tomorrow!”

“Okay, I will make an excuse and reject her tonight,” said Zhao Ying.

While the two were talking, Little Wang slowed down the car suddenly. He hesitated and said, “Brother Yang, the Honda Accord in front of us is always blocking the way. It’s a windy road, so I cannot overtake him… ”

“Oh? What is he planning to do?” Yang Ming was stunned, “Did you mess with him previously?”

Yang Ming asked this because there were often disputes between vehicles on the road. For example, the person who was driving faster would ‘boo’ the other person, who would naturally be displeased at being ‘boo’-ed. The other person would then make every attempt to cause trouble for those who ‘boo’-ed him.

Blocking the road in front was a common way of venting, so Yang Ming asked Little Wang about this subconsciously.

“No, I have been driving steadily. The Accord didn’t do anything previously either. It only started to dawdle in front after we entered the expressway to leave the city!” said Little Wang. “Brother Yang, there is something that I would like to say… ”

“Just say it.” Yang Ming nodded.

“Previously, the kid who knocked on our car ran towards a Honda Accord after being beaten by me. It was a bit too far away, so I couldn’t see the license plate number clearly. I’m not certain that it is this car in front of us, but I suspect it belongs to the kid. He wandered in front of us to cause trouble deliberately…” analyzed Little Wang.

“Oh?” Yang Ming looked up with some interest and examined the Accord in front of them with his special ability. Sure enough, he saw that the driver was Fan Jinzhe!

However, Yang Ming couldn’t reveal his special ability. He said, “The license plate number should belong to Fan Jinzhe. I seem to remember this number from the last time!”

“Then that should be it. What does this guy want to do?” Little Wang was annoyed and honked twice. He turned on the car’s high beam lights and kept flashing at Fan Jinzhe’s car in front of them.

But Fan Jinzhe didn’t seem to hear or see at all. He kept dawdling in front of them.

This road was the old road to Donghai which did not require toll payments. However, the road was not of great quality, and it was not possible to drive too fast. Therefore, the three buses in front were also not fast. They probably chose to go via the old road in order to save money.

There were not many cars on this old road at this moment. Even if Fan Jinzhe dawdled in front, he was only blocking Yang Ming’s car behind him.

“Just let him be. Don’t bother with him.” Yang Ming instructed Little Wang calmly, “There’s no need to be angry with this kind of person. Let’s see what trick he is playing.”

“Okay, Brother Yang!” Little Wang nodded. Since Yang Ming said so, Little Wang would not do anything else even though he was very annoyed. He just followed behind Fan Jinzhe’s Accord slowly, albeit looking for a chance to overtake him.

Fan Jinzhe handled the steering wheel leisurely in front. Listening to the honking sounds behind him and looking at the flashing lights in his rearview mirror, Fan Jinzhe secretly thought, Aren’t you very capable? Can’t you overtake me? I’ll stall you for a while, and see if you will be anxious!

Fan Jinzhe was convinced that Yang Ming didn’t dare to meet force with force. After all, they were going to Donghai to have fun. If there was a car accident on the way, the matter would take some time to settle as they would need to wait for the traffic police to make a report and the insurance company to make a claim regardless of who was right or wrong. Everything would be delayed by then.

So Yang Ming could only silk, and would not dare to overtake the car forcibly!

After seeing the Audi A8L at the back go silent after honking and flashing for a while, Fan Jinzhe was delighted, “Hmph, are you feeling listless now? You can’t overtake me. You can only bear it.”

Fan Jinzhe made a call to Brother Zhadan smugly, “Brother Zhadan, we’ll be there soon. My car is a Honda Accord and our target is the Audi A8L behind me. Get ready!”

Fan Jinzhe hung up the phone after hearing Brother Zhadan’s affirmative answer. He then pretended to slide the car to the left side unintentionally, leaving a large space to overtake on the right.

Little Wang had been waiting all along for an overtaking opportunity. At this time, he suddenly saw the mistake of the Accord in front. How could Little Wang give up this good opportunity? He stepped on the accelerator suddenly, and the car flew out like a sword and overtook the Accord in front of him directly…

“Wait…” Yang Ming wanted to stop Little Wang, but Little Wang had already overtaken by the time he spoke. It was too late, and Yang Ming could only sigh…

“We finally overtook him. Fuh! It’s so satisfying! This kid is so arrogant, but mistakes happen, right?” Little Wang was a little proud, but he suddenly thought of what Yang Ming said just now. So he asked quickly, “Brother Yang, you asked me to wait just now. What did you mean? ”

“Poof——” “Poof——”

Just as Little Wang was talking, the car shook a few times suddenly, accompanied by two muffled sounds!

Little Wang’s face suddenly changed dramatically. He also felt something wrong. He slowed down the car immediately, then carefully parked the car on the roadside emergency lane…

“Now you know why I told you to wait…” Yang Ming smiled bitterly.

“I know now. The car seems to have a flat tire…” Little Wang smiled bitterly, “Brother Yang, I’m sorry. It’s all my fault. I was too eager to overtake the car and did not see the road conditions ahead!”

“Forget it. It’s nothing.” Yang Ming shook his head and wasn’t of the intention to blame Little Wang.

“Brother Yang, shall I go down to see the situation first?” Little Wang got out of the car as he asked this.

“Poof——” “Poof——”

Just as Little Wang opened the car door to get off, there were two more sounds behind him. Little Wang looked up and couldn’t help but be exhilarated! Fan Jinzhe’s car tires were also punctured!

“Brother Yang, that kid’s car also has a flat tire. He was showing off. Isn’t it great now? He also has a flat tire!” Little Wang said excitedly to Yang Ming.

“Is it?” Yang Ming frowned. How could things be so coincidental?

This event was a bit too unreasonable. Normally, it was still possible for tires to be punctured by nails on the road, but today… At first, Fan Jinzhe’s car blocked in front of their car all the way, and then suddenly a space appeared for Little Wang to overtake the car coincidently. Once Little Wang overtook Fan Jinzhe, their car tires were punctured…

The key problem was that after Little Wang’s car tires were punctured, Fan Jinzhe’s car tires were also punctured. How could there be so many coincidences? It obviously looked unbelievable!

Little Wang checked out the car situation quickly and couldn’t help complaining, “Brother Yang, we are really unlucky. I don’t know which brat scattered nails on the road. The right front wheel and the left rear wheel of our car were fully punctured! ”

Yang Ming had seen people scattering nails on the road before, so he was clear about this even if Little Wang didn’t say it. This was why Yang Ming suspected it!

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