Chapter 1616: Stop Them

“Great!” Fan Jinzhe exclaimed when he heard that Liu Zhadan had a way. He said happily, “his car is an Audi A8L and the license plate number is BK9999. I will find a way to stall their car for a while, and will lead them to you later. ”

“Okay,” responded Liu Zhadan. “When you are almost here, give me a call and I will scatter the iron nails.”

“Brother Zhadan, please help me with one more thing!” Fan Jinzhe hesitated and said.

“What’s the matter? Just say it!” Liu Zhadan agreed instantly!

“The man in the car is the one who I asked you to help me to block last time, and the woman in the car is the one I like…” said Fan Jinzhe. “Brother Zhadan, could you see if there’s any way to let us be together? ”

“Do you want to act out a hero saving the damsel in distress?” asked Liu Zhadan. “No problem, I am good at this! After we are done with the man, we’ll prepare to harass the woman. At that time, you can come forward. I’ll ask my men to act with you! You can knock my men down directly and show your majesty. Since you have saved the woman, she will devote her life to you.

“Is this…” Fan Jinzhe was a little interested in Liu Zhadan’s idea. But as interested as he was, wouldn’t it be a little too fake? Not to mention that Yang Ming had a driver called Little Wang with him. And even if Little Wang was not there, Yang Ming and Zhao Ying couldn’t beat those thugs themselves so how could Fan Jinzhe show off his prowess and beat those thugs by himself? Was that possible?

Moreover, Fan Jinzhe had just been beaten by Little Wang previously. Fan Jinzhe obviously was not very skilled. How could he beat those thugs? He would definitely be exposed at that time. Then, not only would Zhao Ying disagree to devote her life to him, but she would also look down at him…

Thinking of this, Fan Jinzhe said, “Forget it, Brother Zhadan. That’s too fake. I can’t beat your men alone. I better not go for wool and come home shorn, and make things even worse! ”

“You are right, but I can’t think of any other good ways!” Liu Zhadan had a bad educational background. This was the only thing he could think of, and he had no better ideas.

“Let me think about it… En, how about this!” Fan Jinzhe came up with a nasty idea quickly, “At that time, puncture my tires as well. Then, we will all go to your shop to fix the tires. You act as though you don’t know me, and I am also a victim… and then do this and this… ”

Fan Jinzhe told Liu Zhadan his intentions while snickering. I really am a genius. I actually came up with such a brilliant idea! Amazing!

“Wonderful! Brilliant! Awesome!” Liu Zhadan heard Fan Jinzhe’s idea and immediately exclaimed while hitting his thigh, “Little Fan, I didn’t expect you to be a conspirator too. You can think of such a wonderful idea! That’s it, I’ll do it that way! ”

“En, okay. Let’s do it that way.” Fan Jinzhe sneered and hung up the phone. Through his car’s rearview mirror, he could see Yang Ming’s Audi A8L which was not far away. He mumbled to himself, “You all shall suffer in a while. Let’s see if you can still show off in front of me?”

At nine o’clock, everyone who participated in the spring outing had arrived. Those who wanted to drive and those who wanted to take the bus had settled in. The three buses led the way in front, and the students who were driving followed. It would be fine as long as they did not go past the bus.

The three buses drove forward slowly, and a row of private cars followed behind. There were indeed many rich postgraduates in the Economics Department. Most of them had private cars. Even if the cars were not theirs, they belonged to their friends or family members. There were not many branded cars; they were basically cars that cost around seven to eighty thousand, but having a car was always better than no car.

“Brother Yang, shall we follow them?” Little Wang asked Yang Ming when he saw the bus start its engine.

“Wait a minute… Let’s be at the back…” Yang Ming hesitated and said. He was afraid that Chen Mengyan would notice him if he was too close. In fact, he was worried for no real reason. Chen Mengyan was in the bus, and it was impossible that she would always look back at the cars behind.

But Yang Ming and Zhao Ying would be more at ease the further they stayed away.

“Okay.” Little Wang didn’t ask much, but nodded and responded.

Little Wang only started the car when all the cars were almost gone so they were at the back. Little Wang already knew where Donghai Haishang Mingyue Resort was, so he was not afraid of getting lost. Therefore, there would not be a problem even if he could not keep up with the rest.

Besides, Little Wang’s car’s performance was far better than the other cars in front of him, so it was impossible to lose them.

Fan Jinzhe was thinking about ways to make Yang Ming’s car stay at the back of the convoy. He could only implement his plan if Yang Ming’s car was at the end of the convoy. Otherwise, it would not just be Yang Ming’s car with flat tires after Brother Zhadan scattered the nails. There would be a row of cars instead. It would be hard to carry out his plan at that time.

Fan Jinzhe was overjoyed immediately to see that Yang Ming’s car voluntarily remained at the back of the convoy. God is really helping me. I could not figure out a way, but luckily Yang Ming chose to go last. This way, I can leave Yang Ming’s car in Brother Zhadan’s car repair shop without much effort.

Thinking of this, Fan Jinzhe couldn’t help but whistle happily. Yang Ming oh Yang Ming, man proposes but God disposes [1]. Although I don’t know why you drove the car at the end of the line, I don’t need to know. It’s fine as long as I know that you will be bedridden for half a month after being beaten by Brother Zhadan and Zhao Ying is about to be my woman. This is enough!

Yang Ming naturally didn’t know Fan Jinzhe’s plan, but even if he knew, he would laugh at it. Because in Yang Ming’s eyes, Fan Jinzhe’s plan was simply idiotic.

The car was driving steadily on the road, and Little Wang’s skill was very stable. He was following at exactly the right distance from the convoy in front of him so that he would not be left behind or exceed the cars in front.

“Yang Ming, Mengyan just invited me to go to an event together at night…” Zhao Ying suddenly remembered that Chen Mengyan had invited her to go out and have fun at night.

“Oh?” Naturally, Yang Ming didn’t want Zhao Ying to see Chen Mengyan at this moment. Given the situation, it was better for them not to meet. After all, he and Zhao Ying were together, and the danger of them getting exposed would be greater if Zhao Ying and Mengyan met.

“Sister Ying, make an excuse to reject her. It’s better not to go. I’m afraid that it will cause unnecessary trouble!” Yang Ming hesitated and said.

“I think so too…” Zhao Ying nodded, “But even if I reject tonight, there is still tomorrow. I’m afraid Mengyan will still look for me…”

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