Chapter 1615: Won’t Let You Go

“Bang!” Little Wang didn’t give him much time. He closed the door directly. The car had very good sound insulation. When Fan Jinzhe scolded outside the car, the people inside couldn’t hear it…

“Are you leaving or not? If you don’t leave, let’s find a place to practice. Come on…” Little Wang lifted Fan Jinzhe by his collar and threw him to the side of the road, ” Don’t you like knocking on cars? Let me try knocking on you!”

“You dare to touch me? Do you know who I am? If you dare touch me today, I promise that you will regret it!” Fan Jinzhe was still a little scared of Little Wang. This guy was big and bulky. Fan Jinzhe would definitely not be his opponent in a fight!

So Fan Jinzhe threatened Little Wang like a sheep in wolf’s clothing.

“I don’t know who you are, but you knocked on my car and scolded my boss. That’s equivalent to looking for a fight!” Little Wang said, “If you want to fight back, then let’s fight. Otherwise, cover your head and let me beat you up?”

“You… you dare!” Of course, Fan Jinzhe didn’t want either choice. He would end up losing regardless of what he chose. Since he was at a loss, why should he choose?

“Why don’t I dare? Since you don’t want to choose, then I will assume that you agree…” Little Wang said as he raised his fist and beat Fan Jinzhe…

“Yang Ming, isn’t he overdoing it? The instructor is still in front…” Zhao Ying was a little worried watching Little Wang beating Fan Jinzhe.

“You are too kind. If you don’t beat people like this, they will take advantage of your weakness, just like how Jin Gang did in the past.” Yang Ming said, “Wicked people need to receive a cruel lesson. Did Jin Gang harass you anymore? Look how much more honest he is. He was also beaten by me…”

Zhao Ying was speechless. As Yang Ming’s former teacher, she actually did not approve of his use of violence to solve things. However, she had to admit that violence was indeed effective in some cases!

Reason alone might not be useful at all. Like Yang Ming said, Jin Gang still bothered her previously even though she refused him many times. Her persuasion was not as good as Yang Ming’s punching and kicking.

“But… this is not good, right?” Zhao Ying still couldn’t persuade herself to indulge Yang Ming’s use of violence.

“Close your eyes and don’t look at it,” Yang Ming said as he reached out to cover Zhao Ying’s eyes. Zhao Ying tried to dodge away, and Yang Ming’s hand accidentally touched Zhao Ying’s lips. Zhao Ying squealed and her face reddened. She did not dare to look up at Yang Ming again…

Why am I so timid again? Zhao Ying was blaming herself in her heart. What happened to the bold words just now when I was emotional?

Previously, Zhao Ying was in a state of anxiety, so she said such bold and decisive words as if she was another person. However, not long after, she became a little timid again.

I am shy even when Yang Ming simply touched my lips… Can I still make that bold decision at night?

Zhao Ying was Zhao Ying after all. Although she was impulsive for a while, her character had not changed. She began to think of these things even though Yang Ming simply touched her lips.

Ai, can’t I be determined once again? Think about the situation just now. If I was Wang Xiaoyan or Sun Jie, I would most probably take the opportunity to kiss Yang Ming’s fingers, and then maybe we would naturally kiss…

Oh, what am I thinking? Zhao Ying was a bit shy after thinking these shameful thoughts. However, aren’t these the thoughts in my mind?

Just when Zhao Ying was overthinking, the door opened again, and Little Wang got back inside the car. Fan Jinzhe was beaten, bruised, and ‘lying by the side of the road. He stared at Little Wang’s Audi A8L with eyes full of hatred…

“Yang Ming, I won’t let you go! You wait for me! I will make you die horribly!” Fan Jinzhe scolded even though Yang Ming could not hear him. He then got up from the ground and walked quickly to his Accord.

In fact, although Yang Ming couldn’t hear Fan Jinzhe, Yang Ming knew what he said by lip reading. However, Yang Ming just laughed. In this world, there are many people who want me dead, but I’m still alive and well. Most of those who cursed me are already dead.

After returning to his car, Fan Jinzhe directly reached for his phone and dialed a number.

“Hello? Brother Zhadan? I’m Fan Jinzhe…” said Fan Jinzhe.

“Little Fan, what’s the matter?” Brother Zhadan asked over the phone. This man’s surname was Niu, and his full name was Niu Zhadan. He was the owner of a car repair shop. However, he was not only doing legal business. He had a group of underlings under him to cheat and bully others to earn money.

Of course, if the other party offered more money, he wouldn’t mind allowing his underlings to help them out. In short, Niu Zhadan was an underworld character.

Last time, Fan Jinzhe found Niu Zhadan to ambush Yang Ming, but it was unsuccessful. However, Fan Jinzhe was very generous. Not only did he pay Niu Zhadan for his service, but he also treated Niu Zhadan to a meal.

Therefore, Niu Zhadan had a good impression of Fan Jinzhe. He felt a little uncomfortable to take other people’s money without helping them to do things. So, he kept finding ways to repay the kindness.

“Brother Zhadan, I have something to trouble you with this time!” said Fan Jinzhe.

“Oh? Little Fan, what do you need? Just tell me! You don’t need to be overly polite with me. As long as I can do it, it will be no problem!” Niu Zhadan responded while patting his chest.

“Brother Zhadan, thank you in advance. You can rest assured that you will definitely get your share of the reward!” said Fan Jinzhe.

“The reward is not important. I became brothers with you and mainly want to help you out!” Niu Zhadan was overjoyed after listening to Fan Jinzhe! There’s a reward this time? Originally, Niu Zhadan just wanted to help!

“Then I’ll be straightforward. This is the case, it is the same person I asked you to ambush last time!” Fan Jinzhe explained, “He has now shown up. In a while, we are going to Donghai. We will pass by your car repair shop when we’re leaving the city. When the time comes, help me intercept his car!”

“No problem, I am the best at this kind of thing! I can definitely intercept him!” Niu Zhadan chuckled and asked, “What car is it? What is the license plate number?”

Niu Zhadan often threw a pile of nails near the expressway road out of the city. After a car’s tire burst, they would go to his car repair shop to repair the tire and he would earn a profit. So as long as he wanted to intercept a car, that car could never escape!

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