Chapter 128: The Mighty Mamluke

The archery skills of the Ravenstern rangers were impeccable.

In terms of close-range accuracy and rapid shooting, even the Vaegirs sharpshooters could not compare to them. This was the advantage of the ability of troop class, but it was very unlucky for those elemental giants summoned by strange objects.

Looking at the elemental giants that already collapsed into mud outside the city walls, it was clear that they had already grasped their weakness. This time, before the giants could even took three steps, their elemental gems in the eye socket were instantly hit by the arrow. The arrows pierced through their “organs” that were as important as the heart and turned them back into mud.

Kant had once seen a description of the elemental giants in some secret historical documents.

The chroniclers all gave a positive comment on the lethality and destructive power of these elemental giants.

On the battlefield, they were equivalent to a different kind of trump card army.

They did not have a body of flesh and blood, were not afraid of pain, and would not die easily in battle. Their great strength was their advantage, and they were often able to rampage on the battlefield. Under the leadership of their mages, they were able to defeat enemy forces that were ten times stronger.

The book did not recorded the weaknesses of these elemental giants.

Perhaps they were intentionally ignored it.

The only way to destroy the elemental giants was to use a large number of soldiers to attack and deplete the bodies of the elemental giants. As long as the elemental bodies were depleted to a certain extent, they would collapsed on their own.

This would allowed these unusual elemental creatures from the elemental plane to walk towards what the physical world considered “death”.

As for Kant, he didn’t need to go through so much trouble.

The weakness of these elemental giants had already been discovered. It was the elemental gemstone in their eye sockets.

As level 5 troop class, the Ravenstern rangers used their heavy bows and arrows that could pierce through shields and armor to easily aim at the elemental gemstone hidden in their heads.

Just like in front of them.

The eye sockets of the three summoned water elemental giants were instantly pierced through by the arrows.

The vibrating power of the arrows caused the entire blue crystal-like body to turn into waves. Then, they collapsed like a waterfall. Like a heavy downpour, it crashed into a small lake beneath them.

“This is very easy.”

Kant smiled slightly and nodded in satisfaction.

After putting away the [ the Page of Clear Spring ] , Kant also turned to the Vaegirs archers and the Swadian crossbowmen behind him. “Go to the lake and pick up the three elemental gems. I hope to see them in the council hall.”

“Understood.”, the archers guarding this section nodded.

Kant summoned the water elemental giant from the west side, right next to the city wall in the direction of the lake.

This way, after killing the water elemental giant, Kant could sprinkle all of the clear spring water from the water elemental plane into the lake. So the spring water would not be wasted in the desert like last time, where it would be evaporated by the Sun.

The problem was that it was difficult to pick up the elemental gemstones.

But it did not matter.

Although this so-called small lake which was transformed from the terrain , it was actually equivalent to the size of a larger pond. The depth of the water was about two meters, and it was very clear. If one swam across the small pond, one could easily found the elemental gemstones that were as big as eggs. If they held their breath and dived in, they would be able to fish them up.

Although the swimming skills of the Swadian people were not as good as those of the Nords who came from the sea.

But such a small pond was a piece of cake for them.

Soon, the Swadian crossbowmen in the attic of the city wall worked together and fished up three cracked water elemental gemstones. They sent them to the council hall and placed them together with the seven earth elemental gemstones on Kant’s seat on the long table.

“No one is leveling up.”

Kant continued to patrol the city wall.

After summoning the elemental giants twice, the Vaegirs archers and the Swadian crossbowmen on the city wall did not showed any signs of leveling up. It was obvious that the experience points gained from killing these nine elemental giants was not much.

After muttering to himself for a while, Kant looked at the large number of archers on the city wall and thought to himself, “Is it because there are too many of them that the experience points are evenly distributed?”

He thought about the troop class allocation last week.

The only ones who really joined the battle were the Ravenstern Rangers.

The other troop class were all gathered under the city wall, so no one gained much experience points. Only four of the Swadian light footmen were upgraded to the Swadian heavy cavalries.

As for the 40 desert bandits, they had leveled up because they had single-handedly killed about 500 Jackalans.

“Maybe in the future, I’ll choose a troop to level up.”

Kant made up his mind.

These elemental giants were the experience point babies. Under the lead of the Ravenstern ranger, a small number of low-level troops could quickly leveled up and grew into a high-level troop class in a short period of time.

The effect was much better than the training ground, which had very little experience points to gain every day.

“My Lord, do you have any other missions?”

The leading Ravenstern ranger asked.

Right behind Kant, these 20 rangers were wearing mail armor and linen robe. Their heavy bows were placed in their waist pouches, and they carried two-handed greatswords on their backs as they waited in formation. They didn’t look like archers, but rather like heavy footmen who could shoot arrows.

“Return to your positions,”, Kant instructed them.

After saluting, these rangers quickly walked towards the council hall.

On the second floor of the council hall, there were not only Firentis and Manid’s rooms, but also the rooms of these 20 Ravenstern rangers and the guards. After all, if there was any situation, they would be able to move out in time.

And when emergency, the guards and rangers on the second floor would be Kant’s last guarantee of safety.

However, if they could break through the forces of the current Drondheim fortress, it shouldn’t be a problem for them to break through the giant tower of the council hall. At that time, Kant wouldn’t be foolish enough to continue resisting and would directly chose to surrender. He would had to compromise first, it wasn’t impossible for him to endure the humiliation just like Goujian.

If you don’t have strength, don’t be arrogant. Those who achieve great things don’t care about small matters.

Kant walked forward.

Two Swadian footmen followed behind him. They were guards who showed cast their lord status.

Kant narrowed his eyes slightly and swept his gaze across the troop class interface in his retina. It was not that there was no troop class that could be upgraded. Instead, there was a level up option that represented “+”, appearing behind the Sarrandian Horsemen.

These five Sarrandian horsemen were the few who followed Kant to the salt mine.

At that time, they had already reached the critical point

Along with Manid, they had gone through some battles on the way to the Stone Pass. Finally, when they returned to Oasis Lookout and killed by nine elemental giants, they reached the final level up.

The five of them could level up.


[ Upgradable troop class: Sarrandian Horseman X five ]

[ Cost 80 denars per person, can level up to: Mamluke ]

[ Level Up? Yes/No ]


Looking at the interface of the troop class.

Kant raised his eyebrows slightly. How could he refuse such choice?

“Level up!”, his answer was unusually firm.

400 denars disappeared instantly, but some kind of data chain gushed out of Kant’s body at the moment the denars decreased. It circled in the air and then surged into the five Sarrandian horsemen not far away.

They seemed to have just returned from patrolling.

The other 15 Sarrandian horsemen and 25 elite desert bandit looked envy.

In their eyes, this was the power of a miracle.

After a few short seconds, the five Sarrandian horsemen officially broke through their levels. They slowly rode out of the data, their bodies wrapped in thick Sarrandian chain armor. Fineiron sheets were tightly interlaced, there was also a disc-shaped heart-protection mirror on their chest. It was covered with beautiful patterns, like the most precious artifact.

The delicately dyed linen robe was draped over their bodies. Even the robust Sarrandian warhorse was also draped in the light gray linen robe. As the horses moved, the layers of iron plates interlaced into the warhorse’s armor were also faintly revealed.

It was like the armor of a Swadian heavy cavalry.

However, just by looking at the arrangement and precision of the armor plates, one could tell that these Mamluke’s armors were more meticulously forged by blacksmiths, and it were also more expensive.

These noble heavy cavalry, the strongest heavy cavalry in the desert, were equivalent piles of denars.

It was priceless!

The Sarrandian helmet on their head completely covered their face, and only two eyes can be saw through the gaps. The eyes carried a callous indifference towards life, as well as a indifference towards war and the way they handled things.

They were real elites, a butcher who had survived hundreds of battles!

The heavy lance in his hand was much thicker and longer than the spear in the Sarrandian horseman’s hand.

The shield of the elite cavalry in his left hand was also of excellent quality.

The elite scimitars were hidden in the sheath at their waist, and a terrifying two-handed weapon on his back. The entire body of the two-handed iron staff was cast from iron, and a flower bud pattern was meticulously carved at the front part. A single strike this weapon could easily broke people’s bones, burst the brain and caused bleeding of internal organs!

This was Mamluke’s standard equipment, the strongest two-handed blunt weapon.

Even a Swadian knight had to be careful when facing this heavy and powerful two-handed iron staff. Otherwise, a casual swing would be able to break the bones under the chain armor.

Blunt attacks were never about bloody external wounds.

But the seemingly harmless internal injuries that could actually killed a person!

“My Lord.”

Five Mamluke slowly rode over.

The original 15 Sarrandian horseman and 25 elite desert bandits looked at them fervently.

Even the 50 Swadian heavy cavalries in the distance looked over with envy and respect in their eyes. This was because this troop class from the Sarrandian Desert was the only opponent that could face the Swadian knight head-on in the plains, it was worthy of their respect.

“Good, very good, very good.”

Kant’s tone was calm.

But his eyes were filled with unconcealable excitement.

Kant swept his gaze over the five men and horses, Mamluke, who was wrapped in the Sarrandian chain mail, took a deep breath and said to them in a deep voice, “In the future, you will be the sharpest dagger of Oasis Lookout!”

Mamluke, who had already become a level 5 heavy cavalry, had already surpassed the level 4 troop class, the Swadian heavy cavalry.

In the midst of the violent charge.

The five of them acted as the sharp blades, able to pierce through any enemy who tried to block in front of them.

This was the most elite troop class.

Even with the entire country’s capacity, there weren’t many Mamluke in Sarrand Sultanate!

They were the strongest king in the desert!

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