Chapter 1611: Firm Determination

“Express what?” Yang Ming was slightly stunned.

“Are you trying to tell me that our relationship finishes today?” asked Zhao Ying.

“You can say that…” Yang Ming sighed, “Sister Ying, although a lot of things happened between us, we ultimately failed to establish a relationship. You and Mengyan are different. You still have your own life. After I leave, you can find someone better…”

Although Yang Ming didn’t want Zhao Ying to find someone else, he was about to leave, and he couldn’t keep Zhao Ying waiting, right? Zhao Ying and Yang Ming never really got together, so there really wasn’t any relationship. Yang Ming couldn’t be too selfish.

“Yang Ming, what do you mean?” Zhao Ying suddenly became emotional after hearing this, “You mean, they can, but I can’t?”

“This…” Yang Ming didn’t expect Zhao Ying to become so emotional all of a sudden. He felt a little awkward, “Sister Ying, don’t get so worked up. You don’t understand what I mean…”

“No, I understand. It’s you who doesn’t understand what I mean!” Zhao Ying was even more emotional, “Yang Ming, you think I met the netizen, ‘There’s No True Love In This World’, today because I like him. Do you really think that I wanted to make something happen between me and him?”

“This…” Yang Ming never thought this far. In his view, he was “There’s No True Love In This World”. No matter who Zhao Ying loved, it was Yang Ming, so what was the difference?

“Don’t interrupt, just listen to me!” The gentle Zhao Ying interrupted Yang Ming mercilessly, “Yang Ming, in fact, this time, I wanted to have a proper discussion with ‘There’s No True Love In This World’. I don’t want to continue to build a relationship with him!”

“En? You wanted to talk it out?” Yang Ming was a little stunned. He did not expect Zhao Ying to also want to find him for a showdown.

“Yang Ming, actually I can’t deny that I have a little affection for ‘There’s No True Love In This World’ on the Internet, but that is because of his similarity to you. His way of speaking and doing things made me think of him as your substitute. That is why I have a little feeling for him,” said Zhao Ying.

“However, that is only confined to the Internet, because I realized that although he speaks in the same way as you, he cannot be you. When we meet, no matter how he looks, he cannot be you, so I didn’t plan to continue to develop something with him. Seeing him in person would make me dispel the feelings in my heart. Substitutes are just substitutes. It’s impossible for him to be exactly like you!”

Yang Ming was slightly stunned. He knew that Zhao Ying had misunderstood him, “Sister Ying, in fact, from my perspective, I am ‘There’s No True Love In This World’. We are both the same person. So, regardless of who you like, it is still me, so I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it. I also don’t think you are falling in love with someone else!”

“Really?” Zhao Ying was stunned. She did not expect Yang Ming would think this way. So he really didn’t think that I fell in love with someone else before he said what he said today?

“Of course! Sister Ying, I never thought of what you mentioned just now. You like who I am in real life, so naturally, you will have a good impression of me online. It’s obviously the same person, so why complicate things?” Yang Ming smiled bitterly,” But Sister Ying, what I mean to say is that since we don’t have a substantial relationship now, I don’t want to keep you waiting!”

“Substantial? What makes it substantial?” Zhao Ying smiled slightly, “Yang Ming, in fact, our mutual feelings started long before the feeling between you and Chen Mengyan, right?”

Zhao Ying was talking about that time during those extra lessons, that night where a little ambiguity occurred between her and Yang Ming.

“This…” Yang Ming smiled bitterly, “Yes.”

“So, what I want to say is that I have no less affection for you than anyone else! Maybe even more!” Zhao Ying said, “If not, I wouldn’t have quit my job at school and enrolled in postgraduate studies here!”

Yang Ming didn’t expect Zhao Ying to be so fierce and resolute. He didn’t know what to say. He bitterly smiled and bowed his head, “Sister Ying, even if you are telling the truth, we really have not proceeded that far yet.”

“What do you mean!? We just haven’t slept together!” Since Zhao Ying heard that Yang Ming was leaving, the restraints in her heart were also thrown aside because she also knew that this was the last chance! If she didn’t take the opportunity now, she might regret it for the rest of her life, “Other than that, what difference is there?”

“That is the difference!” Yang Ming said, “Sister Ying, it just so happens that nothing happened between you and I, so you can start a new relationship in the future…”

“Well, since you say this, I will be like them after tonight!” Zhao Ying raised her head stubbornly and said the only powerful sentence since she met Yang Ming!

The current situation forced Zhao Ying to make this bold decision! If it was in the past, Zhao Ying would never say such words, nor would she make such a decision so determinedly. However, the situation now was vital. Zhao Ying knew that if she hesitated again, she might have no more chances in the future.

“Sister Ying, you…” In addition to being shocked, Yang Ming was also speechless. He did not understand why Zhao Ying was so persistent and determined. This was completely different from the previous hesitant Zhao Ying.

However, if Yang Ming could calm down and think about it carefully, he would realize that although Zhao Ying seemed weak, she had a kind of firm determination amid her delicateness.

She was faithful unto death and was steadfastly loyal. Although she didn’t say anything, she followed Yang Ming in obscurity from Song Jiang No. 4 High School to Song Jiang Industry University.

“Yang Ming, don’t say anymore. I missed my chance once and I regretted it. I really regretted it!” Zhao Ying said, “So, I never want to miss the chance for a second time! Even for a lifetime! I don’t want to!”

Zhao Ying’s voice grew louder. If the car was not soundproof, Little Wang, who was outside, would have heard Zhao Ying. Zhao Ying was a little emotional. Her chest moved up and down, and she looked at Yang Ming with a steady gaze,” Yang Ming, we have the same identity now. We are students of the Industry University. I don’t want to have a barrier between us anymore!”

“Sister Ying, you are too emotional. Calm down, it will be better once you calm down,” Yang Ming persuaded reluctantly. Zhao Ying was indeed too emotional. He never expected that she would be so emotional.

“No, I’m not emotional. What I said is not a momentary impulse. It will still be the same once I calm down!” Zhao Ying said, “I have thought about it before. I want to be sisters with Xiao Qing, Sun Jie, and Wang Xiaoyan! Genuine sisters!”

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