Chapter 118: Kant’s Five-Draw

There was no doubt about Firentis’s ability.

This time, they captured 103 Jackalan captives, and it was another 3,090 denars. The crisp sound of metal coins colliding was really pleasing to the ears, Kant’s smiley face became more brilliant.

Looking up at the leader of the trade caravan, Joslin, Kant smiled and said, “Then my mission should be completed?”

“Of course, it has been completed, and it is quite outstanding.”

Joslin stood up, put his hands on his chest, and bent down, using the most solemn etiquette of the Vaegirss, he answered respectfully, “Please allow me to express my most respectful gratitude to you on behave of King Yarogelk. The 545 Jackalan captives you sold us are the beginning of our good cooperation from now on.”

Kant raised his eyebrows slightly. “Will the Kingdom of Vaegirs also purchase these Jackalan captives on a large scale in the future?”

“Of course.”, Joslin nodded affirmatively. “There is never too much of snowfield mine.”

“That’s good.”, Kant chuckled.

Since the iron mine on the snowfield of Vaegirs was so enthusiastic on the demand the Jackalan captives, then he would not hesitated.

In order to fight for the dominance of the Nahrin Desert and the lumber of the Senwaya Range, Kant would needed to have a fierce conflict with this primitive and savage race. Now, he could made money at the price of 30 denar for a Jackalan captive, it was just like recycling trashes.

He could kill them if he wanted to, but now he could exchange the captives for money. It was a no-cost business!

On his retina, a dialog box instantly popped up.

[ Ding… After your unremitting efforts, the mission has been completed ]

[ Special quest: “The Kingdom of Vaegirs’s mission has been completed”]

[ Reward: Honor × 5]

[ Introduction: the Kingdom of Vaegirs, which is rich in iron ores, is difficult to excavate because the iron ores are located in the snowy plains. Now, you have provided more than 500 Jackalan slaves to help the Kingdom of Vaegirs solve this difficult problem. Many mine owners and noble families express their gratitude to you, and hope to maintain a good slave trade with you. ]

The dialog box showed that the mission was completed.

Kant’s coveted 5 honor points were obtained immediately.

In his opinion, this was the most useful thing in the system reward, especially when combined with the system mall’s lucky draw. If he was lucky enough to get a good item, it would be a huge profit!

However, the system dialog box had not ended yet.

[ Ding… system prompt ]

[ You have obtained the friendship of the Kingdom of Vaegirs. ]

[ Additional reward: Reputation × 1000]

Kant was slightly stunned by this.

His eyes swept across the dialog box on his retina. Kant subconsciously swallowed his saliva. He was a little puzzled. “Obtained the… friendship of the Kingdom of Vaegirs?”

This system prompt was a little vague.

The system did not have a detailed prompt on what the friendship of the Kingdom of Vaegirs really meant.

“My Lord.”

The leader of the trade caravan, Joslin, bowed slightly. “If possible, I would like to assist my nephew in arranging the carriage back home. You know, this will be his first time leading a trade caravan. I have many important details to explain to him.”

“Of course, this is what I should do.”, Kant came back to his senses and nodded in agreement.

“Thank you for your kindness.”, Joslin bowed and walked out of the council hall.

Joslin, the leader of the trade caravan, was very attentive to his nephew. He busied himself as if he was his own son. Kant nodded and praised, “He is a good guy.”

“He is worthy of being a reliable comrades.”, Firentis also agreed.

However, Firentis still stood up and said to Kant, “Lord, if there is nothing else here, I will go and patrol the city walls. It is close to night, I am afraid that something will happen.”

“Yes, arrange the soldiers on night duty.”, Kant nodded.

“Understood.”, Firentis replied and also strode out of the council hall.

Only Kant was left on the long table.

Turning his head to look at the empty council hall, there were only a few guards and peasant women waiting. Kant stood up and casually ordered, “Don’t wait for me at dinner, I will come down myself.”

“Understood, my Lord.”, the peasant women immediately nodded.

The appetizing smell of cooking food had begun to spread.

The aroma of frying and barbecuing could be smelled coming from the narrow hole in the council hall.

It was almost dinner time.

Although he was a little hungry, Kant did not care. He quickly walked towards the stairs and entered his room on the third floor. He lied on the soft and comfortable bed with velvet cushions and closed his eyes.

“System, enter the system mall to draw the lottery.”

Kant’s mind connected directly to the system and went straight to the point.

This was what he was most concerned about.

[ Ding… System mall is ready. ]

As Kant’s mind communicated with the system, a dialog box appeared on his retina.

The colorful treasure chest was in the middle, and a faint colorful light was glimmering within. It seemed to be waiting for the moment to be opened, and it would bloomed with an unbelievable surprise.

“Begin the lottery draw.”

Taking a deep breath, Kant didn’t hesitate.

Moreover, his tone was quite certain, and he directly chose, “Proceed with the five-draw!”

Although it was a five-draw, and there wasn’t an additional reward of ten-draw, Kant couldn’t wait for too long. What he wanted was a five-draw, and without any hesitation!

[ Ding… system lottery draw begins. ]

The dialog box popped up.

The treasure chest slowly opened, and the colorful light became even more dazzling.

And at the moment it was fully opened, dialog box after dialog box popped up on Kant’s retina, indicating the grand prizes of the five-draws.

[ Ding… you have acquired the “troop class pack”. ]

[ You have opened the troop class pack and found out that it was Vaegirs Archers X 50 from the Kingdom of Vaegirs. ]

A wonderful beginning.

Kant’s lips curled up slightly.

Vaegirs archer, Level 4 troop class, the main long-range archer that second only to Vaegirs marksman.

The system dialog box then popped up.

[ Ding… you have acquired the “troop class pack”]

[ You have opened the troop class pack and found out that it was Swadian Crossbowmen Kingdom of Swadia. ]

This time, Kant was slightly stunned.

Unexpectedly, another troop class pack had appeared.

And it was also a level 4 troop class.

It was the Kingdom of Swadia’s main long-range attack force, the Swadina crossbowman.

Kant’s eyes were bright.

He was looking forward to the next pack.

[ Ding… you have acquired the “construction pack”]

[ You have opened the construction pack and discovered that it is the “Arrow Tower X 4”. ]

The system dialog box popped up.

Unexpectedly, the construction pack was actually the arrow tower that was completely compatible with the troop class pack.

And there were four of it.

Before Kant could be more surprised.

The dialog box then popped up on his retina.

The fourth one.

[ Ding… you have acquired the “construction pack”]

[ You have opened the construction pack and discovered that it was “City Wall Attic (increased height)”]

It was still the construction pack.

However, Kant frowned slightly. He had never heard of the this building he obtained in the original version.

Soon after, the dialog box for the lucky draw appeared again.

It was the last one.

[ Ding… you have acquired the “item pack” ]

[ You have the item pack and found out that it was “Ammunition reloading spell x 3 times”]

All five consecutive draws had ended.

There was no additional reward.

Kant had already understood it in his heart. He did not feel any regret. Instead, he frowned slightly. All the items that he had obtained from this draw appeared on his retina. His heart beat was beating fast.

This time he system’s draw still yielded a bountiful prizes.

All of these were things that Kant urgently needed or could use!

“50 Vaegirs archers, 50 Swadian crossbowmen.”

Kant swallowed his saliva.

His gaze swept across the other gift packs as he silently said, “Four arrow towers, city walls attics.” His tone was a little surprised, “And… three rounds of ammunition reloading?”

These were the results of the lucky draw.

It was a completely defensive-oriented reward.

Or rather, it was a long-range firepower-oriented reward.

The two troop class pack was the most obvious indication.

50 Vaegirs archers and 50 Swadian crossbowmen were all archers. When these 100 long-range attackers joined Oasis Lookout, it immediately alleviated the current situation of relying on only 20 Ravenston rangers, their long-ranged attack density was very low.

There were still four arrow towers. As long as they were placed around the walls of Drondheim fortress, with the standards of these level 4 and Level 5 archers, it would be no problem for their firepower to cover a distance of 200 meters from a high point!

Moreover, there was also the “Ammunition reloading spell” for three times.

This made Kant think of the magic spell of the fantasy MOD, “Wind of War: New Era”. When the archers did not have enough ammunition, they could automatically reload it. It was quite a practical spell.

Slightly clenching his fist, Kant nodded in satisfaction. “The lucky draw this time was really good.”

The expedition army of the Kingdom of Gray Mane was already within reach.

Their firepower output was extremely weak, these buildings and troop class completely made up for the weakness of Kant’s troop class.

Moreover, with the three rounds of ammunition reloading, their firepower became even more durable. If those Jackalan dared to attack, Kant would not hesitate to have his archers unleash all their firepower!

The rain of arrows was one of the effective ways to stop the siege.

“Perhaps, I’ll need to purchase a large number of arrows to go to the Stone Pass.”, Kant made up his mind.

If Kant’s guess was correct.

Every Vaegirs archers should have a quiver, which could hold more than 30 arrows.

The Swadian crossbowmen were about the same. They were equipped with a quiver and more than 30 arrows.

Even with three rounds of ammunition reloading, they could only increase their firepower by three times. Ninety arrows per person was not a lot in a city defense battle. In other words, there were only 9,000 arrows per 100 people, it was still very little.

Therefore, they also needed to purchase military supplies at the Stone Pass to replenish their supplies.

Although Kant’s buildings had a weapons workshop that could produce arrows and crossbows, they lacked wood, iron, feathers, and other raw materials. They also lacked blacksmiths, fletchers, and other professional craftsmen. It was impossible to manufacture the arrows and crossbows.

They could only buy these items.

Considering the benefits of cooperating with Baron Dylan, Kant was certain that this cunning baron would agree.

Baron Dylan did not knew that the Jackalan tribe in the Nahrin Desert had basically been wiped out.

If he lost Kant, a partner who could provide a large amount of salt, and he could not directly lead the troops into the oasis. Before he could personally seized the salt mines, he would get endless of military supplies.

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