Chapter 112: The Invincible Charge

Tidy hair, strong and sturdy body, bright eyes, thick and powerful arms. These were the characteristics of the high-level Jackalan who had built the Kingdom of Gray Mane on the Mannheim Coast.

These were the characteristics of civilized people, civilized races, and people who knew modesty and etiquette.

Kant’s eyes told him the truth.

The forces of the Kingdom of Gray Mane, who had once been in an unknown location, did not know where they were, and did not know when they would arrive, had already spread their forces to the south side of the Nahrin desert, carefully exploring this place.

“Damn it.”

Kant squinted his eyes, lowered his head, and cursed softly.

Those ten or so brand new tents were enough to fortold that the crisis had come again.

Without the merchants, Asage, they still managed to reach this place based on the map and route map they had obtained,. They had also contacted the Jackalan that had been defeated previously and settled down here once more, establishing the foundation of the outpost base.

After thinking about it carefully, Kant was certain that when the expedition army had arrived, it would be the time to attack the Oasis Lookout.

“My Lord.”

The Sarrandian horseman beside him spoke with a heavy tone, “Do we need to be ready for battle?”

“Yes.”, Kant’s eyes were gloomy. “I mean, right now.”

“Understood.”, the light cavalry behind them nodded silently. They packed their weapons, tidied up their armor, and continued to wait for Kant’s orders. They gripped their spears and scimitars, ready for battle.

The slaughter would continue. This was a war for survival.

Kant would not allow the Kingdom of Gray Mane to occupy the Oasis Lookout and then attack the Dukedom of Leo.

It was not simply the responsibility of the Baron of the Nahrin Desert and as a noble of the Dukedom of Leo.

It was not for his father, Cameron the Grand Duke of Leo either.

It was for himself.

Losing the Oasis Lookout was equivalent to losing the Nahrin Desert. Losing the Nahrin Desert was equivalent to losing his fiefdom. Losing his fiefdom was equivalent to losing his noble title. Losing his noble title meant that his life had come to an end.

The gallows would eventually appear before Kant’s eyes.

Within the Dukedom of Leo, the noble forces who had been glaring at him with hatred would personally place the gallows on Kant’s neck and pull the trigger, let the suffocated corpses to sway like a pendulum.

Kant’s expression returned to calm, but there was a thick haze in his eyes.

This was the consequence of losing the Oasis Lookout.

“It must be impossible.”

His chest heaved up and down as Kant picked up the flag that was wrapped in a special long bag.

He turned his head to look at the Sarrandian light cavalries who were ready behind him, their faces looked serious and excited, he said in a deep voice, “Come, my cavalry. Let our friends know who is the true master of the Nahrin Desert!”

The flag made of velvet was pulled out, and a golden lion with red background instantly began to flutter in the wind.

[ Intimidation ] , activate!

“Everyone charge!”

Kant shook the reins with one hand and roared as he took the lead.


Behind him, 20 Sarrandian horsemen and 25 elite desert bandits also roared as they shook the reins. A straight spear was clamped under their armpits. As the warhorse charged in high speed, they quickly passed Kant and formed a cone formation to protect him in the middle.

The cone formation was the most famous formation of the cavalry in the era of cold weapons.

It was like a sharp arrow, and also like a long awl.

The 20 Sarrandian horsemen who were fully armored were assault team, while the 25 elite desert bandits who were holding spears were the main force.

Without the slow movement speed of the footman, the entire cavalry ferociously pounced down the dune, piercing into the enemy’s body with their sharp blades, completely tearing apart the enemy cavalries and their attempts to resist.

Before the enemy could even react, they were crushed!


The sound of rolling thunder was incessant, it was weird to hear a thunder in this dry desert.

Those high-level Jackalan who were used to the warm climate of the Mannheim coast walked out of their tents and looked up at the sky in surprise. However, the expected thick dark clouds, rolling Thunder, and heavy rain did not appeared.

This made them very shocked since they came to the southern part of the Nahrin Desert, the high temperature and desolation of the desert almost driven them mad.

“It’s not a heavy rain?”

Some high-level Jackalans asked in their language.

However, their companions were confused and doubtful to answer, and they had anxiety due to the high temperature.

They did not saw the fear and anxiety on the faces of the low-level Jackalanx in the tattered tents beside them. With their higher status, they had always looked down at the low-level Jacklans. They would not pay attention to their uncivilized sibling at all, despite the low-level Jackalans had become very frightened and nervous.

The tremors under their feet were getting stronger and stronger.

The rolling thunder was also getting clearer and clearer in their ears.

It even made them subconsciously think of the continuous muffled thunder when a storm appeared on the Sea of Stars.

The Kingdom of Gray Mane, did not have many overseas trade and port to begin with. Unfortunately, because the private boats of the Lizardmen and the sea patrolling of the Elven Parliament became more and more strict, they had basically lost all the possibility of sailing on their own. They could no longer see the Sea of Stars, the storm that terrified countless captains and sailors came from the supreme power of the storm monarch.

“Roar –”

The panicked howls of the low-level Jackalans broke their thoughts.

These high-level Jackalans turned their heads in confusion.

The tremors under their feet became more and more intense, and the sounds coming from their ears became louder and louder, so much so that they even felt that something was wrong. They turned their heads in shock to see dozens of figures rushing down from the dune, and their confused eyes instantly shrank.

They finally realized what the rolling thunder was the cavalry of the human race!

A rare troop class on the Coast of Mannheim.

The only ones that were similar to them were the Moondeer bow cavalry of the elf race. However, they had never seen heavily armored humans. They rode their horses with their spears and rushed over like a flood that had broken the dam, wanting to crush them into pieces!

“Awoo, awoo!”

The low-level Jackalans’ terrified cries could be heard. There were even Jackalans who turned around and fled.

They had lost the confidence to continue fighting.

This made the high-level Jackalans who were still stunned to come back to their senses. All of them gathered together with solemn expressions. They held their battle axes in both hands tightly. This heavy weapon made them feel confident in their hearts.

They were not those ignorant and uncivilized low-level Jackalans.

Looking at the charging speed of the human cavalry, they knew that they could not run far with their own legs.

They could only fight back!

With their sturdy and strong bodies, the strongest melee race in Mannheim Coast, how could the high-level Jackalan warriors with two-handed battle axes lose to those weak humans?

Even if they were riding on horses, these strong Jackalan warriors only looked ferocious and fearless.

In a head-on fight, they had never been afraid of anyone!


The human cavalry was getting closer and closer, and the rolling sound of thunder swept through their minds.

They can felt the faint tremors became stronger and stronger under the sand they tampered on, and even their feet could feel the violent tremors.

This caused them to lose their courage for some unknown reason.

The hearts of the 30 over Jackalan soldiers, who were holding onto their battle axes, wearing mail armor and linen robe, were beating fast.

Their mouths were dry and their tongues were parched.

They felt a strong urge to urinate in their stomachs.

As they watched the human cavalry approaching, their figure becoming clearer and clearer, and even seeing the red flag in their hands, the high-level Jackalans soldiers felt ashamed of themselves of being cowardly.

However, they couldn’t change anything.

The human cavalry became faster and faster, and the rumbling thunder became louder and louder, and the vibrations became more and more intense.

The 3-meter-long spear approached closer and closer.

Finally, the two sides came into contact.

The spear pierced through the chest of the Jackalan. Their seemingly sturdy mail armor couldn’t block the sharp spear, and it pierced through the back of the Jackalan easily. Along with the irresistible force of inertia, the spear continued to pierce into the chest of the another high-level Jackalan at the back, pushing them to retreat. They looked at front of them in despair, unable to retaliate at all.

The spear that pierced through them in an instant also took away all their strength. They that had been invincible in the Mannheim coast, yet they could not even held the two-handed battle axe and could only let it fall to the ground.

The horses neighed in their ears. These Jackalans could even see the human faces on the horses.

Indifference, coldness, and undisguised disdain in their eyes.

Because they could not fight back at all.

Because their bodies were continuing to stepped back.

Because all of their chests were strung up by long spears, they were pushed and knocked by the human cavalry. They retreated helplessly, and did not have any strength to fight back. They even no longer held their weapons, and they fell to the ground shamefully.

“Ka-cha… Ka-cha… Ka-cha… Ka-cha… Ka-cha… Ka-cha…”

A series of crisp sounds appeared.

The long spears hooked by the Jackalan sent them flying for a few meters. Finally, due to the instant blast and inertia, these refined military spears could no longer withstand the force and weight, and they broke apart with ka-cha.

However, the horsemen were already prepared.

They were all well-trained and the most elite cavalry.

Without hesitation, they abandoned the broken spear and urged their horses to knock away the Jackalans that had been strung together. They continued to rush towards the open space behind them and slowed down. They turned their horses around and stretched out their hands to pull out the scimitars on their waists.

Once they were ready to charge again, the cavalries tightened their reins and stood still.

Because of their charge..

The regrouped high-level Jackalan had all been wiped out.

They fell to the ground miserably.

The broken spear pierced into their chests, and fresh blood dyed the sand red.

No one could stood up.

And no one could survived.

The leading high-level Jackalan struggled to turn its head, and used its last bit of strength to look at the human cavalries with scimitars in their hands. Its eyes were filled with extreme fear and disbelief.

“This… is this the human’s… cavalry…”

It slowly opened its mouth, but the blood gushing out of its throat was unable to make it say a single word.

However, fear was in its mind.

This was completely different from the human sailors they met on the Sea of Stars or in the port of the Mannheim Coast.

Those humans might be a little cunning, but they were not powerful.

There were no such warriors on horseback on the merchant ships. When they were being blackmailed by the Jackalan officials, they would only smile. Even if they encountered Jackalan pirates, they would at most wave their longsword to resist.

They definitely had never encountered such a brazen and almost invincible charge.

“No… impossible…”

The heart that had been pierced and destroyed by the spearhead could no longer supply blood, causing its brain to start suffocating.

Its eyes had also lost sight, and it could only laid on the sand.

This was very uncomfortable, but it could not did anything anymore. A thought suddenly appeared in its final consciousness, and that was that the Kingdom of Gray Mane had used up all its strength to put together an expedition army that would set off in a month’s time. It seemed to be in great danger.

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