Chapter 107: The Rider of Sarrand

The demand for gemstones in the continent of Caradia was not that great.

Although the gemstones were expensive, due to the constant wars on the continent of Caradia and its culture, these hard currencies like gold and silver were the things that crazed by the nobles. After all, there were times when these little white and yellow cuties could be used as denar.

As for sparkling gems, their values were much lower.

They were most likely inlaid on wedding rings and necklaces, the best accessories for pursuing certain ladies or noblewomen.

That was why the leader of the trade caravan from Reyvadin was somewhat embarrassed. After all, Kant was generous to him after coming to this miracle land, and he knew it.

If he were to treat some of the worse-tempered lords on the continent of Caradia like this, they would probably ordered their elite troops and rob his trade caravan. If he was lucky enough to survive, he would report it to the lord of his own city. But when they wanted to investigate this matter, he could only blamed some bandits. The lord who actually robbed him would never took any responsibility at all.

“I’m very sorry, my Lord.”, the leader of the trade caravan sighed.

Kant chuckled, “There’s no need to apologize. This has nothing to do with you.”

This was a rule from the system. The leader of the trade caravan could not changed anything. Moreover, just because these trade caravans did not bought these inferior gemstones, it did not meant that the Dukedom of Leo or the merchants of other races would not took them.

Although these shiny little cutie was broken and cracked, it still had some value after polished.

After handing these seven pale yellow gemstones and two pale blue gemstones to Manid, Kant said with a sense of relief, “Keep these little cuties well. We might need them in the future.”

“Definitely.”, Manid nodded and carefully kept them in his pocket.

All the elemental giants had been taken care of.

If he wanted to summon them again, he would have to wait six days.

He had only saw a few words about the giants in the academy’s books, which made Kant thought that these elemental giants were extremely powerful. But now it seemed that he was really disappointed. They were all taken care of by the Ravenstern rangers after two rounds of shooting, it really made him shook his head.

He was bugged by the elemental giants’ weakness, and also marveled at the Ravenstern ranger’s strength.

But he did not think too much.

If the supernatural powers in this world were really powerful, then the political system in this world would no longer be dominated by the noble families, but by the mages who had completely mastered the supernatural powers.

The ruling system was set up for the strong, not to protect the weak.

In some novels and games in his previous life, there were many examples of mages with great power forming a country.

Kant did not dwell on this matter.

As long as he had absolute strength and ensured his troops were extremely powerful, that would be enough.

Strength was the root.

Turning his head slightly, Kant swept his gaze over the troops that were still waiting for him. He turned his head and instructed Firentis, “All of you, disband. You guys are too cautious, it’s unnecessary to mobilize so many people.”

But Firentis said seriously, “Protecting your safety is our most important mission.”

This was a compliment, but it was also sincere.

Kant smiled and shook his head, but he did not reply.

He just turned his head to Manid and ordered him, “You bring the leader of the trade caravan back. As for the materials that need to be purchased now, it will be up to you to decide. You just need to report the final results to me. I think you are the best at these things.”

“Understood.”, Manid nodded respectfully.

“Oh right.”, Kant thought of something and instructed Firentis, “All the Swadian footmen and the desert bandits who participated in the killing of the elemental giants will stay behind. I have other arrangement.”

“Yes, Lord Kant,”, Firentis replied and began to make arrangements.

As the order passed down, everyone began to dismiss in front of the city gate.

Kant came from the modern era, and he did not learnt many management methods.

However, to make the best use of everything, placing talents in their most suitable positions would allowed the entire team to perform at their best status. And this was the best management method to support the Oasis Lookout currently.

Although he did not knew how to command in large-scale battles, nor did he knew how to use commercial and economic methods.

But as a Lord…

He only need his subordinates knew how. For example, Firentis and Manid were his best men.

The two pages of rare items were carefully placed in the wooden box once again. The box was held in the arms of a Swadian footman, who looked very serious. If anyone dare to approach this box, he would pulled out his sword and interrogated that person, except Kant of course.

This was something Kant asked him to keep. Other than his lord, anyone who dared to take it would die.

The Ravenstern rangers on the city wall left quickly.

They wanted to return to their posts at the top of the council hall. They used linen to pull out tents in all four corners to shade the sun. They also set up tables and chairs for them to rest. As the highest point of the Oasis Lookout, their workload was quite heavy.

The Swadian heavy cavalries were also dismissed by Firentis and returned to their own space to wait for orders.

The east side of the city gate became empty.

Only 41 Swadian footmen and 20 desert bandits remained here.

They looked at Kant with eager eyes and stood energetically under the sun. No matter how much sweat dripped down from their cheeks, they all wanted to leave a good impression in front of their lord.

However, what was arranged for them was not a mission at all.

It was a level up.

That’s right. After the battle that killed the elemental giants, there were already some soldiers who able to level up. The most important ones were the Swadian footmen, who belonged to the intermediate troop class, as well as the desert bandits.

“Open the level up the interface.”

Kant muttered in a low voice, his thought connected to the system.

The dialog box instantly popped up on his screen. The interface of the troop class was clearly visible.


[ Upgradable troop class: Swadian light footman X 4 men ]

[ Cost 20 denars per person, upgradeable to: Swadian footman/Swadian heavy cavalry ]

… ..

[ Upgradable troop class: Desert Bandits X 40 men ]

[ Cost 25 denars per person, upgradeable to: Elite desert bandit ]

[ Ding… you have surplus experience points. Your forces could be upgraded consecutively ]


However, the dialog box that popped up stunned Kant.

It was both expected and unexpected.

Only four Swadian light footmen can be leveled up.

As for the desert bandits, all 40 of them could be leveled up. They could even choose to level up more as they had extra experience points.

This was simply a difference in treatment.

Kant frowned, and his mind continued to connect to the system. He asked his golden finger, “Is it a cheat in the calculation of experience points? Why is the level up of the Swadian footman so little? ”

“The system’s calculation is absolutely correct. ”

The system answered straightforwardly, “Recently, there have been a lot of troop class investments in the campaign. The gain of the Swadian footman’s experience points is very low, so only 4 of them can level up. As for the desert bandits, they have fought larger battles, so the experience points is enough for all of them to level up. At the same time, there is an additional reminder. The experience points of the 5 Sarrand horseman riders is close to completion. After fighting the same scale battle, the experience points they gained are enough for them to level up to Mamluke. ”

“This…” Kant narrowed his eyes slightly.

The system was right. The 40 desert bandits led by the 5 Sarrandian horseman riders this morning had defeated and severely injured about 500 Jackalans. Among them, 120 Jackalans were captured. Their battle merits were definitely enough to level up.

Kant shrugged helplessly and asked, “So, the troops that are produced alone do not share the experience points with other troops?”

“That’s right,” the system answered crisply.

Kant could only nodded, “Level up the Swadian light footman to Swadian heavy cavalry, level up all desert bandits as well.”

[ Ding… system prompt ]

[ this level up will cost 1,080 denar. Yes/No? ]

The official system prompt arrived.

How could Kant choose no? He followed the process and said, “Yes, level up.”

The moment he chose, the data flow instantly spread.

Four Swadian light footmen were surrounded. In just a few seconds, the fully armored Swadian heavy cavalries appeared on the open ground. They had a completely different looks compared to the remaining 37 Swadian light footmen.

“Everyone dismiss,” Kant ordered them.

The four Swadian heavy cavalries, who had completed their level up, immediately led their warhorse in the direction of the heavy cavalry troop.

The 37 Swadian light footmen, on the other hand, were still divided into patrol squads. They continued to patrol according to their last mission. The only difference was that they were missing four companions.

At this moment, the 40 desert bandits next to them also completed their level up.

Their leather armor had been completely changed into iron-plated leather armor. Their scimitars and spears remained the same. Four short javelins had been upgraded to six short javelins. They rode on their desert horses and waited for orders neatly. On the whole, they did not seem to have changed much.

But the aura that belonged to the bandits was even more ferocious. They could be called the wild outlaws of the Sarrand Desert.

[ Ding… an additional upgradable troop class has been discovered ]

[ Upgradable troop class: Elite Desert Bandit × 15 people ]

[ Cost 30 denar per person, upgradeable to: Sarrandian Horseman ]

Kant naturally chose to level up as well.

Sarrandian horsemen who were wearing Sarrandian scimitar, holding a Sarrandian sword, and also having a long lance and shield appeared in this world. They rode on a Sarrandian horses with a headscarf and iron helmet on his head, this was a different style of dressing compared to the Swadian people.

They were also elites on the battlefield and were good at charging into battle.

“This is not bad.”, Kant nodded.

The level up of the 15 Sarrandian horsemen had saved the disappointment of the Swadian light footmen who could not level up.

Currently, Kant had 20 Sarrandian horseman and 25 desert bandits. In addition, he could recruit 20 desert bandits every week from now on. In a short period of time, he could have a pure light cavalry unit.

Although due to the equipment, their close combat ability was still poor.

However, as a spear cavalry unit, the impact force that appeared when they charged was still not something that the infantry could compare to.

Furthermore, the 20 Sarrandian horsemen in iron armor could act as the support in close combat. As long as they were not involved with the infantry, they would leave the range of the infantry at the cost of injury and death. If they were to charge back again, the infantry formation would be broken sooner or later.

This was the role of the assault cavalry.

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