Chapter 106: Drop of defective gemstones

The arrow pierced straight into the eye socket.

The entire arrow was fixed at its head, just like it was pierced into a soft jelly.

The two water elemental giants’ azure-blue bodies began to tremble. Large circles of ripples began to spread within their bodies. Following the sound of splashing water, their bodies exploded in an instant, scattered in all directions.

The extremely dry sand was nourished by the water, and the sand layer quickly pitted and turned to darker yellow color.

As for the water elemental giants, they had completely disappeared.

Only a few light blue fragments were left and fell in between the sand particles at the spot where their bodies collapsed. As the sunlight shone on them, they flickered with a beautiful blue light, but Kant and the others on the city gate did not notice it.

Kant smiled slightly and said, “It seems very easy.”

After dealing with the seven earth elemental giants, the Ravenstern Rangers had mastered the vital parts of these elemental giants. They were able to shoot without missing an arrow within a range of less than 30 meters, they were among the top archers. Their bowstrings trembled slightly, and the arrows shot into the giants’ eyes that were shimmering with a faint light. These elemental giants were then completely annihilated and turned back to their basic elemental form.

It was effortless for the Level-5 troop class like the Ravenstern Rangers.

At this moment.

Kant thought that the weekly salary of 77 denars per person was worthy.

“It looks like… ”

Firentis frowned slightly and could not help but guess, “These elemental giants should had similar strength as the Swadian footman. Even though they don’t have a body of flesh and blood, their combat ability can reach to the level of the Swadian Sergeant.”

“Swadian Sergeant?”, Manid sounded a bit surprised.

“Yes.”, Firentis nodded. He understood why Manid sounded like this.

Looking at the piles of soil and the splashing water in the sand at the outside of the city walls, he said solemnly, “But their own defense is extremely poor. To top-notch crossbow masters, these elemental giants are actually no different from the most ordinary unarmed civilians.”

“It seems that getting rid of these… things is very simple.”, the leader of the trade caravan swallowed his saliva and sighed.

The use of word ‘simple’ was understated.

To the Ravenstern rangers, it was simply no different from their usual training.

Drawing arrows and shooting arrows, the enemy was killed in one go.

As the leader of the trade caravan who came from the Kingdom of Vaegirs, he turned his head to look at the Ravenstern Rangers who were adjusting the bowstrings. The rangers seemed very calm and relaxed, but his heart was rising with waves.

These rangers gave him the feeling that they were similar to Vaegirs marksman, those archery masters who were one in a hundred.

However, they were different from the Vaegirs marksman who wore leather armor and light clothing with longbows in hand.

The Ravenstern Rangers wore mail armor that looked like light footmen. They wore linen robes, and there was a fine two-handed greatsword in the scabbard on their backs. The white heavy composite bow was used as shooting bow, and it was placed in the bow pouch on their waists. It was obvious that when the enemy got close, these rangers with excellent archery skills could also pull out the two-handed greatswords on their backs, turning into experts in foot combat.

They could deal fatal long-range damage, and they could also engage in close combat. The leader of the trade caravan felt that the sharpshooters of the Kingdom of Vaegirs were at a disadvantage. After all, they still needed the protection of the Vaegirs soldiers who held two-handed battle axes.

“They are archers from the Misty Mountains.”

Kant turned his head and sensed the shock of the leader of the trade caravan. He explained with a smile, “The Misty Mountain is a dense primitive forest. Sometimes, they need to face the enemy at close range, so they need to train their close combat skills.”

“What an amazing warrior.”, the leader of the trade caravan nodded, he still amazed.

Kant did not explain too much.

Ravenstern marksman was indeed a master archer, they were level 5 troop class that were as good as of Vaegirs Marksman. However, in reality, both sides had their own advantages. For example, their shooting range and shooting habits were different. This also had to take into account the military requirements between countries.

Vaegirs marksmen specialized in large-scale rain of arrows. They used the army-to-army tactics to carry out archery training.

As for the Ravenstern Rangers, they needed to defend against the barbarians in the Misty Mountains. They needed to fight in the primitive jungle. Therefore, moving in small troops and their accurate shooting, as well as their equally strong close combat, came in handy to defeat their enemies.

Neither side was stronger or weaker. Both sides adapted the tactics that suitable for themselves.

[ Ding… After your hard fighting, the enemy has been killed. ]

[ Side Quest 1: “Kill all the earth elemental giants” completed. ]

[ Side Quest 2: “Kill all the water elemental giants” completed. ]

[ Reward 1: Sand grouse nest × 5. ]

[ Reward 2: Desert bee nest × 10. ]

[ Reward (additional) : Spring (date palm tree has all entered the flowering stage)]

[ Introduction: you have successfully summoned the elemental giants. That unique life form made you confused and shocked. However, when you mustered your courage and gave the order to kill them, these seemingly powerful elemental giants were actually vulnerable to your army. ]

System prompt appeared.

On Kant’s screen, the temporary side quest had been announced to be over.

Three cards floated in his mind. They were the reward for this quest.

However, Kant had yet to examine them carefully.

The sound of galloping horses could be heard.

The desert bandits, who had been hiding behind the dune waiting for orders. They seen the elemental giants had all been easily killed by the Ravenstern ranger with their own eyes. Once the problem solved, they could only rush back on their horses.

“Whoosh.”, they came to the tightly shut city gate and tightened the reins to slow down the speed of the warhorses.

However, one of the bandits in the front was stunned.

He instinctively tightened the reins to stop the desert horse from advancing. He turned his head to look at the sand layer at the edge of the city wall and said, “There… seems like something over there.”

“What?”, the other desert bandits also turned their heads to look.

As the desert bandits, their eyesight was good.

In the sand pit which stained with water, there was a light blue item in the middle of the pit. As the sunlight shone on it, the light blue item was crystal clear, and the name of the item to instantly appear in their minds.

“Gem… Gem?”, many desert bandits cried out in surprise.

On the city wall, the people who had not yet left also cast their gazes on them.

Immediately, a ranger with better eyesight noticed that the water elemental giant had been killed. In the sand layer where its body had turned into water, there was actually a crystal clear blue gem-like item.

Some desert bandits immediately dismounted and quickly walked over to pick it up.

At the same time, they looked for the sand pit next to them and also found a light blue gemstone-like object.

The city gate opened.

The desert bandits entered the fortress.

The leader offered these gemstones to Kant. “My lord, these are the gemstones dropped by the elemental giants. I really didn’t expect that even after living in the Sarrand Desert for so many years, I have never seen such an exquisite item.”

“Gemstones?”, Kant reached out and took them.

Firentis, Manid, and the leader of the trade caravan were all gathered at the side.

Manid’s expression was still fine, while the other two looked surprised at the light blue gemstone in Kant’s hand. Clearly, even they had never seen such an exquisite item. After all, the continent of Caradia did not produce gemstones. Small number of gemstones were only obtained from Nord merchants who were able to trade across oceans.

“These were dropped after the water elemental giant was killed?”, Kant asked in a serious tone.

The desert bandits nodded and said, “Yes, these two gemstones were obtained from the sand pit formed after the water elemental giant was killed. My guess is, they were definitely dropped after the giants being killed.”

However, Kant frowned slightly and turned his head thoughtfully. “Could it be…”

“There are similar gems among the earth elemental giants?”, the desert bandit immediately answered.

“Go and look.”, Kant ordered in a low voice.

The desert bandits immediately nodded. “Yes, Lord.”, they turned around and walked out of the city gate quickly.

But this time, he came to the seven piles of soil. The pile of soil was about half a meter high and had a slight fragrance after the rain. He could even vaguely see tiny stones and many grass seeds inside.

The desert bandits took out their scimitars and started to dig at the pile of soil.

“Could it be that the vital points of these elemental giants are actually these gems?”

Firentis swallowed his saliva secretly. Looking at the pale blue gem in Kant’s hand, his sharp eyes noticed that the a crack on it. He could not help but think of the blue light that quickly fainted when the arrow hit the water elemental giant.

Manid nodded, “That is definitely the case. ”

It was easy to guess.

Looking at the cracks of the crystal clear gemstones, it was obvious that it was formed from the impact of a sharp object. In fact, this was caused by to the arrow.

His guess was quickly confirmed. The desert bandits outside quickly returned.

“Lord, there are indeed seven gemstones.”

The desert bandits held the seven pale-yellow gemstones in both hands. There were also cracks on the seven gemstones caused by the heavy struck. Combined with the appearance of the water elemental giant and the color of the gemstones, how could everyone not guess that these were dropped by the earth elemental giant.

They were sparkling, and seemed to have the majestic aesthetic of the earth.

They were like the most elegant yellow gemstones.

Of course, without looking at the cracks, it was indeed so.

Kant frowned slightly and turned to look at the leader of the trade caravan. His tone was somewhat helpless as he said, “Then, my dear leader of the trade caravan, I wonder if this kind of gemstone will be adored by the nobles of the Kingdom of Vaegirs? ”

The leader of the trade caravan had an awkward expression. “Lord, these cracked gemstones… are not for sale.”

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