Chapter 105: The Elemental Giant killed

Everyone was ready.

20 Ravenstern Rangers walked up to the top of the city wall, holding white heavy bows in their hands. They pulled out cone-shaped arrows from their quivers and nocked them on their bowstrings.

30 Swadian Infantrymen and 41 Swadian Light Infantrymen also entered through the city gate. They gawked at the heavy wooden gate. As soon as an order was given, they could charge out of the city gate to fight.

The 20 Desert Bandits had already moved behind the dune.

As soon as orders came from the city gate, they would charge with their horses and pilums or use their short javelins to disrupt the enemies’ formations, these were their specialties.

Furthermore, 46 Swadian Heavy Cavalrymen were quietly waiting at the open space beside the city gate. If something the other troops could not handle happened, they and their horses would appear on the battlefield. They were the “cruiser tanks”.

They would crush any enemy like a great flood!

“Very good.”

Kant praised them in his heart. That was a reliable elite troop.

His mind was about to communicate with the system, but the system contacted him first.

[ Ding… Temporary Side Quest issued ]

[ Temporary Side Quest 1: Kill All the Earth Elemental Giants ]

[ Temporary Side Quest 2: Kill all the Water Elemental Giants ]

[ Reward 1: Grouse’s Nest × 5]

[ Reward 2: Desert Bees’ Nest × 10]

[ Reward (additional): Spring Returns (All the date palm tree enters the flowering stage.)]

[ Introduction: You are ready to use these rare items, but a mysterious force that tells you that the elemental giants summoned by them are not under your control. But fortunately, you can kill them and let them know what you rely on. ]

The system dialog box popped up on his retina.

This was a temporary side quest from the system, but Kant glanced at it and frowned.

Two side quests.

Three rewards.

Kant had never encountered this kind of task before.

“But it’s fine.”

Slowly letting out a breath, Kant’s expression hardened.

Since the system had already issued him a side quest, he would just do it.

It was just a battle.

Even in the introduction, the system had hinted that these elemental giants could be killed by his troops. This made Kant feel even more confident.

“Then I’ll start with you. ”

Kant exhaled gently, communicating with the system in his mind.

He held the [ Page of Fertile Soil ] in his hand. As the system connected with his mind, he was sort of enlightened. Although he still did not understand the reason behind it, Kant had a feeling that he was born with the power, he said softly, “Summon the Earth Elemental Giants.”

A mysterious connection instantly formed. Through the rare object in his hand, the mysterious energy was suddenly released violently!

“Hum —”

Space was seemingly trembling, a certain soft sound was heard.

On the top of the city wall, the 20 Ravenstrern Rangers who were ready for the battle suddenly drew the heavy bow in their hands into the shape of a full moon. They were master archers who honed their superb archery skills in the Misty Mountains. The cone-shape arrows were aimed at the sandy ground in front of them.

Their faces were extremely grave, and there was even a hint of astonishment in the depths of their eyes.

It wasn’t just them.

Even the Swadian Heavy Cavalrymen on the city gate, the leaders of the trade caravan, as well as Firentis and Manid, were also filled with astonishment.

Kant, who had already mentally prepared himself, was also surprised.

In an area about 30 meters away from the city wall, ripples that looked like water waves appeared on the surface of the sandy ground that Kant had been looking at, and the sand grains and mud began to rise and condense in an extremely short time.

In just three to five seconds.

Seven humanoid creatures that were nearly two and a half meters tall and covered in mud appeared in front of them.

Two dim yellow lights were flickering in the area that seemed to be a head.

They were just like eyes. When they saw Kant and the others on the city wall, muffled roars were heard. They stepped forward, raised their huge hands that were completely made of mud, and stomped toward Kant.

Their bodies seemed to be very heavy.

Their feet sank into the sand with every step they took, but they did not care at all as they moved forward, approaching the city wall at a rather fast speed.

The seven Earth Elemental Giants were like fearless berserkers!

Kant narrowed his eyes. The Earth Elemental Giants that were once recorded in the books were indeed so ugly, just like mud sculptures of the worst quality. However, because of their elemental bodies, they were as strong as two adults together.

They did not fear death.

It was because these Earth Elemental Giants were magical creatures born from the Plane of the Earth Element. They were something between living things and matter.

To them, death was just returning to their original state.

However, their brute strength and the fact that they did not have a body of flesh and blood nor any obvious vital points would give any enemy a hard time. On the battlefield, these Earth Elemental Giants were like some powerful infantries who did not know fatigue. They would kill until they fall.

Rumor has it that mages from certain schools had researched and constructed golems based on these elemental giants, and they were very powerful.

Of course, Kant had only read about it in a book, and the author got the information from hearsay.

The most critical problem Kant was facing now was how to deal with these seven Earth Elemental Giants who were menacing and were obviously hostile. What could he do to make them stop?

Beside him, some burly figures moved forward.

Ten Swadian Infantrymen were holding their shields, standing shoulder to shoulder. The longswords that were meticulously made by blacksmiths had already been drawn from their sheaths.

They were fearless in the face of danger.

Firentis had also recovered from his initial shock. He pulled out his knight’s sword and said solemnly, “My Lord, these monsters are definitely not friendly. Do you wish to give the order to attack? ”

Kant nodded and said without hesitation, “Open fire!”

“Open fire!”

When Firentis heard Kant’s order, he immediately turned his head and ordered the Ravenstern Rangers who were already in position on the city wall.

When the Earth Elemental Giant appeared, they had already drawn their heavy bows into the shape of a full moon. Before the order could completely escape Firentis’ mouth, the Ravenstern Rangers, masters of archery skills, had already released the strings.

“Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh — ”

The cone-shape arrows were moving at an extreme speed, the arrowheads easily tore through the air and flashed through space.

The archery skills taught by the hunting barbarians in the Misty Mountains made these rangers the greatest master archers in Ravenstern with excellent eyesight, high accuracy, and fierce shooting. They targeted the faces of the Earth Elemental Giants.

To be more precise, they aimed at the spots where the two balls of shimmering yellow light that seemed to be their eyes were located.

“Bang — ”

Broken pieces of mud were flying everywhere.

The slender and sharp arrowhead pierced directly into the Earth Elemental Giant’s “eyes” that were shimmering with yellow light. The tails of the arrows buzzed while the arrowheads were buried deep inside their heads, and they seemed to have hit something because the seven Earth Elemental Giants, who were originally charging forward aggressively, instantly stopped moving and froze on the spot.

The firing range was less than 10 meters, and that was nothing to these Ravenstern Rangers who were a Class-5 troop.

However, at the top of the city gate, the Swadian Infantrymen held the heavy fan shields in their hands and still did not dare move their feet. Looking at the Earth Elemental Giants who were relatively close to them, they could even see that their bodies, which were made of soil, were still slightly green.

It seemed to be a grass species that had sprouted and grown on these Earth Elemental Giants.

Soon after, the bodies of the seven Earth Elemental Giants began to tremble slightly. The cone-shape arrows pierced deeply into their eye sockets on the blurry faces on their heads.

The dim yellow light dispersed at a speed visible to the naked eye through the arrow shaft.

The bodies of all the Earth Elemental Giants trembled even more intensely now.

In an instant, they collapsed into a large amount of soil. The entire Earth Elemental Giant’s two and a half meters tall and broad body had turned into a pile of soil on the sandy ground outside the city wall.

“Is it over?” Manid sounded somewhat doubtful.

The leader of the trade caravan also mustered up his courage and took a few quick steps forward. When he arrived at the edge of the city gate, he looked at the seven piles of soil not far away and gulped, “Were they really all… killed? ”

He could not describe it with words. A human-shaped object made of a pile of soil was killed. What word could he use to describe it?

“Yes, they were indeed killed.” Kant nodded.

The Earth Elemental Giants should be considered a different kind of life form. After all, death existed.

However, he had carefully observed the battle. He turned his head and said to Firentis, “It seems that the vital points of these Earth Elemental Giants are not their bodies, but their eyes that are flashing with light. They are like the human heart and head. ”

“That is indeed the case, My Lord,” Firentis nodded. He also noticed that.

“Next comes the Water Elemental Giants. ”

Kant was calm. He was not proud of killing these seven Earth Elemental Giants.

Putting down the [ Page of Fertile Soil ] in his hand, Kant took out the [ Page of Clear Spring]. His mind was connected to the system. That mysterious power appeared in his mind once again. It was as if he had practiced it countless times. He said softly, “Summon the Water Elemental Giants. ”

“Hum — ”

As soon as he said that, a soft voice that seemed to tremble the space was again heard.

It was still within Kant’s line of sight.

The grains of sand instantly became darker. This was because they were stained with water.

And within the grains of sand, clear water rapidly emerged. Within an extremely short period, they rapidly took shape and turned into humanoid creatures that were more than two meters tall. Their entire bodies were as clear as water, with a faint blue color, and deep blue light was emitting from the structures that seemed to be their eyes on the heads. And that seemed to be the center of a Water Elemental Giant.

These two Water Elemental Giants did not have legs. Below their waists, there was only water. They were equally aggressive and charged at Kant and his men at a high speed. It was as if they had a deep hatred for them.

Only this time, the two of them did not go too far.

The Ravenstern Rangers, who was already in position for a long time, immediately released the bowstrings. Following piercing screams, they kept away the heavy bows in their hands and looked in front of them indifferently. Water was splashing in all directions, the water droplets seeped into the sand and disappeared.

Only some light blue fragments were left. Under the sunlight, they were flickering with beautiful blue light among the grains of sand.

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