Chapter 104: A Rare Item of High Value

The leader of the trade caravan looked at the ordinary wooden box with a puzzled expression.

Manid also looked at it.

“This is a rare item.”

Kant shrugged and said, he pulled no punches.

Since they were all in this together, he opened the wooden box. The bottom of the box was made of exquisite smooth velvet cloth and two pieces of paper with mysterious runes written on them were placed on it. They emitted mysterious energy and seemed to be very enchanting.

They were the Page of Fertile Soil and the Page of Clear Spring that Kant had obtained from the Jackalan shaman.

“Help me estimate the price. How many Denars would these two rare items be worth? ”

Kant pushed the open wooden box forward.

“Yes, my Lord. ”

The leader of the trade caravan immediately stood up and respectfully walked toward Kant. He lifted the wooden box with both his hands and cautiously looked at the two rare items that seemed to be pages from a book. There was a gleam in his eyes, but his expression became extremely solemn.

Kant and Manid looked at each other. It seemed that the trade caravan leader valued this kind of strange object very much.

It was indeed the case.

The leader of the trade caravan sighed and said to Kant, “My lord, if I were to estimate the price, these two rare objects would be worth more than 20,000 Denarss.” He paused for a moment and continued, “If it can be sold in Reyvadin where many nobles who have some money to spare would raise the price, the price would even increase by another 10,000 Denarss.”

Kant raised his eyebrows. 30,000 Denars.

Manid, who was sitting next to him, also looked at Kant. It was obvious that the price of these two pages had also exceeded his expectations.

They were only two pieces of paper.

The price was already so shockingly high.

In comparison, on the Continent of Caradia, the 30,000 Denars could be used to open the most expensive dye factory in any city to produce velvet cloth.

Three dye factories, to be exact!

If he directly sold them to the leader of the trade caravan in front of him, he could obtain 20,000 Denars in the shortest amount of time possible. Kant had broken his previous record in earning Denars.

Kant had been living in this world for 16 years. And the total amount of money he had earned after all these years was probably this much.

And the two pieces of paper could easily be sold for that amount of money, he could not help but shake his head and smile bitterly.

“This really surprises me,” Kant sighed softly.

“My Lord. ”

However, the leader of the trade caravan spoke with a hint of tactful dissuasion, “If it is possible, I do not think that selling these rare items is the way to go. After all, they are unique and contain mysterious power, they might come in handy someday.”

Kant frowned and looked at the two rare items in the wooden box, “Come in handy?

“Yes,” the leader of the trade caravan nodded solemnly.

Kant, on the other hand, had some doubts. He raised his head to look at the man and asked, “I don’t quite understand. Can you elaborate?”

The leader of the trade caravan who was deployed by the system definitely knew something. Perhaps this was also a hint given by the system. Although Kant did not understand, he would not let his so-called identity hold him back from asking.

If you don’t understand something, just ask. Simple as that.

The leader of the trade caravan lowered his head slightly and said apologetically, “My lord, this kind of rare items are not something I am familiar with.”

“Huh? ” Kant frowned.

He reached his hand out and took the two rare items out from the wooden box. The mysterious runes on them seemed to be conveying a secret from ancient times.

However, Kant had never studied these runes before. His was not as good as those scholars in the academy when it comes to ancient history. Thinking about this, Kant could not help but smile bitterly. If Scholar Hank was here, perhaps he could give him some leads.

But even without Scholar Hank, Kant still had his system at his disposal.

As his river of thoughts started flowing, the information about the two pages popped up on his eye’s retina.


[ Page of Fertile Soil (Incomplete) ]

[ This piece of paper with mysterious symbols on it seems to be an incomplete page that was torn from a certain book. However, it still possessed mysterious power and could communicate with the mysterious Plane of the Earth Element. Every seven days, it could summon a small group (5-10) of Earth Elemental Giants. Remark: Since the page is incomplete, the summoned creature can not be controlled. The summoned creatures are most likely hostile. ]

[ Page of Clear Spring (Incomplete)]

[ This piece of paper with mysterious symbols on it seems to be a page torn from a book. However, it still possessed mysterious power and could communicate with the mysterious Plane of Water Element. Every seven days, it could summon a small group (5-10) of Water Elemental Giants. Remark: Since the page is incomplete, the summoned creatures can not be controlled. The summoned creatures are most likely hostile.]


This was the detailed data on the two rare items. It was the system’s analysis of the rules.

The introduction was very clear.

Kant’s eyes narrowed. He seemed to be deep in thought.

“I see,” Kant raised his head and looked at the leader of the trade caravan. He asked in a deep voice, “When you mentioned that they would come in handy, they must be the elemental giants that can be summoned every week with these two pages?”

“Perhaps so,” the leader of the trade caravan lowered his head, he was not certain.

But, to Kant, it was no different from an affirmative answer.

The system’s merchant might not be able to reveal the whole structure directly, but with the guidance of certain words, what they said were just like hints from the system. Kant was not a fool, he could understand the meaning behind it.

What these two pages could do was to summon the Water Elemental Giants and the Earth Elemental Giants.

Kant was not surprised.

This kind of magical object was quite common in the games, literature, movies, and other works in his previous life.

And in this world, Kant, who studied in the academy, also learned about this kind of stuff in some books about mages. Although he was not able to go deep into the topic because he did not have enough background knowledge, at least he knew what it was.

His gaze continued to sweep across the dialog box on his retina.

Kant carefully read the introduction of the two rare objects. In the end, he made sure that he did not miss or misunderstand anything.

Kant closed the dialog box and directly instructed Manid, “Go and inform Firentis. Gather 30 Swadian infantrymen and 20 Ravenstern Rangers outside the east gate. Get ready for battle.”

“Understood.” Manid immediately stood up and nodded. He bowed to Kant and quickly left.

At present, the situation in the Oasis Lookout changed with thunder-like violence and wind-like swiftness all the time.

Kant also stood up and smiled at the leader of the trade caravan who was still waiting, “If there’s nothing else, let’s go and take a look together. This might be the first time that things like elemental giants appeared on the Continent of Caradia.”

“Their names sounded strange to me.”

The leader of the trade caravan bowed respectfully, and he said with gratitude, “It’s my honor, my Lord. ”

Kant chuckled, “Let’s go.”

The garrisons in the Oasis Lookout had always been loose on the outside, but tight on the inside.

As Kant gave the order, Firentis immediately gathered his troops, and they began to assemble.

30 Swadian Infantrymen and 20 Ravenstern Rangers were all present. To ensure the town’s safety, Firentis also deployed 41 Swadian Infantrymen as patrols and 20 Desert Bandits as reinforcements.

Even the 46 Swadian Heavy Cavalrymen were in formation on the open ground not far from the east gate.

Since moving the 20 Ravenstern Rangers who were keeping a lookout and observing on the top floor of the council hall might cause them to lose control of the surrounding situation, Firentis could only let part of the Swadian Infantry be in charge of standing guard. If it was not the case, Firentis almost wanted to gather all the troops that the current Oasis Lookout had.

All of this was done for the sake of Kant’s safety.

After all, Kant was the lord whom they respected the most. Nothing could go wrong.

Soon, Kant came over from the council hall.

The leader of the trade caravan accompanied him, Manid and Firentis also went over.

“Lord Kant, the troops are assembled.”

Firentis answered very solemnly.

“Yes, very good.” Kant nodded.

Turning his head to look at the stairs at the city wall, he walked over and took the stairs to reach the top of the six-meter-tall city gate. Compared to the five-meter-tall stone city wall, it was clear that he was more satisfied with the thick stone city gate in terms of both width and sturdiness.

It was necessary to be cautious when facing the elemental giants.

“Lord, shall we begin?” Firentis asked.


Kant shook his head and pointed at the troops that were already lined up below. He instructed Firentis, “Have the Ravenstern Rangers stand guard on the city wall. All infantrymen stand by the inner gate. Move the cavalry behind the dune, they will attack at any time.”

Upon hearing the series of orders, Firentis was stunned. He could not help but say, “We will not have any defense on the outside of the city wall.”

Without the position on the outside of the city wall, the city wall would be exposed to the enemy’s attack range.

If this was a desperate battle, it might not matter.

But now, Lord Kant was still waiting on the city gate. If the enemy attacked the city wall or even appeared above the city wall, the Lord would be in danger. It was unacceptable to Firentis.

Manid and the leader of the trade caravan also advised, “Lord Kant, this is indeed very dangerous. ”

“This can’t be considered dangerous.”

Kant was calm, the corners of his mouth curled up into a smile, “They are only elemental giants of the lowest level.”

Kant turned his head and chuckled, the knowledge he gained from the academy gave him confidence, “Don’t worry. These elemental giants can not be called true giants. If these low-level fellows can break through the city walls, we might as well give up the Oasis Lookout and return to the Dukedom of Leo and let the noble take care of us.”

“Then, Lord Kant, please remain vigilant.”

Seeing his reaction, Firentis nodded and did not try to dissuade them. He waved his hand and ordered the troops to follow the orders.

However, to ensure Kant’s safety, Firentis still gathered 10 Swadian Infantrymen and held a thick fan-shaped shield to guard the city gate. If any unexpected accidents happened, there would be time to react.

And the troops were all ready.

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