Chapter 103: Wei Jiya’s Quest

Occasionally, Kant would interrupt and say something that he knew about the background of the game, which attracted the admiration of the two of them. This made the breakfast very harmonious, at least there was not a bit unpleasant.

They were all people from the system, so Kant could be relaxed, at least there was no need for scheming.

In their happy conversation, they finished their breakfast.

The long-prepared servants came over to clean up the tableware. At the same time, they quickly wiped the long table with two dry and wet towels.

The table was cleaned and tidy.

The leader of the trade caravan became serious. He knew it was time to talk about some serious matters.

“How was breakfast, do you like it?”

Kant wiped his mouth with a handkerchief and asked casually.

“It’s delicious.”, the leader of the trade caravan answered immediately. At the same time, he said happily, “Especially the gazelle meat. The taste is very fresh.”

“The sand gazelle that was killed not long ago. ”

Kant nodded with a smile and said with a hint of helplessness, “This may be one of the few benefits in the desert. As long as the meat is hung in a dark place to dry, it is easy to preserve the meat. Unlike other places, if it is not well preserved, it will rot.”

“No wonder.”, the leader of the trade caravan replied.

Manid, who was beside him, asked with a smile, “Then do you accept this gazelle meat?”

Kant also looked at the leader of the trade caravan.

In fact, this was what he wanted to ask.

If the trade caravan, as a system merchant, accepted the gazelle meat, Kant and others could mass hunt the sand gazelles that migrated across the Senwaya Range every month. They could turn these little fluffy cuties into denars.

However, Kant and Manid’s plans were clearly failed.

The leader of the trade caravan said hesitantly, “Lord Kant, we don’t simply accept everything…”

This was a tactful refusal.

Kant was not mad. This was the rule of the system and had nothing to do with the leader of the trade caravan.

After pondering for a moment, Kant put down the handkerchief in his hand and looked at the leader of the trade caravan. He asked, “Then what can you buy? If possible, I will try my best to get my men to prepare it. This way, we can form long-term cooperation. ”

Since the leader of the trade caravan said that he wouldn’t buy everything.

It also meant that were somethings that he could buy.


The leader of the trade caravan nodded and replied, “Like the Jackalans from before, they are very popular in the Kingdom of Vaegirs. ”

“Slave trade. “, Manid added on the side.

The leader of the trade caravan didn’t beat around the bush, instead, he said straight away, “The Kingdom of Vaegirs is rich in iron ore, and beneath the vast snowy plains by the Coudun River, there are countless iron ores. These are the precious resources of our Kingdom of Vaegirs. As long as we can mine more iron ores, we will be able to earn more denar. ”

“Oh, that sounds good.”, Kant nodded. He obviously knew this.

After all, Coudun was a famous location for trading. The iron ore produced in this city and its village could be sold for two to three times the price in other cities. In Wercheg, a place where the iron ore was extremely lacked, it could even be sold for ten times the price!

The leader of the trade caravan also added, “Because the iron ore in the snowfield is difficult to mine, digging a mine in the snow and permafrost is also a threat to the miners’ lives. Therefore, a large number of slaves are needed to be recruited every year. The owners of the iron ore mine express their admiration for the strong and durable Jackalan. They believe that this stupid race can be the best slave miners, so they will spend a large amount of denar to buy these slaves. They are very popular commodities.”


As a former leader of a large-scale trade caravan, Manid nodded and said to Kant, “Every year, the Kingdom of Vaegirs buys a large number of slaves, but apart from the war years, there are not many slaves to buy.”

“But this is very good.” Kant nodded with a smile.

He did not care about what would happen to the Jackalan. He only cared about the denar that he could obtain.

With a slight shrug, Kant said to the leader of the trade caravan, “We have recently captured another 120 Jackalan captives, and I plan to have a hunt to capture more Jackalan soon. I hope you have enough denar to buy.”

“Of course, I brought enough money this time.”

The leader of the trade caravan nodded.

At this point, he seemed to have remembered something. He took out a letter from his pocket and respectfully placed it on the table. He said to Kant, “King Yarogelk of the Kingdom of Vaegirs has this to entrusted me an expression of his sincere respect to you. ”

Kant was slightly stunned as he stared at the letter.

As the ruler of the snowy plains at the beginning of the game, the King Yarogelk of the Kingdom of Vaegirs was very well-known.

Now, the king sent a letter to him.

Manid was good at reading people’s thoughts. He immediately picked up the envelope on the table and placed it in front of Kant. At the same time, he said softly, “The people of Vaegirs are very forthright. It should be a letter to express their greetings to you.”

“Is that so?”, Kant picked up the envelope and gently tore it open.

He could understand the letter written in the Vaegirs language. The paragraph was not long, so it was indeed a greeting.

Moreover, in Kant’s eyes, these greetings were very respectful. This king of the Vaegirs had completely placed himself in a weak position. Even the final discussion seemed to be a request.

When Kant finished reading the letter, a dialog box popped up on his screen.

[ Ding… Special Quest issued ]

[ Special Quest: the quest of the Kingdom of Vaegirs ]

[ Reward: Honor × 5]

[ Introduction: the snowy plains of the Kingdom of Vaegirs are rich in iron ore. This is the main source of revenue for their national treasury. However, due to the geological structure, mining iron ore was undoubtedly a difficult problem. The King of Vaegirs promised that if you could send 500 Jackalan slaves, then you would gain the friendship of the Kingdom of Vaegirs. ]

Kant quickly glanced at the mission dialog box.

He raised his eyebrows slightly. It was a special quest that he had not encountered for a long time.

“500 Jackalan slaves.”, Kant’s tongue brushed past his lips, and a smile appeared on his face. He nodded to the leader of the trade caravan and said, “Go back and tell King Yarogelk that I am very happy to solve the problem of the scarcity of miners for him.”

“You are the most generous.”, the leader of the trade caravan stood up and bowed respectfully.

“Of course.” Kant smiled.

How could he give up the five honor points? This meant he could randomly draw the rich rewards in the system mall five times!

Not to mention he had the plan to gather troops and conduct a large-scale capture of slaves so that the defeated Jackalan would completely lose the ability to contend with Kant.

Otherwise, when the expedition army of the Kingdom of Grey Mane arrived, these low-level Jackalan might be gathered by them again.


Manid spoke at this moment. He took a plate of fine white salt from the table and placed it in front of the leader of the trade caravan. He asked, “This is high-grade salt. Don’t you know that the Kingdom of Veagirs needs this?”

Kant also looked at the trade caravan leader.

“Oh.” The trade caravan leader’s face showed embarrassment and hesitation.

“Don’t you need this kind of goods?”

Kant was a little curious. Although Vaegirs was close to the sea and had its own coastline, it didn’t have the skills to boil salt or dry salt. They usually bought the salt from the Nords of Wercheg, who had mastered the skills to boil salt.

Logically speaking, these Vaegirs definitely needed salt.

Manid also frowned slightly. He obviously did not expect that the leader of the trade caravan would give up the idea of buying table salt.

“Sorry, my Lord.”

The leader of the trade caravan looked very ashamed and guilty. He said to Kant, “We can not buy things that are not produced by your territory, Drondheim, because this is the Land of Miracles. ”

“Land of Miracles?”, Kant’s said with a strange look.

However, looking at the leader of the trade caravan’s guilty look, he nodded and said, “It’s okay.”. It was probably the request of the system. According to Kant’s understanding of the system, this could mean that an item that did not come from the system, could not be exchanged for denar.

Kant knew about this before.

He initially thought that the system would allow hard work trade and perhaps let go of this rule.

But he didn’t expect it still to be the same.

The leader of the trade caravan also put down the plate of fine white salt regretfully, he said to Kant, “As far as I know, the goods that can be brought back from the Land of Miracles, other than the items produced by your estate and the Jackalan slaves, only gold and rare items can be brought back. And these two items can bring you a rich reward.”

Kant was slightly stunned and soon caught the keywords in the words of the leader of the trade caravan.

“Gold and… rare items?”

Kant raised his eyebrows. In this world, the prices of these two items were a bit high.

Gold basically was not something that a peasant can acquire. It was a currency that circulated between noble families. Moreover, it was a special material that mages used to cast spells. Its value was equal to one gold coin, which could be exchanged for eighty great silver coins.

It was difficult for ordinary merchants to accept it. Even the smaller noble families probably did not have many gold coins.

As for rare items, they were even more precious.

Gold could at least be bought if one had money, but rare items that possessed extraordinary powers were not something that could be bought just because one wanted to. The owners have all kept it as a treasure of their families. Unless their families were at risk, they would not take out these rare items. When Kant was studying in the academy, he had read about them in books.

However, Kant reached out his hand and knocked on the table. He just happened to have a few rare items.

For example, [ Intimidation ], [ Page of fertile soil ], [ Page of clear spring ], and [ Sun disk ] were all rare items that Kant had obtained and indirectly returned by the system.

Among them, [ Intimidation ] and [ Sun disc ] were the most useful.

One was a war artifact, and the other was installed at the top of the sentry tower. It cooled down the temperature of the sun during the day and increased the temperature at night, making Kant sleep quite comfortably at night.

As for [ Page of fertile soil ] and [ Page of clear spring ], these two thin pieces of paper, Kant didn’t know what to do with them.

“Come here, I have something I need you to do.”

Narrowing his eyes, Kant turned his head and beckoned to the servant beside him, “Go to my room and take my box. It’s in the cupboard ”

“Understood “, the servant nodded and immediately walked over.

Soon, he took down a simple wooden box and placed it on the table in front of Kant, “My lord, this is it.”, then he left politely.

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