Chapter 100: Secrets of the Kingdom of Gray Mane

Kant’s voice was calm.

He still had a faint smile on his face, and he had a young and innocent appearance just like a human teenager.

In fact, he did look like a young teenager on the surface

But as an intelligent high-level Jackalan, Asage looked at the 16-year-old human noble in front of it, its heart was beating fast. The palpitation was caused by fear.

It could sense that this young human had very poor combat strength. He could not even compare to a young Jackalan.

But he glanced to the side.

The guards in heavy iron armors were waiting. Their right hand was already holding the longsword on their waist.

Although the longsword could not smash the skull like a warhammer, the gleaming longsword could slice through the neck instantly, completely cut off the head and let it fall freely onto the ground.

“Yes, the young master of human noble. ”

Asage slightly lowered its head. In the current situation, it had no other choice.

It described everything it knew.

The Mannheim Coast was located in the extreme north of the Nahrin Desert. It was the coastal area of the Sea of Stars.

Because it was close to the vast Sea of Stars, the Mannheim Coast had high rainfall and abundant water resources. Therefore, the coastal area had dense vegetation, which could easily resist the desertification and allow countless species to flourish there.

This fertile coastal land is the home of Jackalans.

Over thousands of years, these Jackalans absorbed foreign knowledge, and formed their own culture.

In order to distinguish those in the desert, they call themselves high-level Jackalans.

In fact, it was true.

These Jackalans had gained intelligence, civilized, and developed their own civilization. They were completely different from the Jackalans in the Nahrin desert that fed blood and were more barbaric.

They were from the same origin but different clans; they were the same species but different races.

The Gray Mane Kingdom on the west side of the Mannheim Coast was the best proof.

The high-level Jackalan, who had gained wisdom and had developed, soon occupied the Mannheim coast with the Lizardmen who had also gained wisdom. Each of them established their own kingdoms and divided the territory of their race.

However the Lizardmen, who were good at water, were more suitable for living in the coastal areas.

They even once suppressed the Gray Mane Kingdom.

Then, in recent years, a large number of elves landed on the Mannheim Coast and established a republic with the name, Elven Parliament in the eastern desolate region. If it weren’t for the elves who indirectly alleviated the suppression of Lizardmen Kingdom on Gray Mane Kingdom, the high-level Jackalans would have lost the dominance of the Mannheim Coast and could only seek refuge in the inland desert.

This was also the reason why Asage, as an explorer and merchant, had ventured across the desert and brought itself here.

The high-level Jackalan of the Gray Mane Kingdom also had their own strategic plans.

The high-level Jackalan knew that the Lizardmen, who were better at naval warfare; and the elves, who were more civilized, were the two terrifying enemies to them. The Gray Mane Kingdom was unable to pose a real threat to them. They could only rely on their thousand years of experience, tactics, and their current strength to maintain the current stalemate. But the situation was worsening day by day.

As a result, the Mannheim Coast remained peaceful, but it was a stalemate before the outbreak of war.

However, as the Lizardmen opened up the sea trading line and connected with the outer sea trade, their economic development and strength increased extremely fast.

Although the Elven Parliament had the least number of people and occupied smaller land.

However, due to their colonial nature, the elves could transfer troops from the outer seas elven headquarters at any time, and their strength also increased extremely quickly. They could become a giant republic in the next few years.

The Elven Parliament on the Mannheim Coast was intentionally a colony of the elven mainland after all.

Only the Gray Mane Kingdom made no progress.

In order to make use of their advantage in land warfare and the ability to withstand heat and cold, the high-level Jacklans took the risk and organized several teams to go deep into the Nahrin Desert. They planned to find an inland human kingdom by following the descriptions of the low-level Jackalan from ten years ago.

In fact, they crossed the desert and arrived here smoothly by following the route of the low-level Jackalan.

Not only did they found the traces of the human kingdom, Asage as a merchant had also found a natural salt mine. As the news traveled back, it had stimulated the Gray Mane Kingdom. The kingdom planned to send out huge troops to establish a new estate.

However, AsageI’s fate was tragic.

It was the first to explore Nahrin desert and opened a safe route, but it was captured by Kant.

It lost the honor and money that it supposed to has. Asage didn’t even know if he could survive or not.

There were human merchants on Mannheim Coast.

In the eyes of the high-level Jackalan, although there were some strong extraordinary humans, but most ordinary human were extremely weak. A normal human adult could not even defeat a weak young Jackalan. This was why they dared to carry out their invasion plan.

On the battlefield, even the lizardmen and the elves were terrified by the heavily armored Jackalan warriors.

How could a weak ordinary human defeated them?

Asage slowly shut its mouth. After a long time of talking, its mouth was dry.

This was all it knew.

“Well, very good.” Kant nodded, still wearing a smile on his face.

Asage’s eyes glanced at his smiling face, and its heart was flustered. This kind of noble-style smile was just like a stretching exercise for his cheek, the smile clearly did not reflect his mood.

This made its heart even more flustered.

Swallowing its saliva, it suppressed the fear in its heart and said, “I hope that you can give me a chance to prove my worth.”

“Huh?” Kant was still thinking.

Asage did spit out a lot of information, which brought a lot of information on the new world to Kant.

But after hearing this, Kant smiled and asked, “What kind of value can you bring me?”


Asage swallowed its saliva as if it had grabbed onto a life-saving straw.., it said anxiously, “I’m different from those low-level Jackalan in the desert. I can rely on you and help you investigate the information of the Gray Mane Kingdom, and I can also be a middleman. I can buy whatever you lack. The commerce in Mannheim Coast is very developed, there are plenty of goods there.”

“Is that so?”

Kant raised his eyebrows slightly, showing great interest.

Asage’s eyes revealed a slight of joy.

But in its heart, it was thrilled. As a merchant, it knew how to deceive the other people, especially such young master of human noble. Perhaps Kant held great power, but in terms of ability to judge, he was obviously not good.

Asage swore that if it could leave this place, it would let the troops of the Gray Mane Kingdom flatten this place!

This prison was the place that robbed its wealth and future. It had been imprisoned for so many days. The hatred in its heart was simply hard to wash away.

At this moment, it had to act obediently.

Asage’s eyes were filled with hatred. The smile on its face became even more sincere because its was already thinking about how to torture these damned humans and let them know the terror of a high-level Jackalan!

“Well, in that case.”

Kant smiled and turned his head to look at his left and right sides.

Those were Firentis and Manid, the leaders of his army and trade caravan, as well as his current generals and advisors. He slightly shrugged his shoulders and asked, “What do you think? ”

“Not bad.” Firentis frowned and nodded.

“Very good.” Manid smiled, looking particularly optimistic.

Kant raised his eyebrows and nodded. “That’s good.”

These two gave him positive replies. Although they were worried, they still agreed with that.

“Thank you so much.”

Asage lost its fear and appeared to be quite excited.

It thought that it was safe.

Kant did not explain anything. Instead, he gently knocked on the table and said in a calm tone, “Mannheim Coast, Gray Mane Kingdom, Advanced Jackalan, complete developed civilization.”

Asage looked at him in confusion.

Kant nodded and smiled. “Very good.”

“Of course, of course.”

Asage continued to smile, but in its heart, it was cursing this damn young human.

When he kneeled in front of it in the future, Asage would lock Kant in the basement and let him have a taste of being imprisoned. Then, Asage would throw him into the pot to cook. It did not mind to taste the meat of other races.

“Take it out and get rid of it.”

Kant looked at the smile on Asage’s face and shook his head with a smile.

“Yes, my Lord.” Asage was confused, then it was dragged by the Swadian footman.

“Wait, wait.”

Asage’s eyes were full of panic. “My Lord, my humble human lord, what happened? What happened?”

It was not clear why Kant, who was just talking and laughing just now, asked the guards to drag it out. Moreover, it looked like they were going to kill it!

But Kant did not answer it.

What answered it was a well-made heater shield.

Asage’s face was hit hard by the shield of the Swadian footman. The sudden hit caused a concussion, making it dizzy. Blood splattered out of its mouth and nose, it couldn’t say anything.

Then it was dragged out of the hall with the chain, and out the door.

“Boo-hoo-hoo… uh…”

The slight crackling sound of a sword came through the wooden door.

The Swadian footman reentered, their linen robe and scabbard stained with blood.

“It’s done.” he reported.

“Well done.” Kant nodded, his face still calm.

He just turned his head to look at Firentis and Manid, he said in a deep voice, “Since we have the confidence to contend with the Gray Mane Kingdom, then we must act as soon as possible. I don’t want to be stabbed in the back by the nobles of the Dukedom of Leo when we’re dealing with the Gray Mane Kingdom. Otherwise, we will be doomed.”

“Lord, this is very simple.”

Manid chuckled. “They won’t know anything about the Gray Mane Kingdom.”

“I will do everything I can to trap the expedition army of the Gray Mane Kingdom in the desert,” Firentis added solemnly.

“Okay.” Kant nodded and slightly clenched his fist. “Since the Dukedom of Leo is like an iron wall, we can’t infiltrate it. But we can develop toward the Mannheim Coast. After all, that place is not only the territory of the high-level Jackalan.”

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