Chapter 99: Kant’s coercion

And so, Kant finished the zoning of Oasis Lookout.

The agricultural area in the north, the livestock area in the west, the resident and craft area in the south, and the military zone in the east.

The construction of the stone walls would proceed according to these four areas.

Kant thought of establishing a trading zone but he not to. After all, in the future, the trading activities with the system will fully rely on the grocery stores. There was no need to let the natives of this world entered the fortress during the trading.

In order to keep the location of the salt mine a secret, Kant planned to set up the trading area in the posthouse.

Not a single trade caravan could enter the Oasis Lookout.

If they wanted to trade table salt, they could only do so at the posthouse. If there were people up to no good and tried to inspect the truth, they will be executed if they ignored the warning. As the Lord, Kant was not bound to any laws and he could kill civilians.

Was everyone equal before the law?


This statement was like a joke to the nobles.

Moreover, such a statement was meaningless in this world, as the bloodline and the social class were highly valued.

Perhaps there was another saying.

The law was the friendly assistant of the nobles to rule.

It was the true interpretation of the law.

This was particularly true for Kant. As a baron, although he was far away from the Dukedom of Leo, he had his own territory. He was more like a ruler who was far away from all those authorities. He could issue decrees or set rules on his own.

After finished the zoning, Kant had a plan in his mind.

His thoughts flew.

The data flow that floated in his mind instantly manifested into real substance and emerged at the Oasis Lookout.

The stone material for the wall was cut from the massive rock. The stone wall was rapidly forming and extending, separating the spring water from the agricultural area in the north. The water channels that were previously built were also cut off. The stone wall even extended from the east of the lake and the street entrance of the sugar workshop to the south. After extending to the desert, the new open space could be used for new houses. Then, the wall turned a sharp 90 degrees. From the training ground and the mill, the extending wall connected to another end of the wall where spring water was. The stone wall seemed to have formed a standard rectangular shape.

This the rectangular fortress as he planned.

The entire Drondheim was protected by the city wall and separated the spring water from the lake. Although the city wall had passageways connected to the lake and the spring water, these narrow holes were too narrow that only ducks, geese, and other small animals were able to drill in and out.

This was to secure the water demand of the fortress.

Even if they were surrounded by a large number of enemies, the troops could still use the spring water inside the city wall for replenishment.

Moreover, the small lake was only about 30 meters wide. If the enemies wanted to replenish the lake water, they would have to face the threat of the archers on the city wall. Every time the enemies want to replenish the water for their army, they would have to pay a certain price.

Although the enemies could replenish the lake water, it was actually the trap by Kant to lurk them in.

[ Ding… system prompt ]

[ This time, the stone city wall can build two additional city gates. Please choose the location of the city gates to build. ]

Kant’s mind was still in God’s view.

The system popped up a dialog box.

However, Kant was already prepared. With just a thought, a six-meter-tall, four-meter-wide stone gate appeared in the East Military Area, and the residents and crafts area on the south side. The gate was made up of 20 centimeters thick wooden panels that were nailed together. It was further reinforced by iron boards that were embedded in it. The defensive effect of the gate was great.

At this point, the construction of the city walls had been completed.

“Whew. ” Kant slowly opened his eyes and let out a long breath.

He returned from God’s view.

He was still sitting on his chair, in front of a long table. It was felt like he had just ascended into the sky and his soul had completely left his body.

This was, of course, the power of the system.

In the council hall, which had already converted into a military tower, there were pine oil torches on the walls. The torches brought light to the dark surrounding, one could barely see things in the hall.

An increase in the defensive effect also caused a decrease in the comfort level.

There were a gain and a loss.

Kant stood up and walked outside. The two Swadian footmen who were guarding the door were still the two who were guarding the entrance of the council hall. When they saw Kant coming over, they immediately straightened their chests and released vigorous energy.

“My Lord, my respects to you.”

The two of them saluted at the same time.

“Very good. ” Kant nodded.

The two of them stretched out their hands politely and pushed the heavy wooden door open.

Kant walked in.

The troops of Firentis and Swadian were still waiting for orders.

Everyone was quiet, but they were in high spirits. The elites released an aura that can condense the air. Even Kant had seen the strongest knight troop in the Dukedom of Leo. Their spirit, energy, and spirit were truly something.

This was his troop.

Kant smiled and said happily, “Thank you for your hard work. ”

“Everything is for you, for Svaldia. ”

Firentis who was in the front answered solemnly. His words represented the thoughts of all the soldiers behind him.

Kant smiled and nodded. He looked at the city wall in front of him that had already taken shape. The Oasis Lookout was safely protected by these solid and thick stone walls. It was like the inside of the wall and the outside of the wall were two completely different separated worlds.

With this city wall, ‘Drondheim’ truly became a fortress.

Only then, he truly took root in the Oasis Lookout.

“Firentis,” Kant said.

“I’ll listen to your orders, my Lord, ” Fateh replied.

His tone slowed down, Kant ordered, “Cancel the troop assembly and immediately organize the city defense system. ”

“Understood. ” Firentis nodded in response.

As a military noble, Firentis had his own unique views on the command and arrangement of the Swadian troops. This was the teachings of his family, and his lesson as a Swadian, as well as the experience he gained from his long travels.

The troops quickly dispersed, but it was not chaotic.

The heavy cavalry of Swadian moved first, and then the footmen and light footmen followed.

The planning for the desert area in the eastern military zone had been done. Although they didn’t build the military barracks and other military structures in that area yet, it was still can be used as a temporary camp. The soldiers were on guard regularly, and those who were nearby the eastern gate could react in time as well.

The rangers of Ravenstern were divided into groups, and they were stationed at the top floor of the council hall and towards the direction of the city wall.

Everything was in perfect order.

“Alright, the current Oasis Lookout has reached a new chapter. ”

Kant narrowed his eyes, and his eyes were filled with coldness.

He turned his head to Manid and Firentis, who had returned from deploying the troops, said, “Come with me. I remember that we once captured a guy who claimed himself a high-level Jackalan. It spoke the fluent human language and gave me the feeling that it really was a high-level elite. ”

Firentis and Manid were not amused by Kant’s joke.

Firentis walked in front, he led the way and said, “He was previously imprisoned in the basement of the council hall. ”

“So it is now? ” Kant smiled.

Returned to the council hall, the once narrow hall had become a four-meter-high spacious hall. There were no extra rooms and kitchens anymore. If they removed the long table, it would not be a problem to hold a ball in the hall.

Kant understood that this was a transition to the castle hall.

Although many rooms in the council hall had disappeared after leveled up, the basement was still existed and even expanded.

Asage, a self-claimed high-level Jackalan, who came from the Kingdom of Grey Mane on the Mannheim coast. It was imprisoned in the basement that had been converted into a prison cell. The wooden door of the prison was locked with iron chains. If there were any unusual sounds, the guards in the hall would go over to check.

Kant had once given an order that if the situation was at stake, the guards were allowed to kill.

They couldn’t let a high-level Jackalan from a foreign land escaped, even if the soldiers had to kill it when necessary.

“Lord, please wait a moment. ”

When they came to the corner of the hall, there was a lid on top of the stairway.

After opening it, there was the basement that had been converted into a prison cell. A Swadian footman led them to the prison cell. As the iron chain was unlocked, the footman brought up Asage, who was heavily guarded and both of his hands were restrained by an iron chain.

Kant narrowed his eyes and looked at the well-dressed Jackalan.

Even he could tell that this Jackalan’s mental status was weaken compared to when they first met.

It looked exactly like a human.

For some reason, Kant could not stop thinking when he looked at this beast-like humanoid creature. He kept staring at Asage, and his eyes revealed his worry.

That was indeed the case.

Its long sharp fangs can be seen in between its lips, with its wolf-like head and the gigantic body, it was indeed a beast.

But in reality, this Jackalan was really what it claimed to be.

It was really a high-level Jackalan, possessing emotions that were similar to humans, or perhaps it could be said that it possessed intelligence that was as good as humans. This was what Kant worried about, his eyes exposed the fear in his heart.

Wild beasts were not scary, just like the Jackalan tribe in the Nahrin Desert.

However, if these wild beasts became civilized and formed a civilized country, then they became scary.

“Come out, behave yourself. ”

The Swadian footman said with his deep voice. He rudely pulled the chain and dragged Asage’s hairy head to the basement stair. He even gave it a strong kick with his iron boots.

These Level-4 soldiers fought in a fierce battle, they were frightening.

Moreover, this Jackalan’s hands were restrained by the iron chains, and his legs were also shackled. It was heavily guarded.

“Alright, be gentle with our friend. ”

Kant ordered the footman to drawback.

Kant looked at the Jackalan and said, “I know you can understand human language and how to speak it. Now, I think we should have a good talk. ”

The restrained Asage raised his head.

The wolf-like head looked at Kant, it revealed with a human-like fear on its face. “At your command, your excellency human lord. ”

“Let’s talk about your hometown. ”

Kant smiled and was very happy with its tactfulness. “For example, the Mannheim Coast and Gray Mane Kingdom.”

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