Chapter 98: Chapter 98. The fortress of Oasis Lookout (first order in ten thousand words)

Fathis soon returned, followed by Suno’s team.

Among the 200 peasant, there were five carriages full of supplies. Under the tarpaulin, sacks were piled up. They were the grains, dried meat, and dried sausage that they had purchased in Suno. They were all food that could be stored conveniently.

When they arrived at Oasis Lookout, they all looked at this small oasis curiously.

However, the 50 Swadian infantry that were accompanying them were much calmer. They formed a formation and stood upright.

These were all outstanding warriors who had experienced many battles.

One could tell just by looking at their equipment.

Everyone was wearing infantry chain armor similar to the heavy cavalry. They wore flat-topped helmets. However, they did not wear cloaks as they specialized in combat. Instead, they wore a layer of nail-studded leather armor on the outer layer of the infantry chain armor, it was used to prevent long-range arrows from piercing through the armor plates, as well as knife and sword attacks from close-range enemies. It could indeed be called a heavy footman just by relying on defense.

In the battle sequence of the SWADIAN troops, their role was to resist the enemy troops head-on and maintain the stability of the front line.

They held up the heater shield, which was embedded with nails on the iron edge of their left arm, and held tightly onto the hand-and-a-half swords that were meticulously crafted by the blacksmiths. In front of the overwhelming charge of the heavy cavalry, they were the reliable guarantee of firmly defending the defensive line.

Kant looked at these swadian infantry soldiers with satisfaction, who were still in high spirits after a long journey.

“they are elites worthy of recognition. ” Kant nodded to himself.

And with the addition of these 50 Swadian Infantry, the troops of Oasis Lookout were basically formed.

An infantry formation of 50 infantry, 41 light infantry, an archer formation of 20 Ravenston Rangers, 46 swadian heavy cavalry, and light cavalry such as desert bandits that could be recruitable at any time.., it could be said to be a standard combat sequence.

Although the current army was still around 200 people.

But the actual combat strength was more than ten times more than when Kant used low-level soldiers to conquer the world!

“Fateh, ” Kant said.

Fateh, who had already recovered his determination, quickly walked over. “Lord, please give me your orders. ”

Kant smiled and looked at the sorrow that had disappeared from his face. He nodded and said, “then you will lead the team and familiarize yourself with our current environment. If you encounter Jackalan who are trying to ambush us, you will be responsible for commanding the battle. ”

“understood, Lord Kant. ”

Fadis nodded and took over the command without any hesitation.

After receiving the letter from his father, he seemed to have undergone a complete transformation and successfully transformed into a true noble knight. He had gone through strict training since he was young and had gone through hard training on the mainland. He was a military commander who could take charge of his own affairs.

Fadis gathered the troops in Oasis Lookout and at the same time, put these 50 Swadian infantry into the ranks and led the team to set off.

It was Kant’s trust and recognition that allowed Fatis to lead the troops.

At the same time, it was Kant’s training and expectation for Fatis. After all, Kant knew that although he could command a small number of troops, as the number of troops increased, a professional commander would be more effective in controlling the troops.

As he stepped forward, the metal plates collided like clear wind chimes.

Kant was slightly intoxicated.

This was the Whisper of war, a unique display of strength.

Opening his eyes, Kant looked at the 200 peasant who were still curiously sizing up the place. He smiled and said, “Alright, my dear subjects, now is the time to be busy. You will get your jobs and your house. You will live well here. ”

“Long live my Lord. ”

The peasant immediately cheered. They had given up on Suno and came here for a better future.

Of course, the first job of the new arrival was to move all the materials they brought to the storeroom.

50 bags of dried meat and 50 bags of dried sausage. This kind of meat that could endure storage and was delicious and could quickly replenish one’s strength was a good thing, especially the dried sausage. Kant, who was used to eating dried meat, could not help but want to taste this delicacy.

“move these 200 sacks of grain to the mill. ”

Kant directed the peasant to work and pointed to the warehouse in the southeast. “there is a grain warehouse there. ”

“Yes, Lord. ” The peasant immediately began to work diligently.

The mill in the southeast, which was built separately on the sand, had reached the end stage after the workers’ efforts over the past few days. The warehouse that stored grain and flour had also been built as an additional building.

However, the style of the mill was different from the wind and hydraulic mills that were common in the kingdom of Swadia.

This was a common animal-powered mill in the kingdom of Sarrand Sultanate.

Although compared to the wind and hydraulic mill, the animal-powered mill was less efficient.

However, the animal-powered mill was not limited by the terrain. It did not need to be built beside a river or between windy mountain passes.

Kant understood that the system must have considered the lack of water and wind in the Nahrin Desert. Otherwise, if those two kinds of mills really appeared, it would be really embarrassing.

Bags of grain were transported over.

The construction workers also helped. Just now, with the final wooden board finalized, the mill had been completed.

Including the city wall.

A half-meter-high stone wall made of brick-sized stones was built around the date palm jungle and wheat fields.

This was Kant’s last resort.

The city wall did not have much meaning. It was the lowest-grade building with a cost-effective ratio.

If Kant hadn’t upgraded the entire village, he wouldn’t have even considered building this building. It would have been a waste of denar.

Kant had even decided.

As long as the level up of the village was completed, he would immediately tear down the city wall.

There were no beasts in the Nahrin desert, and the half-meter-high city wall couldn’t stop the Jackalan who wanted to flip over. Rather than hindering Kant’s troops from blocking the sneak attacks of the Jackalan and hindering the tactical attack, it was better to tear down all of them.

After all, Kant would continue to develop agriculture in the future, and he could not let the city wall restrict the land and space.

“Lord. ”

Ma nide, who had finished arranging the horses and supplies, walked over.

“Yes. ” Kant turned his head to look. “what is it? ”

“according to Fatis, our salt mine… has been occupied by the Jackalan again? ”

Ma nide frowned slightly.

This was related to the development of the table salt trade in the future. If the table salt could not be delivered to the stone pass as scheduled, the seemingly peaceful but in fact bad-tempered baron dilun Nanjue would probably turn hostile again.

“that’s right. ”

Kant nodded and did not deny it. He only frowned slightly and said, “it’s not a big problem. ”

“I think we should solve this problem quickly, ” Ma Nide warned. “although business requires skill, this skill is not cunning and deception, but honesty. ”

“I understand this principle. ”

Kant sighed slightly and turned his head to look at the desert in the north, frowning even more.

The jackalan that had already been defeated and scattered actually dared to harass him, and even occupied the salt mine and the tribal ruins. It really made him feel that these guys had eaten the heart of a wolf and had the guts of a leopard. They were really bold.

“just clean it up again. ” Kant snorted coldly, his eyes full of killing intent.

Kant didn’t care about those small groups of Jackalan at all.

After being completely defeated, even the tribe was burned to ashes, the Jackalan in the Nahrin Desert couldn’t be considered as a match.

The current sneak attack was only the last struggle before death.

It didn’t even pose much of a threat.

Due to Fathis staying behind to guard the Oasis Lookout and carefully defending the surrounding dune day and night, it was basically slaughtering the JACKALAN that had been defeated once again, letting these pitiful worms that had lost their tribe scattered in the desert go to the underworld to reunite with their families.

Perhaps some jackalan would return to the ruins of the tribe and use the fresh water from the well to form a gathering place again.

But Kant’s sweep would start again.

This time, he would not lead the low-level infantrymen who might be in danger of losing the battle to launch a surprise attack. Instead, he would lead the genuine cavalry to charge forward and completely defeat the Jackalan once again.

He would kill these low-level uncivilized beast races in the Nahrin Desert.

Because Kant had already changed his weapons, his troops had also completed their level up, and they had the ability to recruit a pure cavalry unit.

“use the card. ”

Kant’s mind moved slightly.

The golden card that was floating in his mind instantly turned to dust with Kant’s mind.

This was the reward for completing the side Quest ‘FHARTIS’s letter of Home’ .

[ double the number of recruits (constant)]

This was the reward for this quest. From Kant’s point of view, this was the reason for the rapid recruitment of pure cavalry troops. Without a doubt, he could rely on this golden card to complete the construction of the cavalry troops in a short period of time.

[ ding… system prompt ]

[ please choose the Constant Building: Council Hall/Desert Bandits’ Camp ]

The system gave a prompt.

Kant did not hesitate at all and said in a deep voice, “Desert Bandits’ camp. ”

[ ding… system prompt ]

[ permanent success, the recruitment effect of this building has doubled. ]

[ desert bandits’ camp, the current number of recruits is 20 desert bandits per week. ]

The system dialog box popped up and then disappeared in his vision.

Kant slightly clenched his fist. “that’s it. ”

Because when he opened the recruitment interface of the Desert Bandits’ camp, the interface that had once shown “recruitable 10/10 desert bandits” had now changed to show the number of “recruitable 10/20 desert bandits” .

“recruitable 10 desert bandits. ”

It was already the weekend today, Kant would not waste these 10 quotas.

After paying 300 denar, the 10 desert bandits immediately walked out of the camp with their desert horses. Although their weapons and equipment were seriously outdated, they looked extremely thin and pitiful beside the SWADIAN man-at-arms, however, their temperament as seasoned bandits still remained, as if they were terrifying bandits who could go berserk at any time.

These desert bandits were originally light cavalry soldiers who came and went without a trace, using tactical diversion and charging as an advantage.

However, Kant still had to make some changes.

“use the military card. ”

The dialog box popped up in his vision again. Kant chose.

The data stream instantly began to spread. On the waist of these desert bandits, the flanged mace, which was originally a close-combat weapon, disappeared into thin air. What reappeared was the scimitar that Sarrandan people were used to.

This was a genuine standard weapon, and not the flanged mace, which was cheap and easy to mass-produce.

Outside the impregnable stone pass, the mission reward obtained from annihilating the two waves of enemies with ulterior motives.

It happened to be perfectly matched.

“It’s done. ” Kant looked at the streamlined scimitar at his waist, and the corners of his mouth curled up into a smile.

Five Sarrandian Horseman led a team of 20 desert bandits. They used their spears and Scimitars to sweep through the Jackalan hiding among the dune. There was absolutely no problem, even if there were a lot of enemies. They used javelins to wear down the enemies from afar, lure them, and divide them.., then, they would destroy them. These desert races were all good at this.

This tactic was the Kujit People’s specialty.

But when the Sarrandan from the desert and the Kujit people on the grassland fought, they also learned this tactic.

There was only a difference.

The Kujit people were good at using bow and arrow to harass the enemy. They would harass the enemy until they were exhausted before concentrating their strength to launch an attack. The Sarrandan, on the other hand, were more interested in the destructive short javelins, which directly caused the enemy to suffer a great loss. They brazenly used the enemy’s timid mentality to launch a charge, completely crushing the enemy.

This was a different tactic displayed by the different characteristics of the two nations.

There was no good or bad, only whether it was suitable or not.

The Sarrandan rode a desert horse. Its hooves were wide and its body was well-proportioned. Its physique was also relatively strong, but its endurance was poor. It was a horse that was suitable for direct charging rather than wandering. The Sarrandan horse was a military horse that had been carefully nurtured by the desert horse.

As a result, the Sarrandan threw short javelins and instantly destroyed the enemy’s formation. They charged forward with their horse’s pilum. The effect was extremely good.

In the Nahrin Desert, Kant of course used the tactics of these desert nations.

This was the experience accumulated by the ancestors.

Just like in future wars, Kant’s SWADIAN troops were perfectly in formation. However, these Sarrandan desert bandits were like flies that harassed the enemy’s flanks and rear. Once the enemy revealed a flaw, they would be welcomed, would be complete death. This was because the flood formed by the Swadian man-at-arms could destroy all the troops in front of them.

“the next thing is to wait. ”

Kant calculated in his heart.

All the buildings would be completed today. After meeting the system’s criteria for upgrading the village of Drondheim, Kant would choose to level up directly.

That would be a new beginning, not the village of today.

For example, the fortress that Kant intended to level up.

When any force went from weak to strong, it was accompanied by a series of battles and fights.

Moreover, this was a world where hard fists represented justice.

Only by possessing strong military strength could one ensure one’s own safety. Kant could not possibly devote all his resources to economic development in the early stages. The path he had set in advance was military development first.

It could also be said that Kant’s development path was militaristic.

That’s right, militaristic.

In Kant’s view, this was not a derogatory term, but the fastest growth in strength, the best effect, and the shortest effect.

With military strength, it meant that the fist was hard.

As long as the Fist was hard and others did not dare to easily invade, then Kant could develop the economy without worry.

These troops were all recruited by the system and were always loyal to Kant. There was no military interest group that opposed Kant’s economic development. They would only support him unconditionally.

Kant turned his head slightly.

The Sun in the sky had already reached the top of his head, emitting an incomparable heat.

It was almost noon.

Taking a deep breath, Kant’s expression was calm, but there was a hint of complacency in his eyes.

He swept his gaze across the Oasis Lookout.

“as the sun rises from the east. ”

Kant sighed in his heart.

This was already a small-scale village for him, the cornerstone of his glorious future.


The Darkness was condensing, as if it was trying its best to contain the light of dawn.

But as the blazing sun finally took shape, the darkness was like a broken flag in front of the light. In a short moment, countless rays of light pierced through the darkness, dispersing the night, and the dawn that belonged to the day arrived.

Kant opened his eyes. The sky outside the window was still slightly dark.

Shaking his head, he quickly recovered his spirit. He lifted the wool blanket and put on his clothes before opening the door and walking downstairs.

“Lord Kant. ”

The guards guarding the first floor had been replaced by the Swadian Infantry, who were better at fighting on foot.

When they saw Kant come out, they stopped their chests in high spirits and saluted him.

“Yes. ” Kant nodded in response.

Sitting on the wooden table in the hall, the peasant in the kitchen was preparing breakfast.

It was still the food portion for all the people, and they needed to prepare it earlier. Kant was not surprised by this. He just turned his head and asked the Swadian infantry who acted as the guards, “Did you notice anything unusual last night? ”

“Lord Kant, everything is safe. ”

The swadian infantry replied with certainty.

“very good. ” Kant nodded with a smile on his face.

After midnight this morning, Kant took the opportunity to spend 600 denar to directly recruit 20 desert bandits during the recruitment period of the Desert Bandits’ camp, forming a 40-man light cavalry team.

Kant did not let them stay idle. Instead, he arranged a mission.

Led by five Sarrandian Horseman, they took advantage of the night to sweep the dune around the Oasis Lookout. Now it seemed that the effect was remarkable.

“No Jackalan Attack? ” Kant still asked.

“No. ”

The Swadian infantry answered, and added, “absolutely safe. There is no trace of Jackalan around the village. ”

“not bad. ” Kant smiled in satisfaction.

The role of the light cavalry was not only to harass the enemy’s front line and attack the enemy’s supply line.

They could also learn and use tactics such as anti-reconnaissance, anti-sneak attack, and anti-infiltration. It was quite convenient, fast, and efficient. Sometimes, it was more useful than the heavy cavalry used to simply destroy the enemy’s formation.

However, Kant still shook his head somewhat regretfully.

When he had the desert bandits form a cavalry team to clean up the surroundings of the Dune, he had also told them that if they could capture Jackalan, they would try their best to capture them. After all, these guys could be sold to the Zhivadin caravan that was coming this month.

As for replacing the flanged mace, Kant did not feel regretful.

In the game, this kind of blunt weapon could indeed forcefully stun the enemy and obtain a large number of captives.

However, in the real world, when the desert bandits used the horse speed hammer to hit the head, it was basically like a watermelon being hammered open. It would be fine if the skull was fractured, but most of it would be directly sent flying, causing the entire head to split into pieces, not to mention stunning them, the unlucky look on their faces was simply unbearable to look at.

This was also the reason why Kant had them change into scimitars.

They were all killers. The sharp scimitars were much stronger than the flanged mace, which had a shorter attack range.

Kant did not care.

If they could capture the Jackalan, they could capture them. If they could not, they could kill them all. There were no hard targets.

Right now, the development of Oasis Lookout was still the most important. Killing all the Jackalan wouldn’t be a problem.

Sitting in the council hall.

The Sun became thicker. The night had completely disappeared. It was time for the day.

Kant was waiting.

The system also thoughtfully popped up the dialog box.

[ ding… as the morning sun rise, a new week begins. ]

[ income: you collect 200 denar in Drondheim (village)]

[ expenditure: you pay 4,766 denar to the entire army ]

[ financial summary: the main income is: 200 denar head tax for civilians in Drondheim, no taxes paid by businessmen, no taxes paid by factories, the means of income is seriously lacking. The main expenses are military expenses: 369 denar for the Swadian infantry, 800 denar for the Swadian infantry, 1,472 denar for the SWADIAN heavy cavalry, 145 denar for the sarrandian horseman, 240 denar for the desert bandits, and 1,540 denar for the SWADIAN man-at-arms. Fateh 100 denar, MA nide 100 denar. ]

This was the weekly income and expenditure report.

Kant’s gaze swept across the financial summary of the retina. It was almost the same as what he had calculated in advance.

One of the disadvantages of using military force was that military expenditure would consume more than half of the savings.

But Kant did not care.

Now that he had determined the current development path of military priority, he naturally would not change it.

In this world, Jackalan were scattered everywhere. Not to mention the depths of the Nahrin desert, there were also many Jackalan tribe in the senwaya range. Capturing some for denar was really simple and easy.

After checking the finances, Kant’s eyes shone.

What he had to do next.

But before that, Kant had to be fully prepared.

After a moment of silence, Kant looked up at the guard at the door and ordered, “pass down the order, ask FHARTIS to gather the SVALDIA troops as soon as possible and set up a defense in the oasis lookout. Ma nide will be the assistant. ”

“understood, Lord. ” The guard immediately replied and left after bowing.

Not long after.

The sound of footsteps and the neighing of horses could be heard outside the council hall.

Kant passed down the order and all the SWADIAN troops began to gather and wait for orders.

This was the strongest military strength Kant possessed at the moment. Even the Jackalan tribe back then would probably tremble at such a powerful force and would not dare to offend them easily.

41 SWADIAN footman and 50 Swadian Infantry.

46 swadian man-at-arms and 20 Ravensdon Rangers.

As well as the light cavalry that was still wandering in the desert outside with 5 sarrandian horseman and 40 desert bandits.

A strong elite made up of 202 people.

They were all high-level soldiers that could directly fight on the battlefield.

Among them, the lowest troop class were all SWADIAN footman who wore mail armor and mail armor. They were standard soldiers with heater shield, heavy spear, and Germanic shortsword on their waists.

Kant thought it was foolproof.

Oasis lookout was safe now.

It was also a good time to level up.

Kant’s thought process was straightforward. He chose the golden card in his mind.

“level up. ”

Kant confirmed that the golden card in his mind was instantly shattered.

A mysterious power descended.

The request for level up that had been rejected previously now appeared in Kant’s retina once again.

In order to see the dialog box clearly, Kant closed his eyes.

[ ding… system prompt ]

[ currently, the equipment of the village “Drondheim” is complete. Level Up is allowed. ]

[ yes/no level up. ]

The system gave a choice, but Kant would not hesitate at this moment.

Taking a deep breath, Kant said with certainty, “level up. ”

The words represented affirmation, and Kant’s tone was equally affirmative.

The golden light that had already dispersed into fragments instantly turned into a stream of data, appearing in the outside world with Kant’s will.

The entire council hall was wrapped up.

A large number of data chain began to intertwine, and a mysterious and mysterious existence was descending.

As if he had broken some sort of crystal wall and communicated with two kinds of rules, Kant, who was in the council hall, also transformed into this mysterious and mysterious force and began to transform the council hall.

As well as injecting new rules into it.

[ ding… system prompt ]

[ the village has reached the level up standard. There are two modes to choose from for this level up. ]

[1 fortress (military)/2 town (economic)]

[ please make a reasonable choice based on the current situation. Once confirmed, there will be no way to change it. ]

The system dialog box popped up in Kant’s eyes.

Kant broke away from that mysterious power.

He swallowed his saliva slightly and made a choice. “fortress. ”

[ ding… system prompt ]

[ the mode has been confirmed as fortress. The village has begun to level up. ]

The data stream continued to spread.

It seemed to be permanent, but it only lasted for a few seconds.

The data stream that completely covered the council hall was fierce when it came, but it disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Kant, who was sitting on the chair, opened his eyes.

“Is it over? ”

Slowly exhaling, Kant looked in front of him.

What greeted his eyes was still a long table, which seemed to be no different from before. But when Kant raised his head to look at the decorations on both sides, he could not help but squint his eyes. The change was really too big.

The neatly cut stones were like green bricks, laid out neatly into the floor of the council hall.

The surrounding walls were no longer made of wooden planks, but stone instead.

The width was like the stone used to build the city wall. The engineers measured it neatly and built it layer by layer, making the height of the entire hall reach four meters. And for the sake of beauty, there was a lion flag hanging on the wall that symbolized the kingdom of Swadia.

This was also in line with the aesthetic standards and logo of the dukedom of Leo.

Kant looked at the image of the Dukedom of Leo after living in the dukedom of Leo for 16 years. He thought that there was nothing wrong with these flags that represented the dukedom of Leo.

Although the drawing of the Lions was different, they all represented the Lions.

Kant turned his head to look at both sides.

The originally spacious and open windows had disappeared. The four-meter-high stone wall had no concept of windows at all.

This caused the light to be a little dim.

This made Kant slightly stunned. He subconsciously thought of the stone pass, Baron Dilun Nanjue’s official residence.

It was really very similar.

The rooms on both sides were already blocked by the walls. Only the corners of the walls on both sides where Kant was sitting had two passages that were connected to an unknown place. Similarly, there were two swadian infantry soldiers guarding each of them.

Just like the two infantry soldiers in front of the door, they were standing guard.

Kant stood up and walked towards the passageway on the left. He was deep in thought. “Is it leading upstairs? ”

According to his experience in the game in his previous life, the fortress buildings in the kingdom of Swadia were usually multi-storied. Moreover, looking at the council hall that was now completely made of stone, it was estimated that there were more floors and the buildings were taller.

“Lord Kant. ”

The Swadian Infantry on guard saluted respectfully.

“Yes. ” Kant nodded in response.

Entering the passage, as Kant had expected, was a staircase made of wooden planks in the two-storied walls, leading directly to the top. However, looking up, it seemed that the council hall had become three stories.

The space on the second floor was relatively small. Both sides of the corridor were separated by wooden boards.

It was similar to the layout of a hotel in the game. It was obviously a room for the guards. At the same time, it was also a storeroom. Although it looked small, it could probably accommodate 20 guards.

Kant continued up the stairs to the third floor.

This should be the space of a Lord. There were only three rooms separated by wooden planks. The interior space was very spacious.

Moreover, there were many decorations hanging on the walls and carpets on the floor. They were all typical of the style of the SVALDIANS. They were luxurious and had a graceful and domineering aura. The aura of the former overlord of the continent of Caradia was undoubtedly revealed.

“not bad. ” Kant nodded.

He checked the room. There were also carpets and ornaments inside. The bed was also covered with soft velvet.

In the game, this was a precious cloth.

However, Kant raised his head and found that the stairs were still leading to a higher place. He walked over curiously. There was a wooden door at the top. As he pushed it open, the bright and sunny sunlight instantly shone down. Kant could not help but squint his eyes slightly.

He immediately turned around and walked out.

This was a small house made of stone, similar to the elevator room on the top floor.

“Lord Kant. ”

He respectfully called out. It was the two Ravenston Rangers bowing.

Kant’s eyes adapted to the light, squinting at his surroundings. He could see the vast desert in the distance. The vast sea of sand was incomparably vast. The desolation and desolation that belonged to the desert stunned him.

This was the top floor of the council hall.

The stone roof had turned into a floor under his feet. There was a spacious space of about 400 square meters. At the edge of the room, there was a half-meter-high arrow-blocking wall. It was concave and jagged. It could also allow archers to shoot from a high vantage point.

“How High is this place? ” Kant swallowed his saliva and asked.

The Ravenston Ranger replied, “Lord, it’s 10 meters high. ”

Kant came to the side of the arrow-blocking wall and looked down. Looking down from above made his heart beat faster. Although he was not afraid of heights, his fear of heights still made his heart palpitate.

The originally familiar street appeared in front of Kant.

The area of the council hall had changed from 300 square meters to 400 square meters now. Moreover, it was 10 meters high. It was like a stone giant that crushed all the buildings at the bottom.

They hesitated to level up the council hall, and the streets also changed a little.

But the overall effect was similar to usual.

FHARTIS was leading his troops to gather on the streets and wait for orders. When they saw Kant looking down, all of them revealed fanatical expressions and raised their weapons as they cheered.

“Lord Kant! ”

This was their heartfelt fanatical respect for Kant, their heartfelt worship and loyalty from the soul.

And at this moment, Kant’s heart seemed to be ignited with pride.

Standing at the edge of the arrow-blocking wall, he waved at the soldiers below. Although he did not say anything, this response caused all the soldiers of Svaldia to cheer.

“this is my fortress. ”

Kant narrowed his eyes, his heart filled with incomparable confidence.

After the upgrade, although it seemed that the village’s basic council hall had been changed to a fortress-level up, the council hall was now a fortress-level up.

But this was only one of them.

Kant opened his retina and looked at the current “Drondheim” interface. It was completely different.

A [ fortress ] type building had appeared.

This was a new beginning.

Kant left the top floor, and the two Ravenston Rangers bid him farewell.

They were the Sentinels stationed here. At the same time, they could also rely on their heavy bows to launch long-range attacks against any enemy who tried to approach the Oasis Lookout. With a height of 10 meters and the archery skills of the Ravenston Rangers, they could completely cover the entire Oasis Lookout.

Kant trusted these rangers who had been honed in the Misty Mountains.

Returning to the hall on the first floor, Kant sat back in his seat.

“open the data list. ”

Kant’s mind communicated with the system again.

The current data list popped up on his retina.


[ Drondheim ]

[ Lord: Kant ]

[ balance: 3,534 dinars ]

[ reputation: 1,200]

[ honor: 0]

[ general: Fathis, Ma Nide ]

[ type: Svaldia Fortress ]

[ current population: 200]

-LSB- buildinCouncilnHallhall (fortress-levelHouseouse (6 buildingsWatchtowerowDesertsBanditsdits’ camp, grocery stoSugaruWorkshopshop, training ground, miWallwall, water well, posthouse ]

[ constructions available: house, barracks, stables, bell tower, city wall, city gate, Arrow Tower, weapons workshop, prison cell ]

[ level up: Watchtower, training ground ]

[ construction pack: Stone City Wall ]

[ agricultural resources: Date Palm Jungle (2 mu) , wheat field (7.5 mu) , Ji Ji Grass Beach (5 mu)]

[ animal husbandry: single humped camel (10)]

[ fighting force summary: 91 Infantry, 91 cavalry, 20 archers ]

[ current troops: Swadian Infantry (41) , Swadian Infantry (50) , Swadian heavy cavalry (46) , Sarrandian Horseman (5) , Desert Bandits (40) , Ravenston Ranger (20)]

[ recruitable: Swadian recruit (Council Hall) , Desert Bandits (desert bandits camp)]

[ comment: the brand new “Drondheim” fortress has just been established, and the situation looks a little bad. The clear spring water converges into the small lake, moistening the dry and barren land. Peasant with Hope are busy in date palm jungle and the fields. However, as a fortress, there were fewer buildings, and the living area was rather crowded. There were no fortifications. It was worth noting that there were no ladies in the fortress

[ remark: non-system-generated items are not included in the statistics. ]

… ..

This was the newly upgraded “Drondheim” fortress.

Kant let out a breath and could not help but smile bitterly. “the system’s comment is really merciless. ”

As a village, the comment was still good, but now it was directly defined as bad.

Looking at the densely arranged categories on the interface, Kant could not help but accept this comment. After all, according to the statistics of the large number of military buildings on the interface, the current fortress was indeed very simple.

To be called a fortress, it had to at least have a wall that could protect the estate.

Just like those castles in the game in his previous life.

However, now that the village had been upgraded to a fortress, the construction time of the buildings had gone from seven days to 20 or 50 days. It had doubled.

This made Kant feel lucky that he didn’t use up all of his reputation.

“however, the city wall can be built. ”

Kant’s eyes flashed. This was the construction pack that he had drawn before.

He did not directly build the city walls back then because he was afraid of hindering the development and construction of the village. Now that he thought about it, it was still wise. If he had really chosen to build the city walls back then, then the appearance of the fortress building now would have completely disrupted the original plan.

The importance of the fortress planning could be reflected in the defensive effect.

If the city walls and defensive structures were not built properly, and there were blind spots and gaps in the defenses, it would be fatal to the fortress.

After all, this was a military building.

The key to defending an area was that if the defenses were lowered because of the planning problem, and a gap appeared, the enemy would find it and use it as an opening to launch a fierce attack. Then, it was only a matter of time before the fortress fell.

There was no such situation at the moment.

All the fortress-level buildings had formed a list.

Kant could completely rely on the buildings in the list and leave room for construction in advance. This meant that there was no problem in building the stone walls now.

“build the stone walls. ”

Kant’s mind continued to communicate with the system.

Since he had made up his mind, Kant would carry out the plan swiftly. Sloppiness was not his character.

In his mind, the card of the stone wall was instantly shattered into pieces.

The data flow was given new rules by the mysterious power.

Kant’s entire body also rose with the divergence of his thoughts. By the time he reacted, he had already appeared at the height of 20 meters above the “Drondheim” fortress from the perspective of God.

From a high vantage point, he could clearly see his own fortress.

The entire council hall, which was made of stone, should be called a square tower. The height of 10 meters was like a rock giant.

On the street at the bottom, Fatis and his troops were still gathered and waiting for orders.

However, on the street of the council hall, they were like small black dots. They were not directly proportional to this huge rock giant. They seemed extremely small, as if they could be completely annihilated with a single kick.

Of course, this was just a figment of Kant’s imagination.

Kant was amused by his own thoughts.

He shook his head slightly.

Kant regained his rationality and scanned the current layout of the Oasis Lookout. It was still mainly agriculture in the north, and mainly residential and handicraft industries in the south. This was the simple plan of the village, but it was a good foundation.

Kant did not plan to change the agricultural area in the north.

Kant also decided on the residential area and the crafts area in the south.

The weapons workshop in the list of buildings was also placed in the crafts area by Kant, and it was also placed in the south.

The west side was a small lake and five acres of Achnatherum splendens.

Kant planned to develop the west side into a livestock area. In the future, all kinds of livestock would be raised there, and the fertilizer produced could be transferred to the agricultural area. It was basically killing two birds with one stone.

As for the other similar cells and barracks, Kant planned to place them all on the east side.

Next to the pre-built training ground, there was also a spacious and empty sand land. These buildings could be spread out for military purposes. In the future, if anything happened, they could also provide timely support.

No matter how the fortress was planned, it would not be too big.

The close-knit buildings were linked together. With the city walls as the boundary, they could firmly resist the enemy’s attack and ensure the lord’s ownership of this area. This was the definition of a fortress or castle.

In the dukedom of Leo, castles and villages were the noble and Knight’s fiefdoms.

As for towns and cities, they belonged to the exclusive territory of the king. It was necessary to send officials to the city hall to govern.

Of course, Kant only had this fortress at present, so there was no need to worry.

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