Chapter 97: Love From a Father

Firentis lowered his head and looked at the letter in Kant’s hand. He had mixed feelings.

He had a rather tragic background story.

No matter which world it was, brothers killing each other was taboo. Moreover, Firentis, the older brother, had killed his own brother for the sake of a promiscuous courtesan. It went against the Knight’s code that he once learned and was embodied in his bloodline.

Looking at the letter, even though Firentis knew that it was from his father, for a moment, he did not dare to reach out to take it.

His heart was filled with fear.

Kant looked at Firentis’ face and also had mixed feelings.

However, his face remained expressionless. With a faint smile, he raised the letter in his hand and placed it in front of Firentis. He nodded encouragingly and said, “My knight, it seems rude of you to leave me holding your letter like this.”

“I’m sorry, my Lord.” Firentis came back to his senses and took the letter.

“Don’t you want to open it?”

Kant shrugged and smiled. He said calmly, “This is a letter from a father to his son.”

Firentis was slightly stunned.

Looking at the envelope in his hand, his breathing quickened slightly. He raised his head and looked at the smile on Kant’s face. He seemed to have made up his mind. “Yes, this is a letter from my father to me. I have to read it after all.”

He gently tore open the envelope. However, tears fell from the corners of his eyes.

Then, at this moment, a dialog box popped up on Kant’s retina.

[Ding… After your hard work, the quest has been successfully completed.]

[Side quest: “Firentis’ Letter” has been completed.]

[Quest Reward: Recruitment doubled (Permanent)]

[Introduction: This letter from a father to his son is the embodiment of a father’s reluctance to part ways. Time has lessened hatred and dissolved all barriers. This is the love of a father for his son.]

The dialog box showed that the quest had been completed.

It was originally a side quest from the system. Kant chose to complete it.

“So that’s how it is.” Firentis’ voice came from the side. His tone was extremely sorrowful.

Kant looked over and sighed softly. “Firentis…”

This wandering knight who had once sought redemption was now sobbing like a child.

Looking at the familiar handwriting on the letter, Firentis might have found redemption at that moment. Although he could not make up for his past mistakes, his deeds in the continent of Caradia had long reached his father’s ears.

The letter did not mention much about it, however, it had expressed his father’s affirmation of Firentis.

However, it was this affirmation that made Firentis, who was still lost and seeking redemption, burst into tears.

“Someone has been paying attention to the path of redemption that you kept insisting on after all.”

Kant sighed softly and said to Firentis, “I really envy your father. He is a true… father.”

His tone was a little sad. At this moment, an image of Kant himself as an orphan in his previous life and his father in this world, Cameron, appeared in his mind. He could not help but shake his head and say, “Then what do you plan to do, Firentis?”

Kant decided to leave the choice to Firentisand let him decide.

“Father expressed his appreciation to me for following you.”

Firentis wiped away the tears on his face. His face, which was still young, had become serious at that moment. Then, he said, “I will follow you with a firm conviction.”

His words were extremely sincere, but this stunned Kant slightly.

After hesitating for a moment, Kant asked, “Didn’t your father ask you to go back?”

“No.” Firentis shook his head. He looked a little puzzled, but his expression was serious. “My father has his own assistants helping to take care of things. I don’t need to go back. In his view, following you is a new beginning, a new future for our family.”

“Okay.” Kant nodded and only uttered one word.

Kant was a little ashamed now.

He actually thought that Firentis would leave after receiving the letter from his family.

Moreover, in order to retain Firentis, or at the very least, to hide the letter from Firentis, Kant had made countless plans in his mind.

However, at that moment, it seemed that these ridiculous plans and tricks were actually only useful in Kant’s own imagination. The strong fatherly love and kinship between Firentis and his father surged into Kant’s heart like a dam that had burst and made him extremely uncomfortable.

Perhaps Kant thought of his father, the Grand Duke of the Dukedom of Leo, Cameron.

Firentis wiped away his tears and solemnly put away the letter.

At the same time, he said to Kant with a solemn expression, “Lord, my father knows about the difficulties that you are facing now. As such, he mentioned in the letter thaT a batch of supplies and personnel are on their way over here. He sent them as support to you on behalf of our family.”

“Support?” Kant was slightly stunned.

“That’s right. According to the timeline mentioned in the letter, they will be arriving soon.”

Firentis nodded and explained, “My family has gathered 200 peasants willing to come over, as well as 50 Swadian Infantry from the family. In addition to that, we have purchased 200 bags of grain, 50 bags of dried meat, and 50 bags of dried sausage.”

“This… Please help me thank your father.”

Kant gulped unconsciously after hearing about the number of personnel and resources.

“Lord, it is also my father’s investment in you on behalf of the family.”

Firentis did not shy away from saying, “We believe that, under your leadership, the family will have a new beginning.”

“Regardless, it is still a yeoman’s service,” Kant said as he exhaled.

One had to be cautious when investing. However, Firentis’ father did not hesitate and instantly chose to invest in him. Moreover, he invested so much from the beginning. Even if Kant’s mentality was great, he was still ecstatic.

In terms of resources, there were 200 bags of grain, 50 bags of dried meat, and 50 bags of dried sausage.

These were food supplies that could last them months!

However, when compared to the 200 peasants and 50 Swadian Infantry, it was like a fluorescent light competing against the sun. It simply could not be compared fairly!

That was the support that truly shocked Kant and made him truly ecstatic.

The appearance of 200 peasants eased the labor shortage in Drondheim. It allowed them to quickly fill various positions.

As for the 50 Swadian Infantry, they were the equivalent of heavy cavalry, a fourth-level troop class. This would bring the quality of troops in the Oasis Lookout to a new level. The reason was that the combat strength of these fourth-level troop class infantry soldiers was much stronger than the Swadian Footman, which was a third-level troop class. They were several times stronger.

In terms of the troop class of the Kingdom of Swadia, these two troop classes were extremely important.

If the Swadian heavy cavalry was the spear for offense, then the Swadian Infantry was the shield for defense.

The spear thrust out, and the shield defended.

Together with the Swadian Heavy Crossbowman, these troop classes formed the Kingdom of Swadia’s complete battle sequence.

While Kant did not have any Swadian Heavy Crossbowmen, he had the even stronger fifth-level troop class, the Ravenstern Rangers. This powerful troop class that wielded heavy bows could completely act as a counterattack force during defense, using those conical arrowheads… to kill any enemy in an instant.

“Lord, there’s a team approaching from the east!”

On the watchtower, the sentry in charge of surveillance immediately poked his head out of the tower. Then, he pointed to the east, and shouted, “There are at least 250 people!”

The Swadian Heavy Cavalrymen, who were already on alert, quickly assembled.

However, Kant’s expression was calm.

Of course, he knew what was going on. He knew that this 250-man team was, in fact, a group that Firentis’ father had gathered in Suno, and was part of his investment in Kant.

“They came very quickly.”

Kant smiled, gesturing to the assembled heavy cavalrymen not to worry.

At the same time, he looked at Firentis before nodding. Then, he said, “Since they are from Suno, Firentis, you should be quite familiar with them. Come and welcome them for me. You can do it.”

“Of course.” Firentis nodded firmly. After bowing, he got on his horse and led the team to welcome them.

It was a mission from Kant. It was also his trust.

“Investment, very good.”

Kant gently clenched his fist while a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.

As expected of a military noble house of Suno. After making up his mind, he simply sent the investment over without any hesitation.

As a transported, Kant understood that, in the game, even just 50 Swadian Infantry was considered extremely valuable. Sometimes, during a tragic war between nations, one might not even be able to gather this many infantrymen.

Even after the game world had turned into the real world, their value was still just as high.

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