Chapter 96: Firentis’ Principle

After finishing supper, Kant and the others returned to their rooms to sleep.

The posthouse was divided into two floors. Each room was used as a large bunk, which could accommodate 30 people and allow them to rest.

If the spacious living room was included, accommodating 50 people was also definitely possible. If they had opened an inn on a busy commercial road, accommodation at the inn would most likely be full every day, and they would collect so much money their hands would go weak.

However, in this civilized desert, the inn could only let Kant and the construction workers rest.

Lying on the bed, Kant rested comfortably.

He was drowsy.

When he woke up the next day, the sky outside was already somewhat bright.

Noisy sounds passed through the windows and reached his ears. Listening to the sounds, it should be from the construction workers digging the well. With a hint of laughter, it seemed that the water had already been dug out.

Kant got up and quickly put on his clothes.

When he went down to the second floor, he found out that the hall was empty. Only then did Kant realize that everyone had gathered at the construction site outside the building.

“Water is gushing out. Hurry up and use stones to cover the bottom. Don’t let the sand sink in.”

“Quick, quick, quick! It’s almost done. Ge me more stones.”

“It’s done. Just build up the walls with the stones. The bottom is already built.”

The workers were cheering.

Clearly, they achieved considerable success.

Even Manid and the cavalrymen who were watching nearby applauded.

“The well is done?”

Kant walked over.

The outlines originally drawn with lime had now become a well.

Construction workers climbed out of the well. At the same time, they steadily lay stone bricks to build the well’s wall. Under the mysterious support of the system, the well was completed. The mouth of the well even extended beyond the ground for up to half a meter. They also made a water lift out of wood and hemp rope.

“Lord Kant, the well that you instructed us to build has been completed.”

The foreman was delighted.

“Very good.” Kant nodded with a smile on his face.

The construction workers turned the water lift with all their might and pulled a bucket of well water out from the well.

The fresh well water was not muddy at all. It was undoubtedly high-grade underground lake water. The water had been nicely protected by the layers of sand and was not evaporated by the sun, becoming the lifesaving water of this desert.

“Lord, it’s all good water.”

A Sarrandian cavalryman took a sip from the bucket. Relaxed, he nodded at Kant and said, “It’s drinkable.”

“Replenish the water sacks and make sure the warhorses are given enough fresh water.”

Kant nodded. At the same time, he ordered, “We’ll set off later.”

With this posthouse and well, there was finally a transit station between the Oasis Lookout and the Stone Pass. One could even argue that, as the salt trade flourishes, another trading village could even be formed here.

After all, the Nahrin Desert was Kant’s estate in name.

Soon, the water sacks was filled with water.

The warhorses were also fed with water and fodder, and all preparations had been completed.

“You can leave at any time after the construction is complete. I will have new personnel come to the Posthouse.”

Before leaving, Kant also gave instructions to the construction workers.

“Yes, Lord Kant. ”

The foreman nodded and said apologetically and gratefully, “Lord, please do not forget to pass the letter to Sir Firentis. Thank you so, so much.”

Kant smiled gently and answered, “I won’t.”

After handling matters of the Posthouse, Kant rode his horse towards the north.

It would take at least a day to get from here to the Oasis Lookout.

However, Kant’s heart was a little more complicated.

The letter that Firentis’ father wanted to pass to Firentis was still in his pockets. Kant was still hesitating. If he lost Firentis, it would mean losing a good general from Swadia. This was, undoubtedly, a huge loss.

However, it was an unsolvable situation.

Shaking his head and smiling bitterly, Kant sighed.

It was just a letter from home. He should just go ahead and hand it to Firentis.

If another letter from home came in the future and he was found to have concealed a letter from Firentis’ home in the past, the situation would be quite awkward.

He narrowed his eyes slightly.

Kant’s eyes flickered slightly.

Moreover, according to Firentis’ personality, the current Oasis Lookout was growing. There was a chance that he would choose not to abandon him and go back. After all, Firentis who had fully embraced and put the Knight’s code and spirit into practice was not someone without principle.

Trust was also one of Firentis’ principles.

With mixed feelings, Kant led his team and they galloped across the Nahrin desert.

After a break at noon, they continued to travel in the afternoon.

Finally, they saw the outline of the Oasis Lookout in the evening.

This tough and perilous journey was finally over, and it was also a complete success.

Before long, Kant and his team’s return was discovered by the constantly vigilant sentries.

Ten Swadian Heavy Cavalrymen rushed over from the Oasis Lookout. Their faces were filled with joy under their flat helmets. “Lord Kant, it is truly a joy to see you again. Welcome back.”

“Thank you,” Kant replied with a smile.

At the same time, he looked at them, puzzled, and asked, “Where is Knights Firentis?”

“Knights Firentis is currently leading a team to patrol the northern region. We have recently discovered traces of Jackalans again. We have already repelled their assaults several times, but they are still constantly ambushing us. It is very troublesome.”

The reply of the Swadian Heavy Cavalrymen made Kant frown.

“Jackalans are actually ambushing and attacking us?” Kant was in disbelief.

“Yes, but the number of Jackalans isn’t high. Each time, there are only dozens of them. We can easily defeat them.” The heavy cavalryman’s tone was very relaxed, because he had personally killed at least ten Jackalans.

That beast-like species was simply not an opponent that could withstand a frontal assault of the Swadian Heavy Cavalrymen’s attack.

Not to mention, there was the god-like flag of war, [Intimidation].

Returning to the Oasis Lookout.

It was as peaceful as ever, no different from when Kant left.

The only difference was that the Swadian soldiers maintained a higher level of vigilance and patrolled more frequently.

This was especially so for the 41 Swadian footmen, who continued to remain on standby status.

As for the 20 Ravenstern Rangers, they ate, drank, relieved themselves, and everything else on rooftops. With their archery skills and vigilant personalities, apart from being the first to fight and kill the Jackalans in close combat, they would shoot and kill the Jackalans in the desert with their heavy bows.

The charred bodies of the Jackalans were piled on top of each other and were ready to be used on the wheat fields as fertilizers.

“Lord Kant.”

Before long, Firentis, who had received the news, rushed back.

Some blood stains were on his body. Apparently, he had just been through a battle. Firentis did not hide anything and reported directly, “Those Jackalans have been attacking us like crazy. This is the second wave that we defeated today.”

“Is it that serious?” Kant frowned.

“Yes.” Firentis also nodded to Manid and said in a low voice, “There seems to be a change in the north.”

Kant was silent. His brows furrowed together.

He did not expect to receive such bad news the moment he returned to the Oasis Lookout.

“By the way.”

Kant seemed to have remembered something. He took a letter out from his pocket and handed it to Firentis in a seemingly normal manner. “This is a letter brought by the construction workers from Veruga. I believe it was commissioned by your father. Firentis, hurry up and have a look at it.”

“My… Father’s letter?” Firentis stared at the letter with a stunned expression.

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