Chapter 95: Food in the posthouse

The horses ran on the sand and formed long, shallow lines. A team of 33 horses marched through the desert.

Kant and his team started the way back.

Two Sarrandian horsemen led the way, while the others followed.

The environment of the Nahrin Desert was harsh, but it was normal for the desert race, Sarrandian. They able to navigate using the dune and the sun to make the most correct route, while enduring the extreme heat,

They had already traveled far away from the Stone Pass.

After a whole day trip, it was already close to dusk, yet they did not encounter any accidents.

This was the Nahrin Desert.

It was once a desolate forbidden place of civilization, even escaped slaves would kill themselves rather than set foot in this cursed land.

It was impossible to see a living soul here.

Kant reached out his hand to take out the water sack, removed the lid, and poured himself a mouthful of warm water. As his throat was nourished by the water, the tried young man became a little more energetic.

“Lord, we will arrive at the posthouse by eight o’clock at night. ”

Manid lightly tapped the stirrup, and his horse moved slightly faster. He caught up with Kant and said, “It will be easier once we get to the posthouse. ”

“Indeed.” Kant nodded.

Kant squinted his eyes and looked ahead. The vast sea of sand stretched into the sky.

This scene seemed vast, and it was a beautiful scene in this desolate land. But in reality, anyone who lived in the desert would understand the cruelness of this land.

When Kant arrived for the first time, he truly felt from his heart that he was exhausted.

“Luckily it’s safe now. ”

Kant felt relief in his heart and sighed lightly.

He tapped the horse, and his warhorse ran faster. The group heard his voice, “Speed up, all of you. We need to move faster and strive to rest at the posthouse tonight! ”

“Understood, ” the cavalries replied.

Their speed instantly increased. They were all riding forward, which was much faster than walking.

As for the captured horses, they were not as strong as the other three breeds, the Swaldian warhorse, the Salander horse, and the desert horse. They transferred most of the items to stronger horses, so the load of captured horses was reduced, and they can move faster.

Kant was thinking that it was time to get more horses.

Perhaps it was because of the system’s rules, the upgraded cavalry had much better endurance compared to the cavalry in the real world.

Just like the Sarrandian Horseman.

On the basis of a Sarrandian horse as the main warhorse, they should add two other horses which were the horse for carrying loads and the horse for riding.

The Swaldian cavalry normally rode an armored warhorse, so they need another two horses for carrying loads, one horse for riding, as well as a warhorse for replacement.

In the Middle Ages of Europe, this was how the heavy cavalry was equipped.

There were even servants who took care of their daily lives, retinue cavalry that followed them in the war, and a small number of elite footmen that followed them.

After all, being able to become a heavy cavalry was equivalent to being a noble. At least they were as rich as a wealthy landlord. It was true that ordinary civilians did not have the money to buy this expensive full-body armor, and they could not afford the warhorse that needed delicate care.

Of course, the system did not have so many strict requirements when recruiting and upgrading cavalry soldiers.

Their endurance must be much stronger than the regulars.

They could refer to the breed line of warhorses in recent years for comparison.

The endurance, charging speed, and physical strength of the warhorses were all top-notch.

The augmentation of the system’s rules had solved Kant’s problem.

Think about it, even the transported existed and they were real, so it wasn’t hard to accept the support from the system’s rule. If he really wanted to equip each cavalry with three horses or even five horses, then it would be too cumbersome and expensive.

Kant was satisfied with it.

Of course, with more horses, they could increase their speed, and they can form more efficient tactical attacked and tactical shifted.

This was just Kant’s idea. Perhaps in the future when he gained more power, he would be able to make a deployment like this.

Everyone continued to move forward.

After the sun in the sky emitted its last light in the dusk, the magnificently bright galaxy had taken over the night sky.

The bright moon slowly rose into the sky.

The temperature suddenly dropped.

The white mist spurted out of their noses and mouths, mixed with the hot air, and condensed into tiny droplets.

Kant and the cavalries had already changed their warm woolen sweaters and thicker linen covers during the dinner. They could keep their bodies warm even in the cold desert.

They continued their journey.

Their warhorse ran through dune after dune.

After they climbed over the new dune, a flat sand layer appeared in front of them.

“Is that… ”

The leader of the Sarrandian Horsemen raised his head and looked forward. He stared into the distance and saw something unusual.

In the middle of the flat and layer, a two-story building stood still.

Light shone through the tightly shut doors and windows. Even though they were far away, they could still saw of the flames clearly under the bright starry sky.

“We’ve arrived at the posthouse, ” Kant spoke out everyone’s thought.

This was precisely the desert area with the underground lake.

And that two-story building was the posthouse that Kant built a few days ago.

“That’s great. ” Manid’s lips curled up slightly, and he looked relaxed.

“Let’s go.”

Kant urged his horse down the dune and led the team charged forward quickly.

It was late at night.

The construction workers at the Posthouse finished their day with work. They were chatting and resting by the fireplace.

They didn’t fall asleep yet.

But soon, they were awakened by the sound of horse hooves.

One by one, they instinctively grabbed any things around them and nervously stared at the main door.

The continent of Caradia was constantly in chaotic wars. There were bandits and marauders everywhere. Now that they had come to this world, how could they not be nervous when they had a sudden encounter in the middle of the night.

“Relax, friends of Rhodoks. ”

Kant pushed the main door, lifted his hood, and said with a smile, “We’re not the enemy. ”

“Oh, it’s Lord Kant! ”

“Lord Kant, Good evening. It’s so nice to meet you. ”

“It’s You, my Lord! ”

Immediately, the construction workers from Veruga put down the chairs and wooden sticks in their hands. With their sincere looks, they put their hands on their chests and bowed in embarrassment, trying to apologize for their rude behavior.

“It’s alright. ” Kant waved his hand. Of course, he wouldn’t care about such a small matter.

The cavalries moved the warhorse and the supplies into the posthouse accordingly. After a long day of travel, they were eager to rest.

But soon, the atmosphere in the posthouse became lively.

“It smells so good. ” Kant sniffed. He didn’t smell it when he first came in because of his freezing nose. But now that he recovered his smell, the entire posthouse was filled with the fragrance of delicious food.

“Lord Kant, it’s toast, dried sausage, and cabbage soup.”

The construction workers quickly answered.

At the same time, they brought over the tables and chairs for eating and served the freshly cooked food from the grill.

Initially, these construction workers were planning to enjoy supper while sitting around the fireplace. It happened that Kant and the others came over with their empty bellies, so they could enjoy these free meals.

The construction workers were also willing to offer this food to Kant and the others.

“Thank you so much.”

Kant rubbed his cold face and smiled at them.

After riding through the freezing wind for the whole day, their stomach had been empty for a long time.

Now that they could eat hot food, and it was like heaven to them. Kant and the others didn’t felt ashamed, they sat down and started swallowed up every food quickly to replenish their strength.

Late-night canteen?

Kant could not help but smile. “It’s fun.”

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