Chapter 1572: An Urgent Mission

“Our department is called the Secret Services Team?” It was really awful. Yang Ming had been in the Supernatural Investigation Bureau for such a long time, but he still didn’t know which department he belonged to…

“Don’t you know?” Xia Bingbao was also stunned. He was obviously perplexed that Yang Ming didn’t know which department he belonged to.

“You have never told me before…” Yang Ming smiled wryly.

“Well, I didn’t mention it… but… I really don’t know what to say about you…” Xia Bingbao was smiling wryly too.

“What’s wrong?” Yang Ming felt a little strange.

“It seems that I really didn’t mention it,” said Xia Bingbao. “But I am really amazed by you, Yang Ming. There is a statement indicating which department you belong to in the documents. Didn’t you see it?”

“I didn’t look through the documents in detail…” Yang Ming touched his chin and felt embarrassed suddenly.

“You really are something!” Xia Bingbao was speechless, “Alright, I wanted to praise you initially, but I’m not in the mood anymore. You really disappointed me.”

“Hey, there is nothing good about being praised by you. You always like to compliment first before finding troubles for me. I will not be fooled.” Yang Ming laughed.

“Heh…” Xia Bingbao smiled. He was exposed by Yang Ming. “You guessed it right. The purpose of calling you this time is to hand over a mission to you.”

“Look… As I said before, there is definitely no good news.” Yang Ming sighed, “I say, Old Xia, didn’t we agree on this previously? Before I go to Yunnan, I won’t be given missions. Why did you change your mind? You don’t plan to let me go to Yunnan? Or do you want to break our agreement… ”

“Coughs… It’s not that I won’t let you go to Yunnan…” Xia Bingbao coughed twice.

“Then you want to break our agreement?” asked Yang Ming.

“…” Xia Bingbao felt stifled by Yang Ming, “Yang Ming, this is a last-minute decision. You happened to be in Las Vegas, and you were involved in this matter previously. So it will be more suitable for you to go. If we send someone else over, it will be too late. On the other hand, there is really no better person than you! ”

“Ugh… so you mean I have to accept it?” Yang Ming felt helpless. It seemed that he couldn’t return home immediately.

“Theoretically, yes.” Xia Bingbao nodded, “However, this is also for your own good. If you go, you can improve your relationship with Liu Yezi…”

“Improve? Me and him? Boss, I don’t like guys… Although he looks a bit like a lady…” Yang Ming was startled.

“Yang Ming, what nonsense are you thinking about?” Xia Bingbao was speechless, “I’m talking about cooperating with Liu Yezi. He is one of your partners for the Yunnan trip. He is the expert I mentioned before who will cooperate with you!”

“It’s him?” Yang Ming froze. According to what I heard from Xia Bingbao earlier, The expert who will cooperate with me seemed quite awesome. I thought it would be hard to get along with this expert. But I didn’t expect it to be Liu Yezi. He seems quite approachable, right?

“That’s him.” Xia Bingbao said affirmatively, “He is our Field Team’s trump card. That is why he was assigned to perform this mission! Meanwhile, as our Secret Services Team’s trump card, you should cooperate with him this time. He will then cooperate with you next time… ”

“Forget it. Since you have already said so, I can only accept it.” Yang Ming heard that Liu Yezi was going to Yunnan with him, so he decided to agree to Xia Bingbao’s mission this time. After all, the person he was helping this time was the one who would go to Yunnan together with him later. Yang Ming naturally wanted to interact with him more.

“That’s right, don’t embarrass our Secret Services Team!” Xia Bingbao said happily when Yang Ming agreed to it.

“Okay,” said Yang Ming. “What is the mission this time? Hasn’t that Li Dianchi already been caught? What other problems are there?”

“This… Regarding the specifics of the mission, it is better to let Liu Yezi tell you after you meet him. After all, this is their Field Team’s matter. It’s hard for me to tell you,” said Xia Bingbao.

“Alright. In that case, I’ll contact Liu Yezi.” Yang Ming agreed.

“I’ll give you Liu Yezi’s contact details. You can contact him directly. His superior has already told him that you will be cooperating with him,” said Xia Bingbao. “His phone number is XXXXXXX… ”

“I got it.” Yang Ming remembered the number in his heart and said, “I’ll hang up first.”

“Report to me at any time if there is anything,” Xia Bingbao ordered.

“I understand.” Yang Ming hung up after he finished speaking.

Yang Ming was currently sitting at the back of Golden Bull’s minivan. His voice was relatively low, so Zhang Bing, Zhang Jiefang, and Wang Mei who were sitting in front did not hear what Yang Ming said on the phone.

“Zhang Bing, after arriving at the airport, you get on the plane with Uncle Zhang and Wang Mei and return to the country first. I still have other matters on my side, so I can’t go with you.” After hanging up the phone call, Yang Ming saved Liu Yezi’s mobile number in his contacts before speaking to Zhang Bing.

“Ah? Bro, aren’t you returning with us?” Zhang Bing was stunned after listening to Yang Ming. They were about to reach the airport, but Yang Ming said he was not going back with them after answering a phone call…

“Hehe, I have something else on my side. Rest assured, I will online transfer the money for you to buy the car to your account after you go back. It will not delay the purchase of your car,” said Yang Ming while laughing.

“Bro… That’s not what I meant!” Zhang Bing waved his hands again and again, “Bro, am I that kind of person? I’m just a little worried… Aren’t your matters here settled? Why do you still need to stay here?”

Zhang Bing’s words made Yang Ming feel a little moved. He smiled and said, “Relax, it’s alright. It’s nothing to do with the Nancheng Family. It is something else that has nothing to do with our purpose of coming to Las Vegas this time.”

“If that’s the case… Okay bro, be careful. I’ll wait for you in China…” Zhang Bing said affectionately.

“You little boy!” Yang Ming scoffed with a smile.

After sending Zhang Bing, Zhang Jiefang, and Wang Mei to the airport, Yang Ming watched them enter the international departures gate before getting back into the vehicle

“Mr. Yang, where are we going now?” Golden Bull asked.

“I’ll let you know after I make a phone call to ask.” Yang Ming didn’t need to be cautious around Golden Bull at this moment. He picked up the phone and dialed Liu Yezi’s phone number that Xia Bingbao had told him previously.

After the call was connected, there were two beeps at the other end before it was answered promptly, “Hello.”

“Liu Yezi?” asked Yang Ming.

“Yes, speaking. May I know who you are?” Liu Yezi was stunned for a moment, then he immediately recalled, “You are Yang Ming, Mr. Yang?”

“That’s me.” Yang Ming saw that Liu Yezi had recognized his voice, so he said nothing further, “I received a call from my superior. Where are you? I’ll go there now.”

“I’m at… Forget it. Where are you? I’ll look for you. I’ve been staying here for a few days. I’m afraid it will be unsafe if we are spotted by others. Coincidentally, I want to change to another hotel,” Liu Yezi said after hesitating for a while.

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