Chapter 93: The Post-war Clean-up of Forces

This battle ended with ease.

12 cavalries of the so-called Devil Fang Bandit Group and 4 vassal knights with strong combat strength.

There were also 40 armed militia who were holding spears and wearing leather armor. They seemed to have a certain combat strength. Now, they were all lying dead in the desert, the awful smell of blood permeated in the air.

Sarrandian horsemen and the desert bandits were riding their horses back and forth with their elite scimitars and flanged mace.

They were cleaning up the battlefield.

Or maybe they were making a last hit.

They looked for any enemy who was twitching and struggling to stand up. Then, they would walk over and use the steel elite scimitars in their hands to stab enemy’s chests and sliced off their lungs.

The desert bandits were much more straightforward. They just raised the flanged maces and smashed a pit on their back of the heads.

Kant’s order was took no prisoners.

In other words, he wanted all of them to die gloriously in battle here.

Manid was evaluating the results of the battle.

After counting the corpses of the enemies, he rode his horse to Kant’s side. “Lord, everything has been taken care of. ”

“Yes. ” Kant nodded. “How are the results of the battle? ”

Manid reported, “12 bandit cavalries, 4 vassal knights, and 40 armed militia were all annihilated. No one survived. ” After a pause, he shrugged and continued, “Our side suffered no casualties. ”

“Sure.” The smile on Kant’s face showed a slight of mockery.

He had just entered the Dukedom of Leo’s sphere of influence, yet he already encountered such a wonderful performance.

Although he did not suffer any losses, Kant felt a chill in his heart.

He turned his head slightly and looked at the beautiful woman in the white dress lying on the sand. On her fair and elegant face, a thick and short iron arrow stabbed in between her eyebrows, causing her eyes to bulge out, ruined her beauty.

“With this few people, and such bad strategy. Do you really think I’m a fool? ”

Kant gave a mocking smile, but his eyes were cold.

He had expected that his return to the Dukedom of Leo would definitely arouse the vigilance and backlash of some forces. However, he did not expect that this backlash would be so swift and fierce. They were tried to kill him in the first try, let him vanished in the vast desert sea, so he would never able to return.

Taking a deep breath, a dialog box appeared on Kant’s screen.

[ Ding… After you fought with all your strength, the enemy was finally annihilated. ]

[Side quest: ‘Wave after wave of trouble’ completed. ]

[Reward: Military equipment: Scimitars.]

[ Introduction: When you choose to return in your homeland, you should aware that trouble is coming. Moreover, these troubles are coming to you endlessly, wave after wave. Please be prepared, this is only the beginning. ]

This was the dialog box for completing the side quest.

Kant exhaled, his eyes filled with gloom.

This performance was full of flaws, just like a third-rate writer’s novel. The data was often wrong, and there were many bugs.

Kant, of course, would not believe that this was a coincidence.

The Demon’s Fang Bandit Gang was famous, of course. They wreaked havoc in northern county for several years and had not been wiped out. But why they appeared in a desolate and remote land like the Nahrin Desert, and chased after a weak and helpless businessman’s daughter?

When Kant saw this happened, he knew that it was not a coincidence.

It was a conspiracy.

Moreover, the system immediately gave him a side quest, which made Kant even more certain that this was a conspiracy against him.

Kant gave a hint to his cavalries.

Killing was inevitable.

Manid, who had understood Kant’s hint, gave an order to the Sarrandian horsemen and the desert bandits to rise up and wipe out these bandits in less than 10 seconds.

At the same time, they also managed to slow down the 4 vassal knights with their sudden attack, and they won the final victory.

A sneak attack was always the best tactic.

As for the 40 armed militia, they were not enemies at all.

Even if they were holding spears, their spirits had went down after the 4 leaders were killed. In the end, they were all wiped out by 15 cavalries, not a single one of them madeit back alive.

It was a simple, straightforward, and efficient outcome of the battle.

They killed all enemies.

And there were no worries after the battle.

It didn’t matter if Baron Dylan would eventually found the corpses in the desert, Kant would not be responsible for this mess.

Even if the four vassal knights were dead as well.

However, it would be a suicide to rob Kant, a baron from the Dukedom of Leo. No laws would be effective against Kant. Even as a lord, Baron Dylan would have to be punished from a higher ranked duke.

“Next time, remember to tell Baron Dylan about this matter. ”

Kant turned his head and said to Manid beside him, “I think he is a smart person. He will know how to deal with it. ”

“Yes.” Manid lowered his head and replied.

The matter was that simple. When it comes to benefits, Baron Dylan would not go against Kant.

Moreover, this is mostly his fault.

Manid thought of the seized items and asked Kant, “Lord, in this battle, we seized 14 horses, four sets of mail armor, 52 sets of various leather armor, as well as weapons such as spears and longswords. ”

The warhorse that had not fled far from the battlefield was brought back by the desert bandits.

There were also the weapons and equipment of those who had died in battle. Those weapons and equipment were all pulled down and piled up together. It seemed that there were a lot of them.

However, Kant frowned slightly.

Looking at the spears and leather armors, he could not help but ask, “How are the quality? ”

“Very bad, ” Manid replied, “they are all junk. ”

“As expected. ” Kant shook his head, he casually instructed, “Use their horses to carry them back. Next time when we come to the Stone Pass, go to the market and get rid of all of them. To us, they are all junk. To those mercenaries and militia, it can be considered good weapons. ”

“Yes, Lord. ” Manid nodded.

These weapons and equipment were all standard products. Since Kant had the system, he had no interest. But to ordinary mercenary groups, or even the peasants and armed militia conscripted by knight, they were all top quality goods.

One had to know that in this world with low productivity, there were many conscripted peasant summoned by knights, and there more people who just had no weapons but dung forks.

“Let’s move. ”

Kant ordered.

This was just a farce on the way back.

After packing up the goods, they rode on their horses and continued to advance towards the deeper part of the Nahrin desert.

However, they had nearly twice as many horses now compared to when they started the trip. The seized goods were also carried by these horses as they moved along the desert, just like a trade caravan heading towards the Oasis Lookout.

This was like the prototype of a trade caravan.

On the desert outside the Stone Pass, dozens of naked corpses were lying there.

And of course, there was also a beautiful woman who was still wearing a white dress. If one ignored the crossbow arrow between her eyebrows, one might think that she was a noble girl who was enjoying the sun in the desert.

It was quiet, gentle, and pitiful.

However, the strong smell of blood around her destroyed the tranquility.

After half of a day.

It was close to noon, and five hooded men rode on their horses. They finally discovered the battlefield.

After a quick inspection on the battlefield, they were frightened by the scene. They quickly took the woman’s corpse and turned their horses around. They ran quickly toward the Stone Pass along the hidden path and reported what they saw back in their lair.

Shortly, the news spread, most people in the Stone Pass knew the horrified tragedy.

But strangely, there was no any action taken.

It was like they were all in hibernation, waiting for the others.

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