Chapter 91: Poor Acting Skills

It was rare to see people in the Nahrin Desert, and this was the first time.

No one knew who were these cavalries and where they came from.

The current situation was unclear.

Since they did not know whether they were friends or enemies, five Sarrandian Horsemen moved forward cautiously.

They held three-meter-long lances in their hands, they lightly tapped their horse and slowly urged the horse to step in front of Kant. They stared coldly at the cavalries approaching by horses from afar.

The ten desert bandits also urged their horses to stand on Kant’s sides. Each of them held their two-meter-long spears tightly.

However, as they got closer.

Kant furrowed his brow because he saw that cavalries were actually chasing the rider at the front.

He slightly narrowed his eyes.

The rider in Kant’s eyesight was getting closer and closer. He slowly said, “A woman. ”

“It is a woman. ”

Manid held a shortsword in his hand and said, “Those cavalries are chasing after her. ”

However, either the five Sarrandian Horseman at the front or the ten desert bandits on the sides, their mind seemed to be not bothered by the situation. They still held their weapons tightly and were very vigilant.

In such a desolate desert, it was very strange that a dozen of cavalries chasing after a woman.

And as desert bandits, they understood better.

Since these cavalries dared to chase after that woman so brazenly, there was definitely something fishy. In fact, these cavalries might be just like them, they were also probably bandits who would kill people mercilessly!

Subconsciously, their eyes all looked at Kant.

However, Kant spurred his horse to aside and glanced. Then he ordered, “Don’t be nosy. Make way for them. It looks like those cavalries won’t be able to catch up to that woman yet. ”

The canyon of the Stone Pass was not far from them, and the garrison of Baron Dylan was there.

If that woman escaped into the canyon, there might be a way out for her.

“Understood.” Manid nodded. He and the others moved their horses to the side. Although they were on guard with their weapons, they all knew that they didn’t want to get involved in this chase.

Been through warfare of the continent of Caradia, they all understood the rules, never meddled in other people’s business.

However, things did not went to the plan.

The woman at the front was nervously lying on the white horse’s back, and wrapped her hand tightly around the horse’s neck.

When she saw Kant and the others, her eyes brightened. She turned her horse around and she cried out sorrowfully with a desperate face, “Help, help, gentlemen, those bandits are after me. Help! ”

As she cried out sorrowfully, she quickly charged her horses over to Kant’s side.

However, the Sarrandian Horsemen did not moved aside. Instead, they raised their lances and roared, “Stop! ”

“Stop! ”

The desert bandits were also roaring furiously, and raising their spears fearsomely.

Her horses charged towards them extremely fast, and it brought all of the mess to them. They were forced to be dragged into this accident, put Kant in danger. How could they not angry?

“Please, save me. My father is a great merchant of the eastern county. He will give you a lot of money. Please save me! ”

The woman cried until her face was covered in tears.

However, when she saw the shiny spears and lances, she tightened the reins and slowed her white horse. When she was riding and stepped on the stirrups, her legs suddenly cramped as she was extremely exhausted. She fell heavily on to the soft sand at just a few meters away from them.

As the sound of the horses hitting the sand behind her getting closer and closer, she couldn’t stop her body trembled.

She struggled to stand up, but because of her injuries from the fall, she laid back on the ground. She seemed to have hurt her ankle. She could only raise her head, revealing her fair face. Her pair of big eyes were filled with tears as she pleaded, “Please, save me. ”

Her pleading gaze was aimed right at Kant, her teary innocent eyes made every man want to adore her .

However, the cavalries after her finally caught up in time. They all had a fierce look on their faces. As they glanced over Kant and the others, their eyes exposed their fear.

The Elite Sarrandian Horseman and the fierce desert bandits, their powerful aura was as frightening like theirs.

“Hey, do you know we want to capture this woman? ”

The leader of the cavalries slowly moved his horse forward. He looked at Kant, who was obviously the leader, and said wickedly, “If you don’t want to have any trouble, then you’d better hand this woman over to us! ”

Kant narrowed his eyes slightly.

He knew his men around him will rush forward and save this woman if he gave them the order.

Kant’s looked the pitiful young girl. Her rose-white fair face, jade-like eyes, her light green long hair, and the neat silk dress on her body all indicated that she was not an ordinary girl.

“Save me, save me. ” The woman was still crying.

However, Kant raised his head and said calmly to those bandits, “Oh, okay, please go ahead. ”

The scene went quiet.

The crying beautiful woman looked at Kant incredulously, she was shocked in tears.

The ferocious cavalries were shocked as well.

Their eyes widened and they were all speechless.

A strange silence came upon the groups.

Kant was a little annoyed with this silence. He gently tapped his, pulled the reins and let his horse walked to the side. At the same time, he said to his cavalries, “It’s none of our business, let’s go. ”

This made the beautiful woman came back to her senses.

There was anger in her eyes, but her hands and feet did not stop. She cried and struggled as she crawled towards Kant. “No… No, save me, sir. My father is a great merchant of the eastern country. I can pay 500 great silver coins as a reward! ”

The beautiful woman straight ahead crawled and blocked the way of Kant and the others. She let out a piercing and despairing cry.

“Hey, are you sure you want to go against us because of this woman? ”

The bandit spoke fiercely and pointed the longsword in his hand at Kant and the others.

Just like the actors who had finally found their lines, each of them put the fierce look back on their faces and looked at Kant furiously. “Don’t think that you can fight against us. Do you know that we are the Demon’s Fang

Bandit Gang of the northern county? ”

“Are you Idiots? ”

Kant frowned slightly. He heard of this bandit gang before, and it seemed that they had quite a lot of power in the northern county.

However, he looked at the bandits who wearing armors without any fear and said calmly, “Just order your man take this woman away quickly. Don’t block my way. ”

“You… you… ” at this time, even the woman couldn’t help but pointed at Kant with her shaking hands.

Her widened her eyes, but didn’t know what to say.

Logically speaking, an arrogant young noble, who just turned into adult and gained power, should had rescued the princess in danger and save the day.

However, the plot went completely off-track.

“Do you know why? ”

Kant spoke softly. His eyes glanced over this beautiful woman, his mouth quirked at the corner. “Your acting is too bad.”

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