Chapter 88: The Power Structure of Knights

Kant did not wait for long.

The arrival of Baron Dylan marked the official beginning of the breakfast.

As the butler waved his hand, well-trained servants brought the breakfast. It was rather similar to last night’s food, except that there was no light lager to get drunk on. Obviously, this kind of drink was not available for breakfast.

However, compared to last night’s coldness, today Baron Dylan was more friendly and kind towards Kant.

It was impossible to refuse such ample benefits.

The change made the vassal knights who had ulterior motives look pale.

They exchanged looks with each other when they thought no one was looking and saw the indignance in each other’s eyes, as well as the greed for the hidden chain armor on the Sarrandian Horsemen.

The poor Stone Pass would not give them such excellent armor.

But because of the change in Baron Dylan’s attitude, they didn’t seem to have a chance at having it.

The sound of people chewing and swallowing the food filled the hall.

The food on the table soon disappeared.

The breakfast was announced to be over. After expressing their gratitude to Baron Dylan, they left the hall.

Many tasks were awaiting those vassal knights.

The area around the Stone Pass was protected by these knights. They faced problems such as the invasion of Jackalan, the discovery of demonized creatures, and the appearance of a bandit gang everyday. These knights would lead the soldiers to solve those problems.

Baron Dylan asked Kant to stay with him for a private conversation. He was brought to the room next door by the butler.

It was a guest room. The tables and chairs were arranged in a very orderly manner.

Many animal heads that had been tawed were hanging on the wall. They were baring their teeth. They seemed to be game animals.

They were the ornaments that were used to show off their owner’s power.

“Alright, you can go.” Baron Dylan waved his hand, telling the butler who was leading the way to leave.

The door was closed by the butler. Only Kant and Baron Dylan were in the room.

When he saw Kant looking up at the head of a wolf-like animal on the wall, Baron Dylan said with a proud smile, “That fellow is a magical creature that appeared in the logging field in the west of the Senwaya Range five years ago. His strength is probably similar to that of a Grand Knight. He injured two of my vassal knights and killed at least 20 soldiers.”

“What a powerful monster.” Kant was stunned. He glanced at the head and then said with a smile, “But Uncle Dylan, it ended up hanging in your room.”


Baron Dylan looked very happy. He sat on his chair and said, “I killed it myself. I almost lost an eye.” He pointed at the scar on his right cheek, “A close one.”

Kant smiled and nodded. His voice was also filled with emotions, “You are very brave. ”

His compliment on the spoils of war further accentuated Baron Dylan’s bravery.

Kant was licking the baron’s shoes in such a way that the baron did not notice that Kant was sucking up to him.

However, Kant was also a little surprised. Although Baron Dylan talked about the incident like it was not a big deal, two vassal knights were injured and 20 soldiers were killed in the battle with this Grand Knight-level demonized creature, it was definitely a thrilling experience.

“There are many demonized creatures like that in the Senwaya Range.”

Baron Dylan sighed heavily, “It’s still very difficult to be a baron here.”

Kant shrugged.


It must be at least simpler to manage compared to Kant’s territory in the Nahrin Desert. Kant could only rely on that small oasis.

Baron Dylan also realized that his complaint did not seem reasonable. He shook his head and did not dwell on this topic. Instead, he asked Kant, “My dear little Kant, when can you start supplying table salt?”

“It can start at the beginning of next month,” Kant replied.

A smile appeared on Baron Dylan’s face, “That would be great. Are you handling it yourself?”

Kant shook his head, “No, my business manager dealing will be connecting with your trade caravan. His name is Manid. He is the one who was sitting on my left-hand side during breakfast. ”

“Oh, good. Very good.” Baron Dylan nodded.

Of course, he did not remember Manid’s name, nor did he care who was dealing with him. As long as he could see the table salt at the beginning of next month, it would be enough for him.

Those will give him Great Silver coins that symbolized wealth!

The extremely huge profit of 72,000 Great Silver coins a year made him extremely excited, even when he was sleeping last night.

The serious matter had been settled.

Kant and Baron Dylan continued to chat in the room for a long time.

Most of the time, Baron Dylan was pointing at the spoils of war in the room, showing off the monsters that he had killed before.

All of them were of the rank of a Grand Knight.

Kant also showed his admiration and respect for Baron Dylan.

The two of them chatted happily.

Baron Dylan’s cold and indifferent attitude towards Kant was basically gone. He was like a real uncle, telling his nephew stories from the past.

The atmosphere was very joyous.

Of course, deep down, both Kant and Baron Dylan knew that only a fool would believe everything they said to each other.

Their relationship was built on profits.

However, Kant was still surprised by Baron Dylan’s physical strength.

After all, in this world with magical powers, one could obtain great power by only training his body.

And this was how the Knight Class was structured.

Although they could not really control magical powers like the mages, the small amount of magical power that the knights used during physical training still changed these knights a little.

For example, they became stronger than ordinary people.

For example, they had better eyesight than ordinary people.

For example, they could react faster than ordinary people.

These were all the benefits that knights obtained after training with a small amount of magical power.

It was independent of the noble system. Knights were divided into levels of physical strength.

Knights, Grand Knights, Extraordinary Knights.

They became knights after a long period of training. They had lots of different fighting skills and strong physique.

Grand Knights needed to contain their magical strength. They needed a grand knight as a mentor in order to move to a higher level. After being promoted to a higher level, their stats would be three times that of ordinary knights. They were extremely powerful and could fight against a hundred people on the battlefield alone.

Extraordinary knights were known as the strongest knights. Their exact strength was unknown.

It was said that this kind of extraordinary knights actually possessed the mystical powers of mages. They also had extremely strong bodies. They were could easily change the situation on the battlefield. They were extremely powerful.

At least Kant, who had seen mages, had never seen an extraordinary knight.

Whether it existed or not was another story.

“Uncle Dylan, since we have sealed the deal, I will return to my territory.”

Kant said goodbye to Baron Dylan.

“You want to go back so soon?” Baron Dylan expressed his wishes for Kant to stay.

Kant replied respectfully, “I still have to deal with too many things in Oasis Lookout. After all, there are too many Jackalan tribes in the Nahrin Desert and they are extremely ferocious. I’m afraid that something will happen if I am away for too long.”

“That’s a pity.” Baron Dylan sighed softly.

However, an idea came to Baron Dylan’s mind, he said caringly, “Little Kant, if the Oasis Lookout needs reinforcements, I think I can help. I’ll lend you 100 infantrymen and two of my vassal knights to help defend your territory.”

“Thank you for your concern, Uncle Dylan.”

Kant smiled and declined tactfully at the same time, “I can still defend my territory. Many soldiers are helping me.”

Only God knew what this Uncle Dylan’s real intention was by sending his troops over.

The entire Oasis Lookout might end up having to listen to his orders. Especially after they found the salt mine, they would want to lay their hands on the Oasis Lookout’s matters. At that time, the territory would have a different owner.

Baron Dylan nodded with a straight face, “That’s good. Safety is the most important thing. ”

“Of course.” Kant nodded with a smile.

The two continued to chat for a while, and then Kant left after bidding farewell.

Baron Dylan walked Kant out of the official residence. Manid, the five Sarrandian Horsemen, and the 10 Desert Bandits had all packed their things and were ready to return to the Oasis Lookout.

After saying goodbye, Kant spurred his horse and led his troops on the journey back home.

The mission was completed.

As long as the table salt trade was established, an endless stream of Great Silver coins would end up in Kant’s hands.

Kant would not completely rely on these cold silver coins. He would use them to get more useful materials, such as food and tools, which would be the driving force for the development of the Oasis Lookout.

Oasis Lookout, which did not produce enough crops, could not self-sustain.

Therefore, one of Kant’s plans was to use this table salt trade to open up the market of the Stone Pass.

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