Chapter 1567: Got Lost

“Zhang Bing, come here. The matter has already been settled!” Yang Ming waved to Zhang Bing who was hiding behind a car nearby after Liu Yezi had left.

Zhang Bing only then ran over goofily, “Bro, was the police catching the thief just now? Wow, it was thrilling! That guy was badly tricked by you. It was so delightful!”

“It was all to get money for your car.” Yang Ming pointed to the smashed part on the Porsche and smiled, “Someone delivered the money to you right when you thought about getting a car. Your luck is extraordinarily great! This guy gave you 2 million dollars. That’s enough for you to get four of this car!”

“No way! Is that guy so generous?” Zhang Bing was quite far away when Yang Ming was talking to Li Dianchi. He could only tell that Li Dianchi was badly tricked by Yang Ming but couldn’t hear their conversation clearly.

Zhang Bing was quite conscious. He went into hiding when he knew the situation was critical. He was afraid that he would be a burden to Yang Ming if he went over as Yang Ming would have to protect him as well. So, he only showed after the matter had been settled.

“I’ll transfer it to your bank account when we go back. You can buy any car you want,” said Yang Ming.

“Wow, bro, you’re too generous!” Zhang Bing jumped for joy, “Well, this guy is also quite generous. Not only did he give us 2 million, but it’s also in US dollars too!”

“He actually didn’t want to give it. But what could he do even if he didn’t want to give it?” Yang Ming smiled.

“That’s true too. Right, bro, what skills did you use previously? I saw him start rolling on the floor when you had barely touched him. He immediately returned to normal when you touched him twice. However, his legs still seemed to be in poor condition and he couldn’t run even if he wanted to. That’s pretty amazing!” Zhang Bing got very excited when he thought about it.

“Hehe, it’s acupoints.” Yang Ming didn’t conceal it from Zhang Bing. Since Zhang Bing had asked, Yang Ming told the truth. Yang Ming had thought it through at this time. He would soon go to Yunnan so there was no point in hiding some of his secrets from the people around him. If they wanted to know, he would tell them.

“Acupoints?” Zhang Bing’s jaw dropped as soon as he heard it. He asked in surprise, “Bro, was it really acupoints? No way. Aren’t those martial arts experts in the legends the only ones who know about it? Right, I still have something that I cannot understand and I didn’t get to ask. Bro, how did you kill those four people when you were in the hotel nightclub?”

“Those four people… Hehe, it’s still acupoints. It was done by hitting their bodies with an undetectable small object,” explained Yang Ming.

“I see!” Zhang Bing nodded even though he did not fully understand it. He hesitated and asked, “Bro, can you teach me?”

“Of course.” Yang Ming smiled, “I can teach you any time as long as you want to learn. I’ll give you an illustrated manual when we get back. You should memorize the locations and names of all the acupoints on the human body, as well as their function and use…”

“Ugh… is it so complicated?” Zhang Bing felt somehow stressed out, “Is there anything simpler?”

“These are the fundamentals. It was painful when I first learned it…” Yang Ming smiled bitterly, “How can there be a shortcut for this kind of thing?”

“Nevermind then. I don’t need to learn these things since you are protecting me by my side! It’s tiring!” Zhang Bing gave up on the idea of learning. In his opinion, it was too much trouble.

“Haha…” Yang Ming smiled and said nothing. He could protect Zhang Bing now but he couldn’t protect him all the time in the future. Zhang Bing still had to depend on himself in the future.

However, it was rather unrealistic for Zhang Bing to learn acupoints and martial arts. So, Yang Ming didn’t persuade Zhang Bing after he chose to give up. It required one to be dedicated; persuasion by others was useless.

“Let’s go to the nightclub.” Yang Ming shook his head as he looked at the smashed car.

“Forget it, I’m not going. I’m itching for a sports car. I’ll go back and research the models and designs on the internet. Now that I have two million dollars, I don’t necessarily have to buy the 911 [1]. I can buy something else!” Zhang Bing wouldn’t be able to have as much fun at the nightclub as there was something else on his mind.

“You!” Yang Ming smiled helplessly, “Okay, I won’t feel at ease if the car is left with me since the central control switch is damaged. Although it’s not my car, it would be bad to lose it.”

“Hey, bro. Let me drive and enjoy it. There’s a chance that I won’t buy this car and won’t be able to drive it in the future!” Zhang Bing called dibs on the driver’s seat.

Zhang Bing wasn’t in a hurry to return to the hotel anymore once he got into the car as his love for it had reached a certain level. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to stay excited for a long time or look around on the Autohome’s website with Yang Ming when he first got into the car.

The roads in Las Vegas were wide and nice to drive on. Zhang Bing indulged in driving the sports car on the road while Yang Ming sat quietly on the side without disturbing him.

“Bro… I think I’m lost…” Zhang Bing went around in circles a few times before cautiously telling Yang Ming with a bitter smile.

“You have got to be kidding me. You are lost? I thought you were enjoying it and was just driving around in circles!” Yang Ming felt somewhat speechless as he glanced at Zhang Bing.

“I was driving around initially. But I couldn’t find the way when I wanted to return!” Zhang Bing smiled bitterly, “I thought all roads lead to Rome. But the more I circled, the more confused I was. Now I have no idea where I am…”

“Why didn’t you say so earlier?” Yang Ming patted Zhang Bing’s shoulder, “Stop the car!”

“Screech-” Zhang Bing parked the car on the roadside, “Bro, are you going to beat me up?”

“Get off!” Yang Ming didn’t answer and got off directly from the passenger seat.

“No way! Bro, are you really going to beat me up?” Zhang Bing looked at Yang Ming pitifully.

“Why would I want to beat you up? I’m going to drive the car!” Yang Ming didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He kicked Zhang Bing, telling him to quickly get in the car!

“Oh, okay!” Zhang Bing got in the passenger seat. Yang Ming got in the driver’s seat and started the engine.

After he got in the car, Zhang Bing watched as Yang Ming turned left and right by feel alone without looking at the road… Although the roads in Las Vegas opened in all directions, they all looked very similar. It was difficult for foreign tourists to find the right direction, especially at night.

“Bro, you…” Zhang Bing asked, baffled.

“Returning to the hotel,” said Yang Ming.

“Do you know the way?” Zhang Bing felt even more baffled.

“Why don’t you have a look at what’s ahead?” Yang Ming pointed at the neon lights not far away.

“Huh… En?” Zhang Bing looked at where Yang Ming pointed. His eyes immediately widened in surprise! “No way! It’s the hotel?”

The neon lights not far away spelled out the Douglas Vast Hotel in English. In other words, Yang Ming had led them back to the hotel with just a few turns.

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