Chapter 1566: I’ll Pay

Li Dianchi felt like crying. He almost fainted after hearing Yang Ming’s words. This is just the beginning? Does he still have other methods that he hasn’t executed yet? Are you serious?

This is already enough to kill someone, and cause someone to be on the brink of death. From Yang Ming’s words, it seems that he still has more powerful methods. How could one survive? However, it would be better if one could just die. The most agonizing thing is this feeling where one is on the brink of death.

Thinking this, Li Dianchi quickly said, “Brother, I’ll pay, I’ll pay! I’ll compensate you for the price of two cars… Wait, I mean three cars! I’ll transfer the money to you immediately. Please, let me go!”

“Oh. Just say it earlier if you want to compensate.” Yang Ming crouched and tapped lightly on Li Dianchi’s body a few times. After that, he stood up again.

I wanted to say that earlier. However, did I have a chance? You’re too ruthless! I give up. I really give up! After being tapped by Yang Ming a few times, Li Dianchi felt as if he had just jumped out from a fire pit. He felt very comfortable.

“Sigh-” Li Dianchi let out a long sigh of relief. Although the painful feeling wasn’t there anymore, Li Dianchi still felt a shiver down his spine when he remembered that agony.

The person in front of me is too scary. He’s much scarier than the Liu Yezi that was chasing me before! If the Supernatural Investigation Bureau had sent this person to catch me, I wouldn’t have made it far before he caught me.

Li Dianchi’s pain slowly disappeared, and his strength was slowly regenerating. However, he wasn’t in a rush to stand up. Instead, he continued lying down while pretending to be out of energy.

Yang Ming did not hurry him as well. Li Dianchi did not realize the hint of playfulness in Yang Ming’s eyes.

Li Dianchi was thinking up a plan. After he finished recovering his strength, he would run away quickly. Since Yang Ming did not ask him to stand up, Li Dianchi was happy to fake fatigue.

“When will you give me the money?” Yang Ming asked as he glanced at Li Dianchi.

“Huff… Huff…” Li Dianchi purposely panted heavily twice, “It’s too agonizing. I’m going to die. Please wait for a while…”

After Li Dianchi finished speaking, he turned his eyes and looked at Yang Ming. When he saw that neither Yang Ming nor Liu Yezi were moving, he suddenly shouted a “hiya”, quickly stood up and ran away from them…

Liu Yezi got anxious when he saw Li Dianchi standing up, and wanted to stop him. However, before he could stop Li Dianchi, Yang Ming extended his hand to stop him, “Don’t be anxious…”

“En?” Liu Yezi was stunned. If he had not confirmed the authenticity of Yang Ming’s Id, he would’ve thought that Yang Ming and Li Dianchi were working together.

However, the things that happened afterward made Liu Yezi understand why Yang Ming did not do anything to stop Li Dianchi from running away.

Li Dianchi hopped up from the ground and wanted to run away. But when he just stood up and rushed forward, he fell straight to the ground with a loud thump before he could even take one step.

Li Dianchi fell face-first onto the ground, and blood rushed out from his bruised forehead. Li Dianchi was dumbstruck. What happened to my leg? Why isn’t it listening to my commands? Why can’t I run at all? I fell down just after I stood up? My sense of balance isn’t that bad, right?

Li Dianchi subconsciously struggled to get up from the ground, and wanted to continue running away. However, to his horror, he realized that he couldn’t stand up at all. My legs feel like they’re not mine anymore. They’re not even listening to my orders!

Previously. Li Dianchi hopped up from the ground with a little help from inertia, not because of the strength of his legs. Now, he realized that it was impossible for him to use the power of his legs to stand up. My legs are now useless!

“My legs… What happened to my legs?” Li Dianchi’s face showed an expression of horror, “Why can’t my legs move anymore?”

“You’re such a sly person. You still want to run away?” Yang Ming looked at Li Dianchi indifferently,

“I… I don’t want to…” Li Dianchi finally understood after seeing Yang Ming’s scornful expression. Yang Ming must have done this! Otherwise, it would be impossible for Yang Ming to not be anxious at all when I attempted to run away. He didn’t even try to stop me!

“If you don’t want to run away, then what were you doing just now?” Yang Ming asked with a cold smile.

“I… I felt like I had recovered, so I decided to exercise for a while… That’s right, it was just exercising!” Li Dianchi said with a serious face.

“Enough. I don’t care if you want to exercise or run away. Stop blabbering so much nonsense. Are you giving me the money or not?” As Yang Ming was talking, he raised his eyebrows and extended his hand to grab Li Dianchi.

Li Dianchi was scared to death by Yang Ming’s action. He thought that Yang Ming would do the same thing as before, and knew that he couldn’t handle it anymore. Li Dianchi’s whole body shivered when he thought of this. He hurriedly said, “Don’t… Don’t come over… I’ll call someone to transfer the money…”

“Then, hurry up. My time is very precious. I can’t waste it on you.” Yang Ming frowned as he looked at Li Dianchi.

“Alright… Alright…” Li Dianchi quickly took out his phone and dialed his Swiss Bank’s phone number. He then asked Yang Ming carefully, “Sir, what’s your account number?”

“My account number is XXXX-” Yang Ming randomly told Li Dianchi the account number of one of his Swiss Bank accounts.

After Li Dianchi recorded it down, he quickly started the transferring process, and transferred two million dollars to Yang Ming. The money was enough to buy four cars. Li Dianchi was really afraid, and wanted to just make this scary person leave quickly.

“Sir, I have already transferred two million dollars to your account. Please have a look…” Li Dianchi said carefully, “It’s enough to buy four cars. Is it enough?”

“En, there’s no need to check. Liu Yezi, I’ll hand this person over to you.” Yang Ming said to Liu Yezi that was beside him. He did not even look at Li Dianchi,

“Alright!” Liu Yezi also let out a sigh of relief. He felt assured when Yang Ming handed the person over to him. However, he still asked, “Mr. Yang, this Li Dianchi’s legs…”

“Oh, I sealed his meridian points. It will be released after forty-eight hours,” explained Yang Ming. “There’s no need to release it now, right? Just in case he runs away again.”

“That’s true.” After hearing Yang Ming’s explanation, he wasn’t in a rush to release Li Dianchi’s meridian points anymore. It’s better if this guy can’t run. It will save me so much effort.

“Alright, I’ll go play with my friends. Go report on your mission. If there’s a chance when you return back to our country, I’ll treat you to a drink,” Yang Ming said as he smiled at Liu Yezi and waved his hand.

“I’ll be the one to treat you. You have helped me greatly this time. If we ever meet each other after I return, I won’t be satisfied until we’re both drunk!” said Liu Yezi generously.

“You sound like a man when you say this!” Yang Ming smiled and teased him, “If not, you sound too ladylike.”

“What!” Liu Yezi’s facial expression turned gloomy, and he almost fainted. He then laughed bitterly and left while carrying Li Dianchi…

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