Chapter 1562: You Want to Simply Leave After Smashing My Car?

Chapter 1899: You Want to Simply Leave After Smashing My Car?

“The kid in front! Get out of the way! Don’t go near him!” The young man who was chasing from behind saw that Yang Ming had also got into the car and was very close to the man he was going after. He immediately got a little anxious and shouted, “He’s dangerous!”

“Dangerous?” Yang Ming looked at the person in front of him. He was indeed quite dangerous. He was able to blast open the surroundings of a car’s central control switch with just a punch. He was indeed not an ordinary person.

At this time, the man whose collar was being grabbed by Yang Ming was initially extremely annoyed and frustrated that Yang Ming had gotten into the car and grabbed him so suddenly. However, when he heard the shouting of the man who was chasing after him from behind, he had a sudden inspiration. He didn’t care about Yang Ming’s hand that was grabbing his collar, and continued looking for the wire of the car’s engine. But then he pulled a dagger out of nowhere and forced it towards Yang Ming’s neck.

The young man who was chasing from behind felt his heart tense when he saw the man’s action. It was true that the more one was afraid of something, the more it would happen. The reason he went overseas this time was to perform a special task. That man he was chasing was a confidential fugitive. The man had stolen some of the country’s advanced technology and fled overseas. He had chased him all the way to Las Vegas, and was prepared to assassinate him silently.

However, this man’s skills were also incredible, and exceeded most ordinary people. Plus, he was extraordinarily cunning and would always run to busy city centers when being chased. This way, the young man chasing was not able to let loose, nor was he daring enough to open fire randomly! After all, this was his country’s land and the mission was secret. If the local police noticed him, it would cause a lot of unnecessary trouble.

Originally, he thought that he was about to catch the man right in front of him this time. He didn’t expect that the man would jump into a convertible sports car and try to use it to flee. The sports car’s owner also didn’t seem to notice how dangerous this man was, and rushed up to reason with him!

If the man were to hold the sports car’s owner hostage, it would make things difficult for him. He might even have to just let the man go! After all, if the man had a hostage, the people passing by would call the police. Then, he would not be able to take any further action.

When he thought of this, the young man couldn’t help but let out a sigh. However, seeing that the man who was about to be captured was also Asian, he still had to warn him as a compatriot, “Leave quickly! That man is dangerous!”

However, the man’s dagger was already one step ahead, pressuring Yang Ming.

A trace of satire flashed across Yang Ming’s eyes. You have already smashed my car, and now you want to kidnap me?

“Do you want to kill me, or take me hostage?” Yang Ming asked as he slightly dodged the man’s dagger that was rushing quickly towards him.

“Ugh?” The man was obviously surprised. He didn’t think that Yang Ming would be able to dodge his dagger. He had a certain confidence in his agility. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have escaped the man behind him so many times!

Damn Supernatural Investigation Bureau! They are so nosy. This is obviously the Security Bureau’s matter, yet they ended up requesting such an expert to chase after me even across borders. Li Dianchi’s heart was filled with dissatisfaction and rage!

What right do they have? The chip is no longer in my hands. I have already handed it over. Yet this lad is still following me around like a ghost and trying to kill me!

Dr. Benjamin is also a bastard! He promised me that he would send an expert to protect me for a while after I handed over the chip. Yet, when I handed over the chip, that expert did not budge and wouldn’t listen to my commands at all!

What the hell! If I knew that it was so dangerous, I wouldn’t have taken this risk just for a few million dollars! At least I was still a well-paid researcher with an annual salary in the thousands back in my country…

When Li Dianchi thought of this, he was so depressed he could die.

He initially wanted to take Yang Ming hostage to force the Supernatural Investigation Bureau’s man behind to stop chasing him. However, Li Dianchi had come to realize that the somewhat sunny and ordinary-looking handsome young man in front of him seemed to also be a dangerous person!

What in the world? What’s going on! How am I so unlucky? He initially wanted to take someone hostage, yet found out that the hostage was an even more skillful expert than he was. Li Dianchi immediately felt like crying!

However, this was not the time to cry. Escape was still the most important! After missing his shot, Li Dianchi gave up on attacking Yang Ming. Li Dianchi had already noticed the danger he was in just from the moment Yang Ming dodged.

Li Dianchi dropped the dagger in his hand. A dagger was completely useless when dealing with an expert. Not only could it not hurt the other people, but there was also a huge possibility that it would harm himself. After Li Dianchi threw away the dagger, he wanted to jump out of the car and continue running. However, he quickly realized that Yang Ming was still grabbing his collar…

Li Dianchi had already exerted all of his force, yet he still could not escape from Yang Ming’s grasp.

“Hai!” Li Dianchi was anxious. He wanted to hit Yang Ming’s wrist with a chop! He was indeed like a cat on hot bricks seeing that the man from the Supernatural Investigation Bureau was about to catch up, yet he was still caught up by this kid! What is going on!

Li Dianchi finally understood what it meant to reap what he sowed, and to go for wool and come home shorn.

“Peng!” Li Dianchi chopped at Yang Ming’s wrist forcefully.

“Ouch— ” A cry was heard.

Yang Ming watched as Li Dianchi suffered in pain. He sneered and looked at him in a mockingly, “You want to simply leave after smashing my car?”

Yang Ming did not even dodge Li Dianchi’s chop. Back in those days when Yang Ming had just been selected by Fang Tian, he had to soak and transform his body with potions during his daily training. He punched and kicked big trees every day, and actually damaged many of them. Even if Li Dianchi’s wrist was tough, could it beat a big tree? To use a chop on him was basically asking for trouble and suffering!

“What the!” Li Dianchi wanted to curse. He said in his heart, Big brother, how much is your car worth? If my escape keeps being delayed, I will lose my life! He really wanted to slap this kid in front of him. Why is this guy unable to recognize priorities and urgent matters?

However, Li Dianchi only thought about it in his heart. He didn’t dare to actually slap Yang Ming! He thought about how this kid was completely fine and still able to sneer at him after he chopped at his wrist. And as for himself, his hand was so painful that it might fall off!

How is it the same as chopping an iron stick? Is this a human’s wrist? It’s basically reinforced concrete!

At the same time Li Dianchi exclaimed in his heart, he knew that he could no longer use force against Yang Ming. It was worth it to beg Yang Ming softly, “Brother, I will definitely pay for your car. I will not renege! Let me go first. I will return you twice the price afterward…”

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