Chapter 1560: Stop Pretending/ Deep Fear

Chapter 1895: Stop Pretending

Lang Ge Sr. was desperate, and he looked at Batterton resentfully, “Old friend, you are not courteous! Why didn’t you tell me that the Guillotine Gang was destroyed? Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Hmph! I kindly told you in the past. Because we’re old friends, I didn’t want you to come. I told you, anyone who comes will be dead! You didn’t believe it! Who can you blame? I think I have done my best! I said everything that needed to be said. All this happened because you did not listen to my advice!” Batterton said unhappily after hearing Lang Ge Sr.’s complaints, “You thought I was backing up Yang Ming, now do you see who I was backing up?”

“This…” Lang Ge Sr. thought for a while. Indeed Batterton had said all these at that time, but I was so angry that I did not believe his words at all. I completely thought that Batterton was backing up Yang Ming, but I did not expect that Batterton was actually protecting me!

Ai! Lang Ge Sr. sighed. He was wondering why he didn’t listen to Batterton’s advice. Batterton was obviously being kind, but I thought he was ill-intentioned… I can’t blame him. Isn’t this bringing trouble to myself?

“But why didn’t you tell me more clearly? You could have said that he is very powerful and he eliminated the Guillotine Gang. If you said that, I wouldn’t have come!” Lang Ge Sr. smiled wryly and said.

Lang Ge Sr. knew in his heart that even if Batterton said that the Guillotine Gang was destroyed at that time, he might not believe it. But he would still make a call and verify it. Then, he wouldn’t be so rash.

“Hmph! What is Mr. Yang’s identity? Even our family master is extremely respectful towards him. Could I simply talk about him behind his back?” Batterton said, “Do you really not understand, or are you pretending not to understand? We are people of the same level. Do we need to say something so clearly? Isn’t a hint enough? Usually you are quite clever. Why are you so reckless this time?”

“The onlooker sees more of the game! The onlooker sees more of the game!” Lang Ge Sr. regretted, “I was angry at that time. How could I know that it would become like this? Ai… I regret it…”

Lang Ge Sr. had no intention to rebel against Yang Ming anymore! Yang Ming had killed four of his underlings without a sound. What kind of strength was this?

“Old friend, you shouldn’t regret and complain. The trouble in front of you has not been resolved yet!” Batterton reminded, “You have angered Mr. Yang. I can’t plead for you. Good luck.”

Lang Ge Sr. just remembered that there was still a big problem in front of him. Yang Ming was sneering at him while he was still complaining and regretting unimportant matters…

“Mr. Yang, I’m old and confused. I failed to recognize someone as important as you… Please let me… Let me go…” Lang Ge Sr. wanted to ask Yang Ming to let go of Lang Ge and himself. But knowing that Yang Ming had ruthlessly wiped out the Guillotine Gang and the four thugs in front of him without the blink of an eye, it seemed that there was no need to beg for it. Yang Ming wouldn’t agree to it either. Since I’m here, I most probably will not be able to leave! Thinking of this, Lang Ge Sr. sighed and continued, “I beg you to let go of the other members of the Street Racer Gang… The Street Racer Gang is my life’s work… Even if I’m gone, I hope it will continue!”

“Do you mean that you and your son’s lives can be exchanged for the fate of the Street Racer Gang?” Yang Ming asked with a cold smile.

Lang Ge Sr. froze for a while, only to realize that his destiny was completely in Yang Ming’s hands. He had no bargaining chips! He was already a lamb to be slaughtered by Yang Ming. How could a lamb that was about to be slaughtered be qualified to negotiate conditions? Thinking of this, Lang Ge Sr. became a little desperate, “Isn’t this… isn’t this okay?”

“Originally, this had nothing to do with me. It was your son who was too arrogant.” Yang Ming glanced at Lang Ge and said, “Lang Ge Sr., right? Don’t say that I didn’t give you a chance. If you personally cripple your son, you can take him away.”

Yang Ming did not have any deep hatred toward the Street Racer Gang. The Street Racer Gang was different from the Guillotine Gang. The Guillotine Gang had touched Yang Ming’s bottom line, so Yang Ming killed a hundred to let the Nancheng Family see his power.

This Street Racer Gang, to put it plainly, had just bullied two of his new friends. Yang Ming was too lazy to do anything to them. As long as Lang Ge loses his ability to continue to harass Tao Linfang, Yang Ming would just let them go. This would most probably be enough to shake them and deter the father and son from doing anything rash.

The reason why Yang Ming previously wasted four flying needles to shoot the four thugs was to shock both Lang Ge father and son and make them genuinely fear him! This was much more effective than directly killing four people!

Although Lang Ge Sr. and Lang Ge would also be shocked and fear Yang Ming’s strength if he personally killed the thugs, they would definitely not be like this now where they did not have the slightest resistance! They didn’t even dare to think about it!

If Yang Ming personally attacked, they would not dare to think about going against him now. But afterward, they would definitely think of a plan to take revenge on him or Batterton, Chen Ze, Tao Linfang, and the others! They would just feel that Yang Ming was only slightly better in fighting. As long as they send more powerful people, they could teach Yang Ming a lesson!

That would become a numbers game. It was nothing for the Street Racer Gang, which had a lot of gang members! But now, Yang Ming had killed four people instantly without doing anything. Lang Ge Sr. would not think about revenge anymore, because no matter how many people come, they would also be sent to their deaths. There was no meaning to it at all!

“Cripple?” Lang Ge Sr. froze, and immediately understood what Yang Ming meant by “cripple”! My son, for the sake of pursuing Yang Ming’s friends, caused such an issue. Yang Ming’s “cripple” naturally means taking away my son’s opportunity to continue pursuing girls…

Although Lang Ge Sr. thought that it was heartbreaking to have his son die without descendants, it was better than both their deaths! Fortunately, I am still vigorous although I am old. Certain functions have not been lost. Worst comes to worst, I can just go and bear another son, which can be regarded as passing down the family bloodline!

Although my son will become a crippled person, he can still be the Street Racer Gang’s boss. With him taking care of this younger brother, my family line will not be wiped out!

“Mr. Yang, is this true?” Lang Ge Sr. looked up at Yang Ming. This was his only hope. He just hoped that Yang Ming didn’t lie to him.

“I naturally meant every word.” Yang Ming said, “Hurry up and do it. Don’t wait for me to do it. Otherwise, you will die!”

“Okay! Mr. Yang, let me do it. I’ll do it!” Lang Ge Sr. gritted his teeth and looked at his son, “Lang Ge, bear with me!”

Lang Ge naturally heard Yang Ming’s words. Although he was afraid that he could no longer pursue girls after being crippled, it was better than losing his life, right?

Although I can’t pick up girls and will lose a lot of fun in my life, there are other pleasures to enjoy. I can still eat, drink, race, and gamble among other things. Those are quite pleasant too!

“Dad, it’s okay. You can just do it!” Lang Ge nodded. He was surprised that Yang Ming would let him go! Lang Ge was overjoyed. Yang Ming, who could kill people in an instant, was so forgiving.

Lang Ge Sr. hesitated a moment then raised his feet, and trampled on Lang Ge’s lower abdomen.

“Ow-” Lang Ge screamed and almost fainted… He covered his lower abdomen, and broke into a sweat as he was in pain. He then started to roll on the ground.

“Mr. Yang, is this okay?” After doing all this, Lang Ge Sr. did not look at his son who was in pain on the ground, but looked up and asked Yang Ming.

“Ah-” Yang Ming smiled plainly and casually glanced at Lang Ge, who was rolling on the ground, “Don’t pretend. It’s nothing. It’s just swollen.”

Yang Ming’s words surprised Lang Ge Sr.! His face changed instantly! Although his kick looked fierce, he actually retained and controlled his strength skillfully, and did not kick directly at the fatal place!

When Lang Ge Sr. was young, he was also an expert at fighting. He wanted to make a display, so he gave a kick that looked serious, but in fact, he held back his strength hoping that Yang Ming wouldn’t notice it.

However, he did not expect Yang Ming to notice it!

Chapter 1896: Deep Fear

Lang Ge Sr. didn’t believe it. After all, he was a veteran at fighting, and was unhindered most of his life. Few people could notice what he had done, but Yang Ming actually noticed it. What did this mean? Either Yang Ming was super powerful, or he was just bluffing!

“Mr. Yang… What do you mean?” Lang Ge Sr. pretended to be unknowing, and asked in confusion.

“What do I mean? Don’t you understand?” Yang Ming smiled slightly, “Do you want me to take off his pants to show you?”

“This-” When Lang Ge Sr. heard Yang Ming say this, he became increasingly suspicious that Yang Ming had really found out. Otherwise, Yang Ming would not be so confident.

“Hurry up and be more forthright, or I will do it myself. However, if I take action, I can’t guarantee that he will still be alive.” Yang Ming looked at Lang Ge Sr. and said impatiently.

“I’m sorry Mr. Yang, maybe I’m not strong enough. In this case, I’ll give another kick!” There was gloom in Lang Ge Sr.’s eyes. It seemed that Yang Ming really could determine whether his kicks caused any substantial damage to Lang Ge!

Lang Ge Sr. didn’t know how Yang Ming did this. But considering Yang Ming’s means of killing, Lang Ge Sr. now had no doubt that Yang Ming had a way! No matter what this mysterious person does, it would not be surprising!

Lang Ge Sr. walked to Lang Ge helplessly. People are always like this. After seeing a glimmer of hope, they hope for more. Lang Ge Sr. and Lang Ge should have been grateful for Yang Ming to be able to let them live. But after being able to survive, Lang Ge Sr. thought that the fewer consequences for him to pay, the better. This was how people thought. They could never be satisfied.

“Son, bear with me again!” Lang Ge Sr. kicked again helplessly. This time, he dared not show mercy. In the event that Yang Ming found that something was wrong, he might not be so open to negotiation.


This kick was stronger than the previous one. Lang Ge screamed and passed out.

Seeing that Lang Ge had completely lost function in a certain body part of his, Yang Ming nodded with satisfaction, “Okay, take them away. These corpses should also be taken away! Remember, stop provoking me or the people around me. Next time, it won’t be that simple.”

“Yes, Mr. Yang. Rest assured, I will be low-key when I go back.” Lang Ge Sr. was bullied, but he could only smile at Yang Ming. This was the gap in strength.

Lang Ge Sr. had no doubt that Yang Ming could kill him instantly.

“There is no need to talk about this nonsense. If I want to kill you, I can kill you instantly even if you hide at the corners of the earth. It has nothing to do with whether you are low-key or not,” Yang Ming said scornfully.

What is awesome? This is awesome! Even after Lang Ge Sr. listened to Yang Ming’s words, he had to sigh. He is awesome! He is just too awesome!

If someone else said this sentence, Lang Ge Sr. would surely think he was neurotic and hide somewhere far away, somewhere that he couldn’t be found. How could he be killed instantly? It was nonsense!

But this sentence was spoken by Yang Ming. Lang Ge Sr. believed it unconditionally because the facts were right in front of him. The thugs weren’t even touched by Yang Ming before they fell to the ground, dead!

This could be said to be killing using psychic powers! Lang Ge Sr. had heard of this before. There were different witchcrafts in Asia, such as voodoo, black magic, psychic abilities, etc… Although there was no scientific basis, they were still very brilliant! He subconsciously regarded Yang Ming as one of these people!

This kind of person didn’t need to do anything at all. No matter if you were at the end of the earth, he could kill you if he intended to. As long as you were targeted, you would definitely not be able to run.

So Lang Ge Sr. was stunned for a moment and quickly said, “Mr. Yang, rest assured. I will never go oppose your intentions!”

“I hope so.” Yang Ming nodded, “The Guillotine Gang’s territory will be given to you. You should look out and take care of the Douglas Family’s business here.”

“Ah?” Lang Ge Sr. froze. He didn’t expect Yang Ming to give him such a big benefit! Give me the Guillotine Gang’s territory? Then, wouldn’t the Street Racer Gang be able to surpass the Resolute Gang in one fell swoop and become the largest gang in Las Vegas? But even if the Guillotine Gang is gone, Yang Ming can’t have a say in to whom their territory belongs, right? After all, the Nancheng Family was backing the Guillotine Gang. Can they let their territory be taken away by others? Thinking of this, Lang Ge Sr. asked with some confusion, “Mr. Yang… the Guillotine Gang has the support of the Nancheng Family…”

“The Nancheng Family? The old bastard, Jotans, will be here soon. I will tell him when he arrives,” said Yang Ming casually.

Lang Ge Sr. was shocked. I didn’t expect Jotans to be here. The strength of this Yang Ming is really not ordinary! Remembering that Batterton said that even the family master of the Douglas family was in awe of Yang Ming… Then it is not uncommon for Jotans to come to apologize to Yang Ming in person!

Thinking that he was able to escape this time as Yang Ming was letting him go, Lang Ge Sr. felt very lucky.

“Mr. Yang, thank you!” Lang Ge Sr. didn’t expect that he could benefit for no reason. He originally guessed that even if Yang Ming let him go today, Yang Ming would still probably trouble the Street Racer Gang because everything was uncertain.

But not only did Yang Ming not look for trouble, he even gave Lang Ge Sr. some benefits. Hence, it seemed that Yang Ming would certainly spare them this time and would not seek revenge in the future.

Thinking of this, Lang Ge Sr. felt relieved. He also decided that he would never provoke the people around Yang Ming anymore. Not only that, but he would also protect the people around Yang Ming and let Yang Ming know that he was doing his best.

This Douglas Vast Hotel seems to have a certain relationship with Yang Ming, so the Street Racer Gang will protect the Douglas Vast Hotel!

“Okay, quickly leave. I still have something to do.” Yang Ming frowned and waved a little impatiently to Lang Ge Sr.

Lang Ge Sr. was in a difficult position. There were so many corpses on the ground. He could drag all of them away, right? He glanced at Batterton next to him. Batterton needed to help him by finding a few confidants to help lift the corpses away.

Lang Ge Sr. took his son to the hospital first. Lang Ge Sr. was clear about the strength in his kick, so he didn’t expect his son to be healed today. It would suffice as long as Lang Ge’s life was safe.

As for the four of his thugs, Lang Ge Sr. let a doctor he was familiar with to examine carefully to see how they died. However, the test result showed that they had died of myocardial infarctions [1]!

There was no trauma on the body and no foreign substance in the body. Inexplicably, they just died of myocardial infarctions! It seemed like an accident!

“Boss, it looks like… these four people died unexpectedly from myocardial infarctions…” Several doctors carefully examined the corpses several times, and one of the corpses was even dissected… but the result was still the same.

“Unexpectedly?” Lang Ge Sr. was stunned. It was possible to say that one person had unexpectedly died of a myocardial infarction. But it was a joke for all four of them to die unexpectedly from myocardial infarctions…

These doctors were also very puzzled. How did these four people suffer myocardial infarctions at the same time? However, Lang Ge Sr. didn’t mention the reason, so they didn’t dare to ask more. They just said the results of their examination.

Lang Ge Sr. couldn’t help but tremble… It must be a magic spell. Otherwise, how could Yang Ming make four people suffer myocardial infarctions at the same time? Lang Ge Sr.’s fear of Yang Ming had reached another level!

Lang Ge Sr. could even feel the chill at his feet… If Yang Ming wanted me to die now, I would already be dead…

“Hoo…” Lang Ge Sr. took a deep breath and said to the doctors, “Okay, there is nothing else. Just deal with these four corpses! Don’t mention today’s incident to anyone! Did you hear me?”

“Rest assured, boss! We won’t tell anyone!” These doctors were dedicated to the Street Racer Gang, so they naturally knew the importance of this matter. Hence, they obediently followed Lang Ge Sr. ‘s command.

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